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Madoff, his Arrest and Beyond Using AstroForensics

It seems like the financial media from CNBC to Bloomberg just can't get enough of Bernie. Now with today's ingress of Jupiter into Aquarus (Madoff had the planet or monetary abundance natally sitting @ 28 Aquarius. Bernie was affable and everyone like him (jupiter in Aquarius) while he made off with your money.

Just tonight CNBC used him as a poster boy for the Ponzi Scheme of the century. It would be too easy to dismiss this 50 Billion Dollar hustle as one of the first poster boys for the Pluto in Capricorn era which began in earnest on November 26th 2008. The Caprcorn money manager or mountain goat at the top of the proverbial financial mountain and with the destroyer Pluto going down with a big thud.
In the first part of article I am looking at more specifics (Saturn in Virgo style) when, where and how ie. his arrest just one day before the Full Moon (Dec. 12th @ 11:37 AM EST) In fact Bernie had a somewhat sudden fall from grace even though his dualistic and mental Chiron in clever Gemini was probably wounded much earlier in 2008 with the last passage of Pluto near the Galactic Center last summer.

Bernard Lawrence Madoff (IPA: /ˈmeɪd-ɑf/) (born April 29, 1938 with a charismatic Taurus Sun conjunct Uranus plus Venus his solar ruler conjunct the point of past gifts and lives. Madoff's steady, seemingly secure Taurus planets with Venus the 29th degree - naretic Degree, sometimes also called the Karmic Degree. From a spiritual point of few perhaps Venus the planet ruling currency, relationships and love indicates that Bernie is close but not quite ready to learn a master lesson. This planetary position signifies an urgent need to use the energy of Venus but with a Sabian Symbol: "A peacock parading on an ancient lawn." At the time of his detainment, Bernie was 70 and head of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. From Bloomberg: "He was arrested today at 8:30 a.m. by the FBI and appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Douglas Eaton in Manhattan federal court. "
Looking at the BiWheel Chart Above.
So many aspects converged including transiting Mars exactly SQ Uranus on 12-12-08 @ 1:50 AM and Mercury was void of course opposing Madoff's natal Chiron @ 27 Gemini - Sabian Symbol is right on the $$ so to speak: "Bankruptcy granted to him a man leaves the court." Worldwide

On the day prior to his arrest, Madoff told senior executives at the firm, which included his sons, that the management and advisory segment of the business was "basically, a giant Ponzi scheme" Madoff was then arrested based on a tip-off from his sons, Andrew and Mark. Mercury deals with youth and changed signs into Capricorn within 24 hours with the Cappy. ruling the father Note that Mercury figured prominently in this incident being Void of Course and transiting from Sagittarius into Capricorn the next day of the Full Moon @ 5:13 AM and exactly conjuncted Pluto's financial shadow @ 1:41 PM making for a big time scandal. It was around 12 PM the day of the lunaation, by the time the news of his precipitous fall from well respected business man to he perpetrator of one of the largest frauds ever! On the day of the arrest, transiting Jupiter is applying to an opposition with his natal Pluto @ 27 Cancer 55 - an aspect known as the easy come easy go transit.

Bernie Madoff Natal Chart Below:
The asteroid Vesta ruiling focus-committment and yes Investments is natally in risk-taking highly sopeculative Sagittarius flanked by Astraea (asteroid ruling justice) and Juno (partnerships-agreements) also in Sagittarius representing investment partners. Vesta is not only retrograde like the other two but closely opposing his natal silver tongued Mars @ 4 Gemini with a curous Sabian Symbol: A radical magazine displays a sensational front page . When he was caught, Vesta was transiting @ 29 Aries and retrograde so she was applying to a meeting with Bernie's Mercury (one of the main triggers in mundane AstroForensics) - note that Vesta in Aries is about a high degree of self involvement and even alienation can occur.
As we start to see more high profile financial tycoons bite the dust with Pluto's passage in Capricorn, it is a good idea to examine where and how reactive Vesta is in their charts.

Here is a real poster boy for the current Pluto in Capricorn conjunct Mars passage.
Billionaire Merckle Killed by Train, Die Welt Reports

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