Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Dark Side of the Capricorn New Moon 2008

A tremendous natural disaster that went almost unreported in mainstream news.
YouTube - TVA Coal Ash Spill Dec 22 2008
On Monday morning Dec. 22 around 1:00 am, the earthen retaining wall around
this mountain of coal ash failed and approximately 500 million gallons of
nasty black coal ash flowed into tributaries of the Tennessee River - the
water supply for Chattanooga TN and millions of people living downstream in
Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

This Tennessee TVA spill is over 40 times bigger than the Exxon Valdez spill
in Alaska, if local news accounts are correct.

*** This is a huge environmental disaster of epic proportions.

Earth-earth and more earth stories from quakes to snow storms are the shadow side of this lunation.
The earthquake window is widen open around the world during this lunation and both east and west coasts as Pluto crosses the ascendant and chart ruler Saturn is in the 9th house opposing Uranus in the 3rd. Avalanche warnings are the rule now across the western states as snowfall is building. Update from December 24th: CNN) -- Two snowmobilers died Wednesday in an avalanche on Logan Peak north of Salt Lake City Utah, a sheriff's department official said.

The chart above set for Capricorn's New Moon on December 27th has Cap. rising with both Mars and Pluto right on the Ascendant for a double whammy to the US infrastructure.
Besides this enviromental disaster which will have major ramifications as we head toward Christmas our Seagoat is surfing so major tidal waves this luantion.
Jupiter @ 27 Capricorn is conjunct the US Foundation chart's Pluto (1776)creating not just extreme weather but also harsh economic conditions with US Pluto in the 2nd house of money and investments. Also Vesta transiting in Taurus on the IC is asking for some focus on our currency and monetary situation at home.

Things have become all too real!

Undoubtedly other stories involving the darker side of Saturn in Virgo will be surfacing. Since Virgo is a sign that deals with both service in day to day activities like police or firemen, our radar should be on alert. For instance
in the case of the Dallas Freeway shootings:
Ex-policeman linked to Dallas freeway shootings
DALLAS (Reuters) - An ex-policeman who shot himself in the head as Texas police tried to arrest him is the main suspect in a freeway shooting spree this week that terrified motorists and left two people dead, police and media said.

The fixed stars for this chart tell the tale ala earthy, melancholy Capricorn with
Aculeus - Rising 00 mins 39 secs before Sunrise -
Hard Knocks which yield understanding...understanding that rough stones can be polished by life's difficulties

El Nath - Setting 32 mins 19 secs before Sunrise -
A confronting attitude, a desire to deal with real life, real issues

Difficult stars in this chart are:
Antares (heart of the Scorpion - a Watcher) is culminating as ¨ Venus is Rising orb 01 mins 07 secs -
Breaking down social or emotional barriers
Alphard the Serpent is culminating as Mercury is Rising orb 00 mins 40 secs -
The revealer or holder of secrets, an investigating mind, a sharp tongue

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