Friday, March 22, 2013

More Effects of the Solar Aries Ingress


Wednesday's Solar Aries Ingress Quickened Extremes and Emergencies For an overview of how the Aries Ingress has lit a fire under things visit: my last blog entry: Sun Aries Ingress 2013 - Unexpected Emergencies, Accidents and a New Start
Speaking of sudden emergency due to extreme weather - check out the UK British gas reserves could run dry in 36 HOURS after freezing householders turn the heating up In fact while I write this the news Britain is facing gas rationing for a first time. Also in China with extreme and dangerous weather. At least 24 dead as tornado, hailstorms lash south China At least 24 people died and scores were injured after a tornado carrying huge hailstones lashed southern China, causing widespread devastation and a ferry to capsize, domestic media reported Thursday.

 Be aware that even after today's eruptive Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries @ 11:17 AM PDT. Those incredible energies that have been set off will continue into Easter as forces for change and inevitable transformation. In other words the translation of light per astrologers means that these super-intense forces of extreme upheaval will be augmented producing active events. First hot, volatile and impulsive
Mars in Aries lights the fuse on the Uranus-Pluto waxing square today. The results of these sudden, explosive events will continue into May within days of the May 20th exact waxing square First Mars then the Sun and finally Venus in Aries will be the trigger to get all these cardinal, active and forceful energies exploding. In May comes the 3rd Waxing Square since the first even on June 23, 2012. A chart below set for May 20th. @9:33 PM UT in London has Sagittarius risin @ 21 degreesSabian symbol relating to Aries and sense of sight "A child and a dog with borrowed sunglasses." with Jupiter the chart's ruler in the 7th house of relationships and partners relating to the banking sector
and foreign interests.

In this case Jupiter is in a close Sesquiquadrate to Saturn (the karmic teacher of accountability) Sesquiquadrat combine the semi-square and square and represent irritation an need for sharp adjustments as in the current Cyprus situation Britain faces the prospect of gas rationing for the first time as a perfect storm of prolonged cold weather and disruptions to Norwegian supplies push the energy grid close to breaking point, experts warned. The big TSQ has Uranus posited in the 3rd house of Gemini,communications, transporation subway, planes, cares opposing the Moon in Aries in the 9th @ 3 degrees Libra, the dawn of a new day and everything changed. These two are crossed by Pluto in the first opposing Vesta (focus and devotion) in the sign of the Mother Goddess, Kali in Cancer. Since Vesta connects to religious activities, sacrifice, emotional neediness which can produce paranoia insecurity. Pluto adds the element of corporate authority, obsessive and exaggerated fears. Only by focusing on constructive change externally and internally can we solve this situation.

  Attacks of all kinds relate to Mars and now with Mars near Uranus (sudden events) both in Mars ruled Aries
As you know Mars and Aries relate to the military, soldiers and war-like tendencies... On Thursday Night in Qunatico, VA 3 dead, including suspect, in Marine base shooting QUANTICO, Va. (AP) — A Marine killed a male and female colleague in a shooting at a base in northern Virginia before killing himself, officials said early Friday. Also the hawkish senatorial contingency aligning with this impulsive need to attack Syria
or anybody they can blame.
Breaking in Damascus: Top pro-Assad Sunni cleric killed as suicide bombing hits Damascus mosque
In DC where they want another war...
McCain and Graham push for US to invade Syria >Syrian government and the opposition accuse each other of using chemical weapons. The US considers this a “red line” – and two US senators are now urging Washington to declare war in response to alleged use of the weapons. Another perfect example of Mars-Uranus together in Aries translating the Uranus-Pluto square are the continued cyber attacks where :
Computer Networks in South Korea Are Paralyzed in Cyberattacks

It is obvious that as the Sun entered much more aggressive Aries a major shift occurred. Let me reiterate with the Sun joining Mars-Uranus in the sign fo the Ram, there will be lots of activity, heat, fevers, explosions, new technoligies, head injuries, sulfur, the iron born, military, soldiers and adolescence reborn. The Sun entered Adolescent Aries who is a bad motor scooter - archetype, the runaway and defiant teen. Imagine the mayhem a defiant and runaway teenager with thousands of tons of dynamite ready to blow. Speaking of defiant and violent teenagers. 17-year-old De'Marquis Elkins is charged with first-degree murder for shooting a 13 month old baby in front of his mother. Police have arrested two teenagers suspected in the shooting death of a baby in a stroller and the wounding of the baby's mother.

 Emergency situations are appearing everywhere the form of accidents,sudden fires, sinkholes in Sacramento, California and bank runs among other things. Places to watch as we head toward the end of March into April 2013 Assumption Parish Sinkhole in Louisiana MSN Headline: “King of all sinkholes threatens to swallow a whole neighborhood”
Sinkholes, bow before your unmerciful king. A collapsing salt mine has caused a nine-acre sinkhole in Louisiana, one that is threatening an entire neighborhood. Residents are being evacuated, and the company that owns the mine, Texas Brine, is paying them $875 a week for temporary housing costs.

Fukushima, Japan The explosion at Fukushima Reactor 3 had seriously damaged Reactor 2 — “Worst possible case” was predicted soon after — Many workers abandoned facility