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Israeli ground troops enter Gaza with Aries Moon SQ Pluto and Mars

An agressive Aries Moon challenged an active highly Cardinal Pluto early AM (4:19 PST) and the energy kept building with a classic Moon SQ Mars in the afternoon (12:18 PM PST)
Israel launched a ground offensive in the Gaza Strip on Saturday after a week-long air campaign against Hamas over the firing of rockets into the Jewish state.
All news reports are saying: Israeli tanks and infantry entered Gaza after nightfall Saturday - since Sunset was 4:52 PM - I am using a time of 8 PM to be rectified later - per this article
"The second stage of Operation Cast Lead to end rocket attacks by Gaza militants on southern Israeli cities began under cover of darkness about 8pm Israeli time (5am on Sunday AEST).
In the Invasion chart set for 8 PM EET - 2.00, Aries Moon sits in the 8th house of subterfuge and behind the scenes military buildup SQ Pluto and Mars in the 5th. house which in mundane astrology rules colonies, dependencies. Plus with this time MidHeaven is at 20 degrees corresponding to the Sun in the Israel Independence Chart exactly @ 23 degrees 39 minutes. By rectification I could assign a time of 8:13 and 14 seconds...
the Sun in a mundane shart shows the national identity and pride, or its lack.. The Sun's placement by sign in the case of Israel Taurus, aspect and house will mirror much of the character of the nation or organization. It will show the type of government and its administration.

By picking the time of 8 PM we get an ASC of 24 Leo which not only represents the Sabian Symbol: "A large camel crossing the desert." This also corresponds with the Independence Chart of Israel set for May 14Th 1948 where Sun @ 23 Taurus is SQ Pluto @ 12 Leo conjunct Saturn @ 16 Leo and closely conflicts Mars @ 28 Leo.
A fixed sign, Taurus can be stubborn like the Bull and does not easily bend to the ideas or coercion of others. With today's Moon SQ Mars the Israel natal chart reflects a dangerous square of Mars to the Sun a deadly, combative nature. Of course pride is one of the great characteristics of the royal sign of Leo and with Mars a harsh arrogance prevails. Perhaps the real kicker is that transitng Neptune Chiron and Neptune are TSQ the Israeli Chiron-South Node in Scoropio which can be revengeful and obsessive. In the Israeli Foundation chart Chiron is T-square to the Mars/Sun Square. Of course in this 1948 chart, the Sun is opposed by Chiron (the wounded healer), indicating a plaguing healing crisis in the life of this nation that creates tremendous pressure and their need to continually align with the truth of the past.

Notice Bi-Wheel with Israel Independence Chart in the Middle and Invasion on outside.

Palestinian medical sources said Saturday that at least 460 people have been killed and 2,750 wounded in Gaza.

As night fell on the eighth day of the bloody conflict, both sides remained defiant, vowing to stand their ground and accusing the other of breaking a cease-fire that had been in place until last month.
Here is a picture of Israeli Soldiers in camouflage and intent on the invasion:

Not long after Israel's ground incursion began, Hamas vowed to "fight until the last breath" and warned Israel that "Gaza will be your cemetery."

Looking back even farther then most timelines are going with this crisis,
Israel has blamed Hamas for breaking a truce that they themselves rejected back on Nov. 4th 2008. Apparently this bit of news was trumped by the US Election.

Gaza truce broken as Israeli raid kills six Hamas gunmen | World news |

HAMAS (in Arabic, an acronym for "Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamia" -- Islamic Resistance Movement -- and a word meaning courage and bravery) is a radical Islamic fundamentalist organization which became active in the early stages of the intifada, operating primarily in the Gaza District but also in Judea and Samaria. HAMAS is the strongest opposition group to the peace process, to the PLO, and remains a powerful player in Middle East politics.
So far I have found both both dates for the inception date of Hamas (15 Dec 1987 and 14 Dec. 1987)

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