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Part Two: Eris, Revolution and The Solar Eclipse in January 2009

A Thors Hammer Reverberates over Saros North 11

The second part of this work examines how the past and future meeting during this
new eclipse season starting on January 26th.
Before I bring in a real wild card called Eris first spotted in January 2005 and the largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System and the ninth-largest body known to orbit the Sun, we will focus on the dramatic energies of this Eclipse series.
In Part One, dealing with how this current eclipse season is a harbinger of massive revolution and change for the world, we touched on the effects of Saros Series North 11.
"Under the influence of this family of eclipses, individuals may suddenly change the group of which they have been mixing, either thru travel or ideas. However the separation implied by the Venus/Saturn would produce very positive outcomes. This whole eclipse series could also talk of making greater commitment in relationships. " On Feb. 2nd, Venus entering pioneering Aries on Feb. 2nd and Mars entering humanitarian Aquarius - the group oriented sign on Feb. 4th, the preceding description of this eclipse could be quite accurate. As large groups of people began to break off from hierarchical control the fulfillment of the Mayan Sixth Day could emerge as a major influence to world policy and decisions. This lunation has Sun/Moon in TSQ to Vesta in Taurus and the South Node in Leo to encourage strong focus and commitment and bringing abilities from past lives to play. In the chart set for Washington DC (@ 2:55 AM) one prominent aspect is a Thors Hammer with the apex of this Arrowhead, or a quadriform pointing at Saturn at the MidHeaven which is 135 degrees from both Vesta in Taurus and Sun-Moon-Jupiter in Aquarius with the fixed signs 90 degrees away. The energy of this aspect pattern is a little like a T-square, since it has stressful, dynamic energy.

US Sibley Progressed and DC Eclipse Chart

Looking at the above chart with the Washington DC chart in the middle of the wheel surrounded by US Sibley progressed we can see that Chiron and Venus are progressed together in Aries. Women warriors are moving into charge for some pioneering type of healing. Both Chiron/Venus oppose progressed Mars in Libra over the 5th/11th house axis which is bound to dramatically change our national purpose whether it be starting wars or borrowing to prevent recession with trillion dollar "stimulus" package.
As the economic crisis and deeper recession grow, debt is now at toxic levels while our currency has been debased. Notice that the nodes in the Sibley chart have progressed with S Node (past sins) now in Capricorn transiting the 2nd house along with Pluto just as N Node in Cancer rocks the 8th house of this eclipse. The 8th represents the the fractional reserve fiat money Federal Reserve system which continues to keep the economy barely groaning forward through sheer inertia,Mars in the US Sibley chart progressed into retrograde motion on June 2006.

Mars retrograde in Libra also relates well to Congressman Kucinich's advocating a department of peace along with a majority of Americans demanding an end to the Iraq War. Currently with Mars in positive aspect to Venus now separating from a conjunction with Uranus on Jan. 22nd. women are entering the scene to bring a halt to the srife of war.

Eris Goddess of Strife and Change

Astrologer Philip Sedwick offers these first keywords for Eris which has a long orbital period of 556.65 yr., has lunar companion named Dysnomia - liberation from addictions to success or status. Mythology tells that Eris is the Greek goddess of strife, her name being translated into Latin as Discordia. Eris is currently at 20 Aries 42 and will be meeting Venus (due to retrograde) in May. According to myth per Hesiod's Works and Days 11–24, there were two different goddesses named Eris with extreme actions of strife. One Goddess fosters evil war and battle, cruel and through the will of the deathless gods. The other is the elder daughter of dark Night (Nyx), and the son of Cronus who sits above and dwells in the aether, this verison sets her in the roots of the earth: and she is far kinder to men. She stirs up even the shiftless to toil. This Strife is wholesome for men and appeared in Homer's Iliad Book IV. The most famous tale of Eris recounts her initiating the Trojan War. The goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite had been invited along with the rest of Olympus to the forced wedding of Peleus and Thetis, who would become the parents of Achilles, but Eris had been snubbed because of her troublemaking inclinations. The bottom line involves the Female Warrior archetype which must help resolve our current era of strife.
Digging in deeper from a mundane astrological perspective: Eris is about promises and vows (both kept and broken), elections and election fraud (which will continue to be activated beyond the 2008 dramas). Eris relates to intervention by higher powers including authorities, deity or Gods. Eris is said to use chaos and disruption as a method of reorganization, which we are going to see big time in February. Turning things upside down including the scales of justice, battles, disputes, famine, fightings, lawlessness (attributed to her moon, Dysnomia). She always wants the last word amid contentions and rivalry. She is the nurse of war, signifying women wearing men’s uniforms (sports players, women in the military, astronauts)and eventually the end to over 5,000 years of war.

