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Saturn's Crazy Christmas Tilt Rocks the Capricorn New Moon in 2008

A recent article that appears during our historic Winter Solstice 2008 comes from NASA talking about the feature planet of the month's end: Saturn aka. Cronus (Krónos) the Greek deity. In the article, NASA - Saturn's Crazy Christmas Tilt In Roman myths, Saturn was said to have ruled, a great feast called Saturnalia was held during the winter months around the time of the winter solstice. It was originally only one day long, taking place on December 17, but later lasted one week. An aside during the time starting Dec. 17th right before the Last Qtr. Moon - Luna in Virgo helped translate the light via slower moving planets with an opposition to Uranus and SQ to Mars. A rerun of the Nov. 4th challenge has the principle of Saturn's function is contraction opposing the principle of freedom and transformation Uranus. More importantly with Jupiter finishing its last days in Capricorn (called since ancient times "The Greater Malefic") a somewhat polarized role against Jupiter (called "The Greater Benefic")

From the article:
Dec. 22, 2008: You look through the telescope. Blink. Shake your head and look again. The planet you expected to see in the eyepiece is not the one that's actually there. Too much eggnog?

No, it's just Saturn's crazy Christmas tilt.
Looking at the upcoming chart set for Universal Time in London -
Of course it is turning out to be a crazy month in a good kind of way with Uranus and Saturn still within two degrees away from opposition. Now that the cosmic trickster, Uranus is moving forward and Saturn stationing. Get ready for the next big blow out and second Opposition on Feb. 5th. to be exact 3:00 AM PST. Is this the period of time when a major surprise disrupts the economy or food supply?

New Moon Chart:
At MidHeaven where Capricorn is always the social climber and ambitious goat this time we have the Sabian for 11 degrees Cappy. as the pheasant or peacock displaying their brilliant colors on the lawn. With Sun-Moon-Pluto and Mars in that order locked in a stellium and close to MidHeaven we will see a crisis of power as to who is in charge. The two supposedly malifics Mars-Pluto the ancient and modern rulers of Scorpio to join together on Sunday December 28th. where something is bound to uncovered from deep within the earth. Mars and Pluto are two dominant, determined and extreme planets ready to fearlessly charge ahead up the mountain in Capricorn. Also Jupiter-Mercury and Juno are together in the public, career and house of government where powerful leaders are involved in a summit or major area of communications ready to lay down agendas for 2009. So Juno, the divine consort in conservative Capricorn with a need for control and dominance and augmenting the importance of mental and all verbal messaging. Since Jupiter is moving toward a perfect SQ to the Aries Ascenant @ 26 degrees
we can predict some communication difficulties.

Agriculture and Thor's Hammer
One of the prominent aspects of this lunation is a Thors Hawmmer including Jupiter-Vesta-Ascendant-Ceres. The Goddess of Grain, Ceres is the apex of an Arrowhead, otherwise known as Thor's Hammer or a Quadriform. ASC and Vesta are SQ Jupiter and both planets are sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) to Ceres @ 12 Virgo which is now within orb of Saturn. Lots of symbolism around not just power but farming. From myth and legend we find: The Thor's Hammer or "Mjollnir" represents power, protection and strength used with honor. The name "Mjollnir" actually means "miller". Though this aspect wasn't emphasised in Viking times, the Norse god Thor (or Tor) was originally an agricultural god. As the God of Thunder, Lightning and Storm, it is likely that he was called upon to protect the crops from the wrath of nature.

Pentagon's "Information Operations Roadmap" (IOR), aka Ministry of Truth
Thor's Hammer could also be coming down on all of us internet users for efforts of control
especially with Jupiter moving into Aquarius which could create more chaos for the military-industrial complex with everyone wanting to break the net of control.
The Pentagon has developed a comprehensive strategy for taking over the internet and controlling the free flow of information. The plan appears in a recently declassified document, “The Information Operations Roadmap”, which was provided under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and revealed in an article by the BBC.

So back to the ancient ruler of Aquarius and of Course Capricorn - the Lord of Karma where:
All year long, the rings of Saturn have been tilting toward Earth and now they are almost perfectly edge-on. The opening angle is a paper-thin 0.8o. Viewed from the side, the normally wide and bright rings have become a shadowy line bisecting Saturn's two hemispheres--a scene of rare beauty.

Knowing that Pisces is the all about feet and Uranus (the planet associated with internet/electronics) where the Bush shoe attack went viral then gamers took charge .

In anticipation of the next Uranus-Saturn stand off we get positive aspects like Mercury Sextile Uranus first on December 24th where more progressive or controversial decisions are reached as new inventions make the news. Then on January 9th an exact Sun Sextile Uranus so even more innovation, drive for freedom, quick thinking, and the willingness to accept new or unusual conditions.

Just as the Winter Solstice of December 21st marked an historic time of the Sun-Pluto meeting for the first time in 248 years, the Capricorn New Moon has both Mars exalted by traditional systems in Caprocorn conjunct Pluto. Earth is the element and cardinal is the quality. Agriculture is devastatingly important as we move into 2009 and Saturn stations on Dec. 31st at 21 degrees 46 minutes and won't move direect till May 17th in Virgo. Virgo is associated with Ceres, grains, farming and Spica is the main star. In Babylon he was called Ninib and was an agricultural deity. Saturn, called Cronus by the Greeks, was, at the dawn of the Ages of the Gods, the Protector and Sower of the Seed and his wife, Ops, (called Rhea by the Greeks) was a Harvest Helper.

With Jupiter moving into Aquarius on Jan. 5th. new legislation to help the little guy will bring out issues like GMO and Monsanto's Attempt to Rule. Plus of course sustainability and food. Here is one story (from September 2008) Michael Pollan and Hugh Grant, Chairman, President and CEO, Monsanto
Videos like this: Body 2.0 - Creating a World that can Feed Itself

As Mercury moves retrograde in Aquarius on January 11th and justice via revolutionary acts be a watchword as rights of organic consumers, small farmers and workers are slashed. We will see unexpected reactions from both rulers and the ruled with echo the assertive Aries rising in both the Winter Solstice and Cap. New Moon charts. SEE CHART OF SOLSTICE BELOW

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