Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Lincoln Inauguration Parallel - An Astrological Comparison

Corrected Bi-Wheel with Obama's Inauguration in Center Wheel and Lincolin on outside.

By now you have been inundated by President-Elect Barack Obama's seizing on the parallels of his inauguration to Abraham Lincoln's swearing in on March 4, 1861. On thing is for sure powerful energies are converging from the past as we see the Pluto-Mars conjunction in Taurus during Lincoln's time near the Obama swearing in chart's Ascendant @ 14 Taurus 02. Of course the media will play this off with a reflection of the Sabian Symbol: "A man with a rakish silk hat, muffled braves the storm." It has been cold in DC. lately - The forecast for Inauguration Day was scattered snow flurries, with a high of 30 and low of 19 and with Mercury retrograding back into Capricorn @ 12:36 AM on Jan. 21st it is going to get a lot colder. Mercury void in Aquarius is when the events take place so expect a lot of disruptions, communications to fail, and things break besides weather changes.

Before we examine the similarities and differences of Lincoln's ceremony to Barack's let's look at history:
Abraham Lincoln's Inauguration

"Monday, March 4, 1861, was a big day for Abraham Lincoln and for America. That morning, he and outgoing President James Buchanan left the Willard Hotel, which is nearby the White House, in a horse-drawn carriage bound for the Capitol. Shortly after 1 p.m., Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Roger B. Taney administered the presidential oath of office.
Lincoln/s chart had an Ascendant of 15 Cancer 54 or A man before a square with a manuscript scroll before him. This was the challenge to show Abe's competency faced with profound challenges. Both Lincoln's and Obama's inaugurations had Saturn retrograde making things just a little more serious.

Just as Obama is taking office five months after the most serious economic crisis to hit the US began on Sept. 15th 2008, Lincoln had his challenges...Lincoln took office just months after seven Southern states had seceded from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America. In the Lincoln chart we find both Mars and Pluto together in earthy Taurus and yes separating from a dangerous conjunction in the recent past circa Feb. 28th. With Obama Mars-Pluto were together in the executive sign of Capricorn on Dec. 28th 2008 when the Israeli attack on occupied Gaza begin. Looking back like Janus toward the time of the Civil War: On February 28, 1861 the Colorado Territory was created from portions of Utah, New Mexico, Nebraska, and the previous Kansas Territories to become part of the Union.

Sure Obama has roots in Springfield, IL and he is the first black president which is big stuff but when Lincoln freed the slaves he faced a civil war which continued in spirit for centuries. Today we have the second passage of Saturn Opposing Uranus (Feb. 5th) and our 21st century America is divided by many highly charged issues and the Lakota Nation did withdraw from treaties, declare independence from U.S. in Dec. 20th 2007. Portions of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming comprise Lakota country, while states like Vermont have put up trial balloons regarding secession.

Obama Takes Train Ride To History, President-Elect Retraces Lincoln's Route From Philadelphia To Washington; Next Stop: Inauguration - CBS News

Saturn is a primary influence in both inaugurations but with different flavors. Obama's Noon swearing in has MidHeaven @ 26 Capricorn 09 - Sabian- A Mountain Pilgrimage using perseverance to climb the political peaks and the devotion to reach your goal. One reason Obama's speech is all about a New Era of Responsibility is the prominence of Saturn which deals with accountability.
All those Aquarian planets: MercuryRx-Sun-Jupiter-N Node-Chiron and Neptune are intercepted in the 10th house adding the distinct power of the New Era to begin. Yet Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius. Here we have our minds looking at the past since Mercury will retrograde back in Capricorn @ 9:36 PM PST.

Lincoln Event Fixed Stars

In terms of the primary fixed stars for both events, there is a world of difference.
With Lincoln: The HELIACAL RISING STAR was
Deneb Algedi - Rising 45 mins 33 secs before Sunrise -
Seeking the legal, physical or metaphyical laws that govern the world
Deneb Algedi, is a star in the Sea Goat's tail. According to Robson (p.159) it is symbolically called the "Judicial Point of the Goat".

Regulus - Setting 38 mins 28 secs before Sunrise - found in the constellation Cor Leonis
aka the Royal One in the Lion's breast
A strong belief in the correctness of one's position, or path
Also the Moon ws Setting when Regulus is On Nadir orb 00 mins 13 secs -
A natural leader, who leads by love and devotion, rather than by power and authority

The Sun was culminating when Facies (found in the constellation M22 Sagittarius) is Setting orb 01 mins 59 secs -
A piercing focus to the point of ruthlessness, or prophetic vision
Facies is considered a fated star known to cause accidents and death...The nebula in the Archer's Face is of the nature of the Sun and Mars, and causes blindness, defective sight, sickness, accidents and a violent death. [Robson*, p.165.]

Obama Event Fixed Stars

Acumen - Rising 68 mins 18 secs before Sunrise -
Suffering at the hands of others; subject to rumours

Capella - Setting 15 mins 11 secs before Sunrise -
Believing in, and seeking, freedom and fairness

Parans with the planets especially with the Sun
which is Rising when Scheat from the contstellation Pegasus is Rising orb 01 mins 05 secs - Headstrong, an independent thinker usually associated with danger as With Sun: Danger through water and engines, liable to accidents or drowning. [Robson*, p.206.]
The Pegasus Syndrome, as exemplified in the legends of Perseus and Bellerophon, is concerned with the innate ability possessed by some people to negotiate difficulties by rising above them, on the one hand, and the danger of overreaching themselves, on the other.


Anonymous said...

You have the year of the chart for Lincoln's Inauguration as 1961.

Art Gianfermo said...

Hey thanks for letting me know - Mercury retro. in Aquarius can mean errors to say the least.
I corrected the post to correct date of March 4, 1861 still drawing some interesting parallels
Note that both Mars-Pluto were together during Lincoln's time and of course today with Mars in Capr. separating from Pluto.