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Plane Crashes into Hudson River - Reactions and Miracles Overcome Mercury Retrograde and Phaeton Strike

Upadate Jan. 17, 2009: A US Airways jetliner with 150 passengers and 5 crew members plunged into the icy Hudson River on Thursday afternoon less than five minutes after taking off from LaGuardia Airport.
Here is the interchange between the captain and controllers - Dismissing the notion of trying to land at Teterboro Airport, six miles west, in New Jersey, the response from the cockpit was, “We can’t do it.”

When asked which runway the pilot wanted to land on, the answer was:

“We’re going to be in the Hudson.”

The plane splashed down at 3:30:30,
Ms. Higgins said.
This changes the rising sign from 9 degrees Cancer and 41 minutes
Note that Kathryn O. Higgins is a member of National Transportation Safety Board and is investigating Thursday’s incident, as she revealed more pertinent facts.
A Chart above is now set for splash down. Note that the time for first response of distress came at 3:27:32. when the pilot reported a “double bird strike” his quoate: “Hit birds. We lost thrust in both engines. We are turning back towards LaGuardia.”, less then a minute after take off.) The takeoff from LaGuardia at 3:24:54. Cancer is rising at 9 degrees 41 minutes not only putting the chart's ruler the moon in the 4th house of home and endings but with a Sabian Symbol of 9 degrees. The Sabian is appropriately: "Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows" This symbol reflects how the pilot and copilot worked together using their innate intelligence and mechanical ability to help save the passengers. Plus it demonstrates how service oriented the entire crew became in the effort. that all 150 passengers and the 5 crew members were quickly rescued by passing boats As you should know Mercury in Aquarius is retrograde and was the ruler of today's Void of Course Moon - a time when things just seem to go awry or just don't complete. Aquarius like Sagittarius has close correlation to air travel, aviation and Aeronautics (from Greek aero which means air or sky and nautis which means sailor, i.e. sailor of the air or sky)
Having the Moon applying to a SQ with Pluto which spells destruction and mechanical breakdowns didn't help. Yet as much of the media is reporting this was truly a miraculous event with Jupiter @ 2 degrees 23 minutes Aquarius right on the cusp of the 8th house crowded with Mercury (mental states), North Node (destiny), Chiron (wounded healer) and Neptune all encompassing faith in the sign of the water-bearer. All of these planets and points are in positive mutual reception to Uranus at the MidHeaven. In this case the 8th house represented taking care of the business of living not death or taxes.

The Associated Press: All 155 safe after pilot ditches jet in NYC river

Uranus in the new chart above for the landing was at 18 pisces o4 for the perfect sabian symbol sitting right near the MidHeaven which not only created unexpected and shocking events. Here we had: A master instructing his pupil. Here Sully showed his high flying executive ability and used the power of elucidation in getting that jet down safely into the Hudson. the pilot said on the address system, “Brace for impact.”
Once the plane came to rest in the Hudson, the captain issued a one-word command: “evacuate.” One flight attendant went to open the left front door, Ms. Higgins said, and the other went to the right door.

The chart set for the landing time (3:30:30PM EST) in the river had Uranus the trickster in Pisces was also applying to another exact opposition to Saturn sitting at the IC and separating from the Moon which signified the gravity of the situation for the public (Moon). Yet it was the sober, quick reactions of the older heroic pilot (Saturn)
Captain Sullenberger, known as Sully whose age is listed at 58 years. Sully's experience shined thru since he flew the F-4 for the United States Air Force for seven years in the 1970s after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an experienced pilot, said it appeared the pilot did "a masterful job of landing the plane in the river and then making sure everybody got out." And Gov. David Patterson pronounced it "a miracle on the Hudson."

Before we analyze more details in the chart later, one other interesting factor was that little known asteroid 3200 Phaethon was closely contraparallel Mars (like an opposition) spelling potentially dangerous times. Mars is always a big factor in any accidents and located in the 7th house of not only open enemies but relatedness and alliances which is a primary factor in this event. Mars was in Capricorn @ 14 degrees 46 minutes which translates to this Sabian: Many toys in the children's ward of a hospital,dealing with caring and recovery afer a traumatic event.

Back to Phaeton conraparallel Mars.

Phaethon is an Apollo asteroid and an extinct comet with the distinction of approaching the Sun closer than any other numbered asteroid; its perihelion is only 0.140 AU — less than half Mercury's perihelion distance. In In Greek mythology, PhaĆ«ton or Phaethon was the son of Helios. Primary myth has ramifications of accidents occuring since it was told by Ovid: "Phaeton sought assurance that his mother, Clymene, is telling the truth that his father is the sun god Helios. When Phaeton obtains his father's promise to drive the sun chariot as proof, he fails to control it and is killed to prevent further disaster." This story has given rise to two latter-day meanings of "phaeton": one who drives a chariot or coach, especially at a reckless or dangerous speed, and one that would or may set the world on fire.

Another interesting bit of asteroid symbolism is that Jupiter (hope/optimism) was closely conjunct the asteroid 1862 Apollo named after the Greek Sun God Apollo. Apollo was also the patron defender of herds and flocks (like the geese?) Lest we forget it was Hermes (Mercury) who stole the cattle from Apollo and used one of the cow's intestines and the tortoise shell and made the first lyre. Eventually Zeus (Jupiter) gave the lyre to Apollo, a god of music, who fell in love with the instrument and offered to allow exchange of the cattle for the lyre. So many synchronous myths seem to be the fabric of not just today's hopeful event but we can see the hand of the gods everywhere.

The prevailing cause was a flock of Canadian geese hitting the plane minutes after take off keeping with the theme of Mercury in the shocking air sign Aquarius.
A spokeswoman for the F.A.A., Laura J. Brown, said that a flock of birds had might have been sucked into the jet engines, but several aircraft manufactures said such occurrences are rare. Not with these astrological aspects where we should expect the unexpected!

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