Sunday, January 04, 2009

Jupiter's Ingress into Aquarius 2009: Still Time to Wake Up!

Chart Below set for Washington DC. at 10:42 AM EST for Jupiter's Debut in Aquarius

Early this Sunday, I took a walk in the frost covered morning just a few hours after the first qtr. moon had begun with an active Aries Moon square Sun in conservative Capricorn On the my hike, I began to ponder on how things will change with tomorrow's entrance of Jupiter into revolutionary Aquarius. Perhaps the most obvious aspect is that the freezing, cold weather will continue for much of the US and the world in January and February with most of the planets now in Winter signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Best not to get too comfortable in a what we expect since Uranian ruled Jupiter will also bring some weather extremes especially when joining Mars around February 18th.

In the chart above, Uranus the great awakener and modern ruler of Aquarius is sitting right on the Ascenant - some real surprises are in store for us. Uranus is opposing Saturn (authority, order, stability,) right on the descendant ruling overt agression along with foreign relations (Israel-Palestine conflict), treaties and/or disputes and agreements. Barack Obama, who has Jupiter @ 00 degrees Aquarius 51 in his natal chart will be in the middle of tomorrow's action involving Gov. Bill Richardson's withdrawal and the controversy concerning Rod R. Blagojevich appointment of Roland Burris for the senate sear. Jupiter is in the 11th house (natural house of Aquarius) In mundane astrology this rules the institutions of government such as the legislature, Congress, Senate or the House of Commons. The 11th represents the national purpose as well as its hopes and dreams of the nation. The overall economic stimulus package, of $675 billion to $775 billion may reflect tomorrow's Jupiter (laws) and Mercury (communications and transportation) applying to a SQ to the Moon in the 2nd. house of conditions of supply and demand, banks and the GNP. In this chart, the moon signifies the people, the masses, commoners and the population as a whole. Monday may just start out with an economic plan that is over rated to solve all our finanical problems.

Jupiter the brother of Pluto (now powerfully authoritarian in Capricorn) is the planet of expansion, vision, optimism and luck. Moving out of Saturn ruled Capricorn will definitely lighten things up yes but it is the word awakening that really defines Uranus the modern ruler of the water bearer.
With Monday's controversial beginning, Jupiter will immediately square the Moon newly arrived in Taurus (another fixed sign noted for stubborness) to blow everything out of proportion. One thing is for sure even though the Mayan 6th day started on Nov. 13th 2008 during the Galactic Underworld, it will be January 5th that will seem like the real start of this period. The Tzolkin Date: 13 IMIX is known as a time of awakening, unfolding, opening up to new possibilities. Most scholars use the words “enlightenment” and “renaissance” to define this creative period and with Jupiter's help it won't disappoint us.

Already the lighting glyph representing Aquarius seems to be sending shockwaves from dimensions: with strong quakes happening from Indonesia to swarms in Yellowstone.
Of course the invasion and destruction of Gaza and the Palestinians by Israel is another manifestation that will spark worldwide protests ala Aquarian energies in January.

It is easy for most astrologers on websites like to start trotting out keywords for Aquarius like: intuitive, networks, the internet, occult teachings, wavelengths, off the wall ideas, computer technology, breaking mental frontiers, detached compassion, futuristic thinking, humanitarian causes, groups, friendship, collaboration.
All of these adjectives are only surface descriptions and many of these qualities will be increased along with more interest in Astrology. We will began hearing MUCH more about Astrology just as we did about politics last year via mainstream and internet bolgs. Of course with the mass media in charge there will be snickering and disinformation regarding the sacred science.

Perhaps back in 1997, the last time Jupiter made a past debut in Aquarius and the cosmic trickster was also in Aquarius it was all about the internet, the boom but this time there are some major differences. Neptune is now in Aquarius and Uranus is in Pisces setting up a mutual receptive quality between these two planets that is mega-amplified. With Jupiter's entrance (coming right after Mercury began a journey in Aquarius) we have not only Neptune but the mighty wounded healer Chiron, N Node all pushed by the wisdom, abundance and generosity offered by the largest planet in our solar system.

Of course with Pluto moving into Capricorn and fueled by Mars (starting on Dec. 27th during the last new moon) so many control mechanisms are in place that it will take a real revolutionary shot of hope to create change. During the last passage of Jupiter in fearful, establishment oriented Capricorn, it has been an adage by New Agers not to rain on other people's parade by mentioning any conspiratorial concepts like the idea of the NWO (New World Order ala Bilderberg-Rothchild-Illuminati...Now with Jupiter's timely entrance we can began to really see the frightening face of Fascism start to crack. The American Heritage Dictionary defines Fascism as "a system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.”
The efforts to stop the New World Order will intensify along with the patriotic movement to uphold the constitution. So during this coming passage of Jupiter more videos like this How to Stop the New World Order will start hitting You Tube.
At the same time the governments of the world will try to follow Australia and China's model and began filtering objectionable websites.
It won't be just fighting the elite control by the common man during this time period..
UFO's and stories about many more sightings will barrage all forms of the media.
From Larry King to Oprah, someone will be talking about ET's and UFOs the entire year. Since all of the chatter and digital production on TV is enforced by a mandatory order to go to digital TV, NASA and the Vatican may start to make some test runs with project Blue Beam via mass sightings and one world religion.

Besides the above, the internet will be offering many new alternatives to the mainstream media's view of the world and many people that have already begun to awaken will push for a more peaceful and compassionate world. We should expect to see more of Alex Jones (born Feb. 11, 1974 ) with Sun and Jupiter together in Aquarius along with such icons as Oprah or even Brandy (2-11-79) among many other Aquarians. Occult and mystical ideas will play a lot better in 2009 with this incredible mutual reception of Jupiter-Neptune and Uranus along with Chiron's mysterious renewal of worldwide healings.
Perhaps even your author (born on February 11, 1950) will receive more recognition for steadily disseminating the off beat and unusual points of view.

Things are going to get a lot more crazy with Jupiter moving thru Aquarius but there is still time to be fully awake!

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