Monday, February 25, 2013

A Virgo Moon Rises Immersed in Dreams and Hunger- Feb. 25, 2013


 I started writing about this Full Moon a couple weeks ago and then caught a glimpse of the moon rising tonight. It was then that  I realized no matter how many astrological correlations, symbols or new spin you put on it this Full Snow Moon it a portal to a the other worlds. Transfixed is the best to describe the effect this moon will  has on people . I will go into more detail below yet this lunar goddess seems to inspire a hunger for the spiritual and metaphysical worlds of the unseen and etheric...

Monday, February 25th. was a day of dreams  floating thru our conscious minds, whether they were derived from angels or Oscar winners. We  had may have been overwhelmed by waves of high energy and dimensional shifts on the planet. A day when all things  watery, oils and oceans of fantasies continue to immerse . Much of the tidal ebbs and flows began on  Feb. 18th,  the day the Sun entered Pisces. Pisces the sign of the victim/savior. These Piscean bodies are  a perfect foil for Virgo, the thorough Virgin. The planet elevating Full Moon occurred @ 12:26 PM PST or 8:26 PM UT.

 The Moon is full @ 8 degrees Virgo - Sabian Symbol - a girl takes her first dancing instructions. This is a symbol of not just learning dance an attribute of pisces but the idea of acquiring new psychic skills taking us beyond imagination. Yes also waking up to service. Unlike the late summer when the living is easy and the harvest is abundant, we are at a time Native Americans dubbed the Full Snow Moon. A time when hunting and gathering is difficult. Since the last New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. 10th the extreme cold weather has continued spawning storms and blizzards.
The other name the Indians had for the Full Moon in February was the Full Hunger Moon. As I said it is not just the visceral hunger generated but that of the need to connect to the stars within and without.

 Fixed Stars on the Virgo Moon No matter if we are in Hollywood or Washington, DC or even London, the Heliacal Rising star is Deneb Algedi and the Heliacal Setting Star Regulus. First Deneb Algedi a star in the Sea Goat's tail. This star is called the "Judicial Point of the Goat" per Robson. This known as the law-giver, justice-oriented and practicing the laws of the land and along with the metaphysical laws. Deneb Algedi connects to both dignity and authority along with Saturn by way of Capricorn. This is a star which inspires solutions and inventions to make life easier. Second the Royal Star Regulus is setting - "A strong belief in the correctness of one's position, or path." Regulus is known as the Lion's Heart or Cor Leonis and one of the Four Guardians of Heaven. Raphael The Healing Archangel corresponds with Regulus and is known as Watcher of the North. Regulus can bring success, honor and wealth if revenge is not sought. When setting Regulus can be subject to rumors and envy from those that try to discredit natural and divine abilities .

A Chart Below set for Washington DC has Leo rising relating to how "The Academy Awards suddenly turned into the Michelle Obama Oscars" or the fact that Venus in surprising Aquarius was opposing the Royal Leo Moon last night. 

OK this Full Moon has Leo rising meaning that the  ruler is the Sun posited in the 8th house dealing with taxes, the debt owed to the nation, interest rates and foreign investment. Since Chiron, Mars and Mercury are there too opposing the Moon in the 2nd house The second house is about banks/financial institutions, investments, national wealth and the debt owed by the nation to others. This headline reflects this While Sequester Looms, Congress Eyes Next Fiscal Deadline The word sequester derives from the Latin sequestrare, to set aside or surrender, a late use, is derived from sequester, a depositary or trustee. Taking us back to the Heliacal Rising Star,"Judicial Point of the Goat" since  the word sequester was  a term of used in Roman jurisprudence.


 Virgo represents the Virgin, the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Virgin Mary and the divine feminine relating directly to Mater (the latin term for mother) thus the material harvest, all matter and birthing Christ/Spirit. Yes Virgo opposes a host of Piscean planets in many ways representing transcendence of this mortal coil. Both signs Virgo and Pisces are feminine, mutable and can shape shift when needed.

Since Virgo as an archetype which symbolizes discernment and devotion, I suggest that if you want to see a major shift on this planet, you start praying. You may want to even send prayers to the Divine Mother. Be aware that this particular lunation relates directly to facing the duality of spirit (Pisces) and materialism (Virgo) in fact this is a time of a huge evolutionary shifts for humanity. Even before the Full Moon began their the Moon opposed Neptune @ 4:22 AM adding a foggy uncertain nature. Like the fluidity of water signs especially Pisces boundaries are ill-defined, merging and dissolving. At the time of this Full Moon - the Virgo Moon will Square Jupiter in Gemini (@ 12:35 PM) With Jupiter in Gemini - information is multiplied as are rumors, hoaxes and scandals. always a time when the powers of discernment are necessary since feelings may be misleading. To magnify all of this the Sun in Pisces squares the principle of Expansion, Jupiter in Gemini @ 2:26 PM and TSQ Virgo allowing us to use our analytical ability. Sun-Jupiter squares signal a time of over confidence, irrational enthusiasm and self assurance in the realm of leadership. An attitude of pomposity and imagined greatness could appear along with fraud and con games. Adding to the realms of illusion and romantic dreams, Venus enters more artistic and romantic Pisces @ 6:03 PM (Venus remains in sensitive and nostaglic Pisces till March 21st. ) This could be a good time to relive or redo Valentines Day with a dreamy dinner date out on the town. As the evening continues the Virgo Moon then trines Pluto @ 7:05 PM when letting go of preconceived notions allows us to enjoy. This is also a time when we may be motivated to dig deeper and investigate surface appearances. Finally this Big Full Moon evening ends with the Virgo Moon in a positive sextile Saturn in Scorpio @ 7:51 PM By now we may be more thoughtful and contemplative adding to intimacy along with sensitive conversations and diplomacy.