Saturday, October 04, 2008

Simpson Is Convicted After 13 Years As Libra Sun-Mercury SQ Jupiter to Extract Justice

We may have this headline in the NY Times marking comparisons to OJ's current conviction and his acquittal 13 years later on October 3rd. 1995. Many Stark Contrasts as Simpson Is Convicted - The NY Times:
Acquitted in 1995 of murder, Mr. Simpson was convicted on Friday of rounding up five men, most with lengthy criminal records, and bursting into a $35-a-night Las Vegas hotel room to steal a trove of sports memorabilia from two collectibles dealers.

One thing is for sure on Friday Oct. 3rd. 2008 the Sun may have been at 10-11 degrees Libra just like it was at 10 a.m. on October 3, 1995 along with Mercury in Libra. Of course there are obvious differences besides the fact that after only three hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Estimates were that 150 million people watched the delivery of verdict on TV. Yes instead of millions of Americans obsessively stewing over the daily details in the case against him, a city block set aside for media tents was largely empty for the four-week trial. With Jupiter in stark, serious Saturn ruled Capricorn, everybody has their eyes on the bailout and what it will do to the current economy.
So here we have yesterday's verdict which the jury took 13 hours to reach a guilty verdict around 11 PM Friday when Mars was no longer void of course and had entered Scorpio near OJ's natal Chiron @ 2 Scorpio. Mainly we saw a judgment promulgated by transiting Jupiter SQ Sun-Mercury in a definitive TSQ to OJ's Sun (Identity). Of course having transiting Pluto opposing his natal Venus @ 1 Cancer and Uranus @ 23 Sagittarius was a disastrous recipe for a verdict which included 12 felonies, led by kidnapping and armed robbery. He could spend the rest of his life in prison which reflects a transiting Uranus/Pisces-Saturn/Virgo Opposition passing to Pallas-Moon in Pisces placement in his natal chart

Back on Tuesday Oct. 3rd 1995, Uranus the trickster and master of quick, unexpected change was stationing @ 26 Capricorn ready to turn direct three days later and closely TSQ the Nodes at Libra-Aries! Moon was in Aquarius that historic day with Venus 21 degrees -N Node 26 degrees in Libra trine OJ's own natal Uranus @ 23 Gemini.
Perhaps the most indicative of all aspects was that Chiron with a recent ingress into Libra @ 3 degrees was trine OJ's own N Node at 1 Gemini and Mars @ 6 Gemini.

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