In the Sibley progressed chart above, not only is Mars retrograde in the peace at any price sign Libra but also Neptune is retro. @ 26 Virgo 19 with an interesting symbol in light of the first African American President Barack Obama. Sabian for 27 degrees: An African guest at an English high tea is getting on fine, until a racist remark goads him into an impassioned speech. Standing up for human dignity amid cross cultural attacks means keeping one's integrity intact. Also Saturn is progressed to 3 Scorpio 17 Retro. with a Sabian: "Holding a lit candle, a woman investigates the spooky castle she has just inherited." From this image, we gather that Obama is just beginning to get an ideal of how many shadows, black ops and illuminati ghosts are present in and around the white house. Prog. Saturn is SQ the New Moon's Juno-Jupiter conjunction which will began shedding light on some of those clandestine and even morbid alliances.

Fixed Stars of Orion Shine with Venus
Stars of the constellation Orion, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix are in
important angles (paran) in the New Moon chart for DC. These two stars relate to hornors and the sadness derived from dishonor and treachery. Betelgeuse is rising as Venus is Culminating orb 00 mins 12 secs - this describes a successful artisan, or advancement due to a relationship. Generally Betelgeuse is indicative of great fortune, martial honors and "kingly" attributes yet at other times did foretell war and carnage. We also notice that Betelgeuse is rising as Saturn is On Nadir orb 00 mins 30 secs - this can speak of success in an arduous or a proletarian field. Robson says With Saturn, Betelgeuse brings out the shrewd, cunning, craftily dishonest, treacherous to friends, eventful life with many ups and downs, eventual wealth but little comfort, unfavorable for domestic matters.

Bellatrix, the Female Warrior, the Amazon Star is s culminating as Venus is Setting orb 00 mins 21 secs - here we have the rogue, the creative person who works in alternative fields. According to Ptolemy Bellatrix is like Mars and Mercury which meet in Capricorn on eclipse day. Per Robson, Bellatrix gives great civil or military honor but danger of sudden dishonor, renown, wealth, eminent friends and liability to accidents causing blindness and ruin. Robson goes on to say that with Venus, Bellatrix will bring much suffering through love affairs owing to unrestrained feeling. UPDATE: Johanna Sigurdardottir, named as Iceland's prime minister on Sunday, is the first openly lesbian head of government in Europe, if not the world - at least in modern times.
Whether we speak of women like Hillary Clinton or Kate Winslet, they are both warriors whether in politics or the arts. Undoubtedly we are in for some fireworks as the cosmic transition teams are in the process of catalyzing the earthly transition teams by sending powerful women warriors to stir up the mess via chaos.

Before I sign off we should note that our Aquarian Solar Eclipse serves as a special gateway for the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, the feast of mid-winter best known in the west as Imbolc or Brigantia. The rites of fire and purification will be performed then to clear the way for the returning light and resurgent vitality of spring. Venus enters Aries on Feb. 2nd just in time for Imbolc.
Also on February 2nd: the Festival of Februalia, honoring the old Roman goddess Februa, mother of Mars occurs. Later in history Februa merged with Juno to become Juno Februa, so called because expiatory offerings called februa are made to her now, in the time of purification. Jupiter moving toward Neptune does continue to inspire our spiritual idealism, ideologies and beliefs with some grandiose expectations.

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