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Obama Retakes Oath of Office Mercury Retro. Again

Jan. 21st WASHINGTON – President Obama was re-administered the oath of office on Wednesday evening by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., one day after the two men stumbled over each other’s words during the inauguration.

Chart Below: When Obama Redid the Oath Set for 7:35 PM EST for January 21, 2009.
Are they ever going to get it right astrologically.
Even though the Ascendant was changed below to 00 degrees Virgo 26 minutes providing excellent Sabian Image - We still have Mercury Retrograde as the ruler!
Sabian Symbol does add to the "Man of the Hour" quality for Barack.
"In a portrait the best of a man's traits are idealized." With a mutable sign rising things are much more changeable, while a fixed signs provide a more lasting quality.

The new time only afforded a better image for the ascendant and a moon that was not void of course still not the optimum for electional astrology. In the retake, the Moon is applying (the faster-moving planet is coming into aspect with the
slower planet by its natural celestial motion) to Squares with Venus, Uranus and Saturn which all perfect on Jan. 22nd.
When Obama and Roberts got together on the evening of January 21st the Sun-Moon and all those Capricorn-Aquarian planets including Mercury were below the horizon, not the best chart. Plus the primary culprit Mercury is ruler of the chart with Virgo rising. The original oath administered at 12:04 PM EST had a fixed 15 degrees Taurus 45 (Fixed Stubborn Sign) where the is usually Moon exalted. The first swearing in had transiting Moon VOC opposing Pallas from the 7th house known for open enemies - perhaps Roberts was deliberately being antagonistic - NAW he just talks slow. With this Sabian Image
"An old many attempting vainly to reveal mysteries. "

The president and the chief justice stood in the Map Room of the White House at 7:35 p.m. as they took a second run at the constitutional oath. A handful of advisers watched the proceeding, which lasted about 25 seconds.
Oath Is Administered Once Again - The Caucus Blog -

Only two previous presidents, Chester Arthur and Calvin Coolidge, retook their oaths under similar circumstances. Let's not make any parallels yet...

I don't think Obama's people thought they needed a competent Electional Astrologer to find the most auspicious time to set a chart for Obama's swearing in as president. But Obama who was a professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years felt he needed to take the oath again. The think that makes it tough for astrologers is that Jan. 20th has been the traditional day for administering the oath since 1937.

In Electional astrology there are no "perfect" days but some our much better then others.
It turns out that either the Barack astrological insiders got whiff of the many astro oriented sites pointing out the obvious - Mercury Retro. along with Moon Void of Course
was going to create some major glitches and Barack with Mars in Virgo @ 22 degrees wasn't having that since it conjuncted the historical July 4th chart's planet of major illusion Neptune. Notice above that Mercury is no longer at an angle and has ingressed into Capricorn and is sitting intercepted in the 5th house relating to Obama's Leo Sun separating from the Sun where everyone can laugh about the glitch. Obama had been gracious about the mishap, abstaining from the fun when Vice President Joe Biden joked to White House staff Wednesday about not having as good a memory as the Chief Justice. All those Pluto in Virgo generation sticklers will be happy since they were the powerhouse that got Obama in the white house.
For those detailed individuals SF Gate today.
The presidential oath is explicitly prescribed in the Constitution, Article II, Section One, which requires that the oath be taken as written before the president can execute his duties. It was discussed at some length at the Constitutional convention and has been taken by all 42 previous presidents. Scholars said no one doubted that Obama was president, and certainly no court would hear a challenge, but that a re-do would be recommended just to be safe.

Tuesday - Jan. 20, 2009 was a day sacred to Mars and war and it was a mix of revolutionary planets which weren't cooperating. Mercury in Aquarius was both retrograde and Void of Course (waiting to changes signs) @ 12:04 PM yesterday at Obama's swearing in ceremony. At that time Mercury was at an angle adding to public glitches with the crazy tilt in Aquarius. Also the the Moon was Scorpio @ 29 degrees and 45 minutes - a critical, karmic degree creating a recipe for disaster. Especially with the Moon opposing Pallas in Gemini (words, speech and hearing) So like any time Mercury ruling law, writing, communications is retro. things are redone or revised especially with didactic Capricorn now in charge.
Not to say that many aspects were highly favorable for many of the ceremonies yesterday with an Inauguration which attracted massive internet traffic via Sun-Mercury conjunction
at 10:59 AM. By the time the moon went direct in Sagittarius Moon then sextiled Mercury @ 1:41 PM for more celebrations magnified by communications fest. Then with Moon sextileed Jupiter @ 2:15 PM and we were off to the races with Obama mania.
Let's take a quick look at some quotes about Moon Void of Course:
From Lilly: "A planet is Void of Course, when he is separated from a planet, nor doth forthwith, during his being in that sign, apply to any other: This is most usually in the Moon; In judgements do you carefully observe whether she be Void of Course yea or no; you shall seldom see a business go handsomely forward when she is so (p.112).

Chart Below: Obama Taking Oath at Inauguration Day

Notice Mercury at the top of the chart with the Moon opposing Pallas in Gemini asteroid of political strategy involving words. It of course was that stumbling over the words that really vexed Obama with his natal mutable Virgo Mars, Gemini Moon especially since his own natal Jupiter( @ 00 Aquarius 51) signifying law was closely conjunct that pesky Mercury Retrograde on inauguration day!

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