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Ouroboros, the Serpent of Light on a Scorpio Moon

Sun, Moon and Mars together in the sign of Scorpio pave the way for momentous change. The primary image for today's Lunar phrase (sic) is the Ouroboros and the symbolic Serpent of LIght. Ouroboros is an ancient alchemy symbol depicting a snake or dragon [DNA] swallowing its own tail, constantly creating itself and forming a circle. It is the Wheel of Time - The Alchemy Wheel. The sign Scorpio relations to transformation of all kinds especially when inner archetypes meet outer archetypes - The ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain its life, in an eternal cycle of renewal.
Just as Pluto has moved back and forth across the Galactic Center for the last two years,
another mythic esoteric symbol inspired by: The Ouroboros, who is believed to have been inspired by the Milky Way,as some ancient texts refer to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. With todays lunation, the serpent of light is ready to appear on earth, in the area of Chile and Peru per Drunvalo. In other words the Kundalini (coiled serpent) not only moved from Tibet around 1959 but is ready for full manifestation in the sacred mountains of Peru-Chile.

Scorpio is about going within to find the heart of gold to be refreshed or taught via gut instincts. Even though Scorpions and serpents live primarily beneath the earth, there is another side to this ancient symbolism. The Ouroboros is believed to have been inspired by the Milky Way,as some ancient texts refer to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. Interesting that this lunation has Sun-Moon @ 6 degrees Scorpio with the primary Sabian Symbol of the Gold Rush - when dedicated, determined and at times obsessive men and women desire to dig deeply for new values hidden within... This New Moon is another portal like the Sept. 29th nova moon in Libra, this one is even more heavily populated with geocosmic signatures that starts on Halloween, October 31, and lasts through November 13. Yes on November 13th the Mayan Sixth Day begins.

In this lunation set for either 7:14 EDT not only are Sun-Moon applying to a conjunction with Mars in powerfully dignified Mars but they oppose Vesta in Taurus from 6th to 12th houses. With the lights and Mars in the house of Virgo, their is a direct connection to the military - we should remember that Scorpios can be formidable military strategists. Men like Patton and Rommel were Scorpios who embraced positions where they could calculate, control and hold back a concerted effort until its execution would result in maximum impact.
In the chart above, teh Sun-Moon and Vesta in Taurus relating to the money house the 2nd where currency and capitalism have ruled a now dissolving empire. These house also reflect the major opposition of the year Saturn in Virgo (6th house of workers who toil for a days $ wage) to Uranus in collective Pisces in the 12th where hidden knowledge is demanding new spiritual values in culture. Venus was acting like a wild card in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius as the wild card moving into a TSQ with the infamous Saturn-Uranus Opposition exact on Nov. 3rd spelled reversals and extremes for a market. The Dow rose 11% on big rally, yet October is still shaping up to be one of the worst months in Wall Street history.

Khemia, Alchemical Transformation of Quetzalcoatl

The Egyptians honored the Scorpion and Beetle who dwelt beneath the earth and the magical, alchemical processes of life, death and regeneration - fitting perfectly here. For the most blessed state was to be born in a 'rich compost' of power, and the black, fertile mud of the Nile delta was their Prima Materia. For the ancients in Egypt, their word for the rich black, muddy earth was Kemit, adopted as khemia by the Greeks, which formed the basis of the word alchemy. Also involved in this alchemical transformation is Quetzalcoatl: Winged God and Lord of Light - Feather Serpent who ended the Fifth Day and passed the baton to Tezcatlipoca Lord of Darkness on Nov. 19, 2007 . As we finish the Galactic Fifth Night on November 12th this lunation marks a time when we say good bye to Quetzalcoatl's opposite Tezcatlipoca, who supposedly sent Quetzalcoatl into exile. As the Goddess of birth and flowering takes over a new day arrives.

Don't forget that as magnetic, sensitive and willing to expose falsehood, the Scorpio also carries some powerful the energy of deceit and retribution. Common traits which have remained as a significator for liars, incurable backstabbers, traitors, thieves even lechers or perverts. As Pluto rushes on direct to an ingress into Capricorn another Chthonic sign, from the Greek khthonios "of the earth" or the interior. Chiron now direct as of October 25th carries the healing symbolism for a generation or two being in Aquarius. Also we see how quickly Mars moves toward a SQ to both N Node-Chiron-Neptune - an octave of energy relates to Tezcatlipoca. The Aztecs pictured Tezcatlipoca as rioting along the highways in search of persons on whom to wreak his vengeance, as the wind of night rushes along the deserted roads with more seemingviolence than it does by day.

VEGA Tempers the fires of Mars
Changing course we look toward the fixed stars for meaning.
Mars is rising when Vega is Rising orb 01 mins 41 secs which signifies motivation, energy, libido and a powerfully assertive nature tempered by imagination, musical skills and inventiveness. Vega is a pale sapphire star in the constellation Lyra.
Meaning when together with Mars - Scientific interests, unpopular opinions, moral courage, favorable for gain. (Robson*).
Legend tells of Vega from Arabic word Al-Waqi' (1), "The stooping" eagle or "The swooping Vulture", and is often referred to as "The Vulture Star", "The Sitting Vulture", "The Falling Grype" and figured with upturned head with a lyre in its beak from the story of Orpheus [who might be described as the prototype of our modern pop-star] who was torn apart by the Maenads, raving mad-women [or fans], they cast the lyre in the river. Jupiter sent a vulture to scoop it out of the river and then placed it in the sky.
Or from "one may see among the stars the Lyre, its arms spread apart in heaven, with which in time gone by Orpheus charmed all that his music reached, making his way even to the ghosts of the dead and causing the decrees of hell to yield to his song. Wherefore it has honour in heaven and power to match its origin : then it drew in its train forests and rocks; now it leads the stars after it and makes off with the vast orb of the revolving sky". [ Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 1, p.30]

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