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The Astrology of the Calamitous Web Bot Predictions for Oct. 7th to 9th

Is the critical First Qtr. Moon in earthy Capricorn (Oct 7, 2008) the trigger for major economic collapse, earth changes and a new 9-11 type event?

On the Urbansurvival website and of course on Coast to Coast references
to the question: Is America "On Final Approach" to Financial Collapse? Daily News Update
UrbanSurvival goes on to quote Cliff and Igor of the Webot forecasters

Before I list their quotes...
I have taken the liberty to pinpoint a time for the start of what is traditionally a critical time in the Moon's cycle - start of the first qtr. on Oct. 7th (above chart set for 5:05 AM Washington DC)
Don't forget that a little over 24 hours from this time at 9:03 AM PDT, the Moon moves into Aquarius ruled by the both Saturn and Uranus the stars of the Nov. 4th ultra opposition in mutables.

I recently wrote about this on my October Report - Balancing Order with Judgement:
From the new moon (Sept. 29th) major energies have been building in primal forms as the October 1st Scorpio moon hosted a powerful Mars sextile Pluto in air and fire. Those who engineered the takeovers and power plays in August want their way no matter the cost! At this point 700 to 800 Billion is cheap to keep the Pluto-Sagittarius casino economy going until North American Union and new currency burst on the scene next year. As the steam releases with those airy Mars in Libra transits morphing into an intense Mars in Scorpio - suddenly everything seems real precarious with lots of 90 degree angles forming into TSQ's by the critical first qtr. October 6th brings exact Sun-Mercury squares to ideological and expansive Jupiter but in strutural Capricorn. I am getting vibes that we are seeing a crumbling, dissolving and destruction of the capitalist system as practiced by Illuminati Bankers - this feels just like when the Berlin wall came down On November 9th 1989 when the wall came down we had Uranus-Venus-Saturn-Neptune all in Capricorn and as we approach the exact oppositon of Saturn-Uranus in mutables on Nov. 4, 2008, a historic time approaches. Pluto enters Capricorn on November 26th and this current Cardinal timeline will be completed.

Back to October 7th with Sun-Mercury in Libra SQ Moon-Jupiter in Capricorn in Cardinal, swift energetic forms of release like a volcanic eruption on Wall Street spreading to the ATMS on Main Street! Again we have a mutable cross (including of course Saturn-Virgo-Uranus-Pisces and Pallas-Gemini Opposing Juno-Pluto in Sagittarius. This is a changeable cross current of energies that are charged with craziness (notice above chart set for DC when first qtr. starts at 5:05 AM) Saturn sits on the ASC Opposing Uranus on the 7th while Pluto in the death throes of the casino economy sits in the 4th along with Jupiter-Moon intercepted in Capricorn. Actually what hit me was the Mars-Venus Scorpio push in the 2nd (Martial energies are highlighted) holding the TSQ(in the house of Money$ and Vaules ) to S Node-Cerese Opposing Chiron and N Node. A Worldwide Economic Crash, Martial Law in the US, Revolution of the bottom of the pyramid against the elite controllers or major earth changes from weather to quakes? All this building toward the Full Moon on Oct. 14th

Before I list their quotes...
I have taken the liberty to pinpoint a time for the start of what is traditionally a critical time in the Moon's cycle - start of the first qtr. on Oct. 7th

A major event which could dramatically impact 2, 2.2, or 22-million Americans.

This 'impact' could be the range of something fairly minor like "My bank card doesn't work anymore" to a 'blinding flash from a terror attack' on US soil.

This latter is somewhat supported by references early in the data to 'attack on US interests" and the fact that al Qaida has a nasty habit of trying to influence outcomes of elections, such as was the case with the Spanish train bombings a few years back.

The 'events' of next week will linguistically be characterized by about a 20% natural disaster/earth related component, a 40'ish percent impact that will be 'military' in nature and a 40% (or higher) impact that will be 'economic' in scope.

Notice that their prediction is for 7:10 AM UTC which puts a 23 degree Libra ascendant
(same as the degree Mercury stationed retrograde on Septebmer 24th)
In the chart set for Greenwhich UK Sun-Mercury in justice, indecisive Libra are in the 12th SQ the exaggerated communications of Sagittarius 3rd house cusp with Jupiter-Moon in contracting Capricorn intercepted and getting ready to let go with financial delays.
Without going into too much analysis 1 Degree 33 Leo sits at Mid Heaven - Sabian: An epidemic of mumps or a more modern intrepretation:
"Having arrived at the site of an epidemic, a doctor gives a press conference on the nature of the disease and the procedures of containment. "
Does this mean some insidious disease like the Bird Flu is spreading and there will be worldwide announcement? Should we expect quarantines or is this just a virulent propaganda pitch by the elite to keep us controlled? With Mars SQ the MidHeaven in the sign of poisons (Scorpio) along with Venus SQ Chiron in Aquarius representing the world healer and our chronic wounds.

Cliff and Igor go into more details in their audio interview with George Noory of C2C


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