Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Pisces New Moon : the Artist , the Spiritual Law Givers and the Courage to Make it Happen.


On the surface the New Moon in Pisces may seem like a confusing mixture of elements dominated by water and mutability but like the sign there is merging of inter connectedness. Some of these disparate elements involve polarization of thought, views, lies, disinformation per Mercury SQ Jupiter besides seeming exposure of manipulations and on the positive side a huge boost to artistic creative  efforts of all kinds. Perhaps the image of a boiling surf (per the photo below taken by Scott Meade best describes
the volatility of this time period.

 With all these  Piscean planets,, Sun-Moon, ruler Neptune adding mystery , 12th house where secret enemies lie hidden and Saturn now retrograde in  Scorpio adds to the sense danger and treachery everywhere particularly involving leaders.. Note that in the chart below Neptune is conjunct Fomalhaut, a reddish star in the mouth of the Southern Fish, Piscis Austrinus (not to be confused with the constellation Pisces). Fomalhaut is often connected to the artist or idealist appropriate for this lunation. Fomalhaut is one of the four Royal Stars known as the watcher of the South and assigned to archangel, Gabriel. Fomalhaut is star connected to magic, seeking expression in art and poetry, reveling in idealism but contains a nemesis which can create undoing and fall from grace. That nemesis involves being seduced by charisma within or from others. With Neptune, Fomalhaut can be practiced in the art of deception along with an inspired artist. Robson gives this warning with Fomalhaut and Neptune together involving: " self-seeking, analytical, detective ability, many secret enemies, connected with secret affairs or government work, occult interests, somewhat dishonest, influential friends.."  At chart below is set for 3:51 PM in Washington, DC

Leo is rising at 13 degrees making the Sun ruler of the chart and posited in the 8th house. The 8th house is about the debt owed to the nation, taxes, interest rates, suicides, multinational companies and also secret societies. The ascendant is in close square to Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th house.  The 4th house  reflects  nationalism, underground water, difficult weather conditions, the party not in power and to some extent the folk soul of the nation. The Sun in the 8th  is joined not only the Moon, Venus and Chiron but also Mars in the last degrees of Pisces ready to move into aggressive Aries.  Mars is also conjunct fixed star Scheat a yellow star on the leg of the Winged Horse, Pegasus.  Scheat is about the love of intellect and search for truth and with Mars reflects military strength and confidence.  (Standing up to North Korea is likely scenario). Consider that with the last Mercury-Jupiter square on March 9th. that North Korea cut off the hotline to South Korea as it escalated it's war of words with Seoul and Washington, DC.  Per Robson, Scheat with Mars can mean multiple accidents, sickness to native and their relatives. Scheat also is known to precess floods or other weather catastrophes. 

Mars which is moving into the sign of everything new, brings courage in spades to the Artist, the self-less and sacrificing ideals of Pisces. Aries is the ruling sign for warrior where explosive forces are felt. In fact Mars is leading the Sun which on March 20th marks the advent of Spring and an entrance into Aries.

This Pisces Lunar Event has highly artistic and symbolic overtones reflecting the waves cresting and breaking with the Pisces New MOON. Pisces by far represents the image of the artist and musician who is hearing a muse from another dimension. Tomorrow's New Moon allows us all to able to create art in some way or another. Afterall, "The word art is derived from the Latin "ars", which, although literally defined means, "skill method" or "technique", holds a connotation of beauty." This Pisces New Moon also imbued with the skill from the opposite sign Virgo which always perfects and hones technique.  There is also a sense of melodrama and romanticism present.

As I said in my March 2013 Forecast about this New Moon and the subsequent shift of Mars into Aries.
By the time the dissolving and psychic Pisces Moon moves VOC @ 12:51 PM. , it might seem like a tidal wave of emotions and power has passed over us. This is a prophetic and visionary New Moon that precedes the electric Spring Equinox on March 20th. Remember that with so much Piscean energy there is a blending and merging of identities, personalities, events and ideas which demonstrate how we are all connected. The Moon and Sun are co-joined @ 22 degrees Pisces marking a time when the sacred, divine can be brought down to earth or within. "A man bringing down the new law from Sinai." This image has direct correspondence to Moses or a prophet bringing down the tablets to be made manifest in our daily lives. In other words a New Moon when visions can be received. Also The Heliacal Rising star is again Deneb Algedi, the judicial point of the goat so seeking to uphold laws both spiritual and material are in focus. The courts of the land will have some major rulings worldwide. Parallel to this is a powerful Yod or Finger of God between Jupiter (law giver) and Pluto and Saturn. Both Pluto-Saturn are sextile and mutual reception where Saturn adds structure and Pluto transformation along the gift of endurance and persistence and are quincunx to Jupiter. Everything and everyone will heat up as Mars enters Aries @ 11:26 PM. Now the brave Warrior shifts from passive-aggressive Pisces into masculine, ultra confrontational Aries. Mars will stay in a dignified position in Aries till April 20th. 

Yes there are multiple dangers on the horizon around the fiery and highly combustible transition of  Mars intoAries on March 11/12th.  Like all signs of the zodiac and planetary configurations there are polarities. The courage to define and defend what and who we want on the planet is major advantage with this transit.  With Mars moving into a cardinal sign and Venus following March 21st the immense power of the Uranus-Pluto square will activated. One of the areas of Uranus-Pluto upheaval and turmoil is within the earth. Even though the alternative media and blogs have been talking about the ongoing situation in Assumption Parish for over 8 months. It is this New Moon directly relating to oil, gas, hidden caverns and a sinkholes which is making this national news. In fact world of OZ the Great and Powerful is about to get a HUGE WAKEUP CALL! Environmental activist Erin Brockovich told a group of Bayou Corne residents on Saturday "For those of you who are there, I want you to really consider your safety and why you're there," she said.

 If there was ever a time when we need heroes with spiritual  bravery and pioneering efforts it is after this New Moon. Mars in Aries can help us conquer our fears and help bring renewal on many levels to this planet if used with patience.  The next two weeks moving toward perhaps the most important Full Moon of the Year on March 27th. will determine our futures regarding accepting peace vs. war.    In other words, since we are all interconnected per the Pisces transitions, the time
to get in tune with renewal vs. destruction is here now!