Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Full Crow Moon Brings Swift Social Change and Justice


 The last Full Moon in Virgo on February 25th. will seem downright tame compared to Wednesday's massive energy release in Libra. There are many exoteric and esoteric lessons for all of us. This time the Moon which represents our inner nature, unconscious and instinctual side is opposed by a pioneering, active stellium of Aries bodies. At the climax of this event the moon is @ 6 degrees 52 minutes Libra round up to 7 degrees and this Sabian Symbol: "A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks." This symbol speaks of the instinct for maternal protection while keeping an eye out for dangers from predators and the unfathomable within and without. Many of those dangers will involve both man made and natural disasters like in  Taiwan where a  strong quake took its toll  injuring bystanders. and damaged buildings.  Perhaps even more telling was the news out of Oklahoma which declared that  an unusual and widely felt 5.6-magnitude quake in 2011 was proven to be caused by oil drilling/fracking.  In the video below that Dutchsinse who had called this as the cause of this quake was finally vindicated per this justice oriented Libra Moon. 

  Full Crow Moon

This Full Moon in March per the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior marked the last Full Moon of Winter. Those tribes would rejoice since  ground had finally started to thaw as the snow began to melt. Currently many people who have been overwhelmed by this brutal extreme winter don't seem ready to celebrate.  Those folks in the  Midwest, Northeastern US., Canada or UK are asking when will Spring finally arrive? The Native American back then called this the Full Worm Moon since the earthworms would appear ahead of the sweet songs of the red robins. Other tribes called this the Full Crow Moon, since the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter. Even though most cultures view the crow or raven as a negative omen, Native American  considered him to be a helper or messenger. The crow was thought to be a guide helped us with our journey in both life and death. The crow also was said to be granted the power to see the soul leave the human body on its way to its final resting place. In keeping with this motif, the three-eyed crow pictured above(from the book series Song of Ice and Fire and TV adaptation, Game of Thrones appears to Bran Stark in his dreams. The crow in Bran's dreams tells him that he can teach him how to fly. The deeper meaning of this Libra Moon a balancing air sign reflect the crow's screeching these words "fly or die".

 The Sun in Aries at 7 degrees continues the theme of the transcendent spirit who steps out of the physical body. The Sabian Symbol for this degree - "A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once" Just like the crow in Bran's dreams, once we can step outside of our petty conflicts and operate in two realms we achieve liberation. Since Venus conjuncts the Sun in cardinal Aries and Venus is ruler of this Libra Moon women will play an important part as leaders during the next two weeks. Per example the appointment of Julie Pierson to head the Secret Service, the first woman director. As you know Libra is part of the Cardinal Triplicity which stems from the Latin word "cardinalis," meaning principal or pivotal. Libra like other Cardinal signs want to a first and in a leadership role whenever possible even if that means being the mediator or consummate deal maker. With Libra, that role involves legal decisions. We will be talking about the word "consummation" and all the legal, sexual ramifications involving marriage. In fact with Libra and the Aries powerhouse ruled by Mars in the picture, the desire nature is strong. The most obvious desire for a major legal shift appears to around the Supreme Court and their future ruling concerning gay marriage. Of course with the polarizing elements of the 1st and 7th. archetypes involving Aries-Libra
there will be much controversy and comparisons. This original  activist Rev. Owens doesn't believe that the Civil Rights movement can be compared to the current Gay Rights battle for same-sex marriage. In regards to weighing things and comparisons per this Libra Moon, I think we all need to focus on even more stunning comparison between GMO vs. Non-GMO grains as the ongoing translations of light  to the most striking aspect of our time involving Uranus (swift, unexpected change) to Pluto (massive upheaval) continues into 2015.

 The Chart below Set for Washington DC @ 5:27 AM on March 27th. has Aquarius rising @ 28 degrees Aquarius underscoring the theme of major social change that is unexpected.
Since Aquarius is a sign related to the internet and technology with ruler Uranus, this new Aries-like
legislation about Congress wanting to be able go virtual and telecommute to DC.

  Neptune-Mercury and Chiron all in Pisces are intercepted in the first house relating to the psychology of the masses, grassroots opinions and poverty. Uranus ruler of this chart is posited in the 2nd house relating to material values including banks, financial institutions, investments and national wealth. Uranus, the shocker is in that long term waxing square with Pluto, the planet relating to disruption, debt, upheaval along with regeneration, fanaticism and obsession. Pluto is in the 11th house relating to the legislature, Congress and the Senate and perhaps facing the inevitable debt, deficit and breakdown.  Since Uranus is between the Sun (leadership) and Mars (military force and aggression) there could more talk of attacking Iran, Syria or even North Korea. Since the Moon in the 8th house not only signifies the people, the masses, and the population as a whole but also governs food supplies or their lack we could be seeing a direct action to protect the natural resources of the nation.