Monday, October 13, 2008

Gateway to a New Strange World - Aries Full Moon 2008

The Aries Full Moon (Oct. 14th) has lots of elements of drama, first time events, myth, visionary ideas, fires in LA, erratic weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and commands to be strong as we traverse a new fearful time. This fiery moon set for 4:02 PM EDT or 1:02 PM PDTis at 21 degrees Aries 51 minutes with an adventurous, imaginative Sabian symbol:
"Standing before the huge gateway of a lost African city, the commander of an expedition
exhorts his men to bravery. "
Stirring oratory along with enhanced visual imaginings to spark us into testing our limits will be the watchwords as bold moves
are afoot. Myths and magic merge to mark this time as fools become intrepid and wise men
monkey around with explosive situations. The Galactic Tone for October 14th 2008 is 9 which deals with higher frequencies and the Mayan day sign is Chuen the Monkey. The monkey is a performer who relies on his creative ability, innocence, curiosity and magic kind of like our Aries moon.

Xquic and the Blood Moon
This moon in October known as the "Hunter's moon", a name given to the first full moon after the harvest moon has also been called a blood moon. Since Neptune the harbinger of imagination and wild visions is so prominent in this chart sitting on the Ascendant, we can digress a bit. "Blood Moon" or "Blood Girl/Maiden" is the English translation for Xquic (pronounced sh-KEEK), the Mayan daughter of Cuchumaquic, one of the lords of Xibalba, the Maya Underworld. Xquic is noted for being the mother of the Maya Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, she is sometimes considered to be the Maya goddess associated with the waning, post-full moon.

This is a time when things are just not quite stable. Mercury is void of course and ready to station direct on October 15th A time when communications can fail, and glitches occur Changes or unusual conditions in the weather occur along with high winds in fact a new tropical storm Omar off the coast of Venezuela is on track for hurricane statusj within the next few days.

Daring and Bold, Financial Moves the Hunter's Moon

Whenever Aries the pioneer enters the picture it is a time of action, new projects and first time events. With Sagittarius the adventuring pirate sitting at the highest point in the sky - MidHeaven, the theme of speculation is still hanging in the air with today's massive Wall Street uptick - a first time gain of 936 points for the Dow.
The Algonquian tribes called this full moon in October the Hunter's Moon since it was a time when Indian braves tracked and killed prey by moonlight, stockpiling food for the coming winter. Lately we have seen the Federal bailout crew led by Aries, Hank Paulson (March 28, 1946) tracking the dollars of the American taxpayer and literally stealing to stockpile for their own purposes. Tomorrow's Full Moon falls right on Paulson's Venus and opposes his Jupiter putting him right in the middle of the mele as
Fed Releases Flood of Dollars an unprecedented push by central banks to flood the financial system with as many dollars as banks want... WTF is this the primary scheme to monetize the dollar as Hal Turner said a few days ago - opening the gateway to the Amero?
Not so fast! Remember with Mars applying to a Square to Neptune (confusion-illusion) we are in an intense atmosphere of fear. Notice that things are not quite what they seem when we see Neptune right on the Ascendant with Mars in Scorpio (8th house) a major signifier of debt
but it also can be a catalyst to motivate many to get it together and investigate.

Mars, sexual expression, aggression and fascination with blood.
Mars ruler of Aries is intercepted in the 8th house of debt, taxes and death but near the cusp of the 9th in the above chart. Mars is opposed to the asteroid Vesta (sexual expression in its many forms) and leads to blocks, restrictions and sometimes over compensation by acting out with aggressive behavior. In terms of fixed stars Capulus from a star cluster in the sword hand of Perseus is culminating when Mars is on the Nadir: Willing to deal with the difficult or macabre - sounds scary kind of like the new HBO Series True Blood. Afterall this "blood moon" is coming right before Samhain with shivery chill in the air. Mars is also on the nadir when Altair is setting which nails some of the bold and rash action taking place.

Where there is Mars, there is Venus Void of Course in Scorpio
So we have not only a dramatic full moon but one that is down right sensationalist whether or not Blossom Moonchild's pronouncements from the Galactic Federation about Mass Contact from our Space Family comes true...It will be the indigenous peoples that will keep us grounded especially with risks of Venus Void of course where cultural matters are important themes now. Alcyone is rising as Venus is Setting on this moon where a ove of theatre or the rituals of magic will dominate along with a poetic soul.

Venus is alternately separating from a square to Neptune (financial resignations), SQ Ceres (personal needs of intimacy conflict with family desires) plus a Venus SQ Ascendant... Today (Oct. 13th) many are celebrating Indigenous People's Day to ameliorate the horrors created by European explorers who spawned genocide in the Western Hemisphere.
As the images of the lost, ancient African city swirls near the 12* East Longitude of the Mayan World Tree, we touch some of the legends which might coincide with this Blood Moon. Tomorrow's lunation Venus representing the Goddess is conjunct Astrae to bring justice to those native peoples who have suffered at the hands of the conquering hordes.

Indians of South America said all mankind was made of ’moon blood’ in the beginning. The same idea prevailed in ancient Mesopotamia, where the Great Goddess Ninhursag made mankind out of clay and infused with her "blood of life." Under her alternate name of Mammetun or Aruru the Great, the Potter, she taught women to form clay dolls and smear them with menstrual blood as a conception-charm, a piece of magic that underlay the name of Adam, from the feminine adamah, meaning "bloody clay," though scholars more delicately translated it "red earth."

Besides a Moon of action, fires, imagined spectacles this Hunter's Moon incorporates a promise of major transformation in a short time since Venus changes signs into Sagittiarius on October 18th. Then on October 21st before the Scorpio Sun ingress, the Libra Sun Sextiles Pluto - A time for major investigations, cleanups, planetary purifications, renewals and renovations, and hopefully the sharing of power.

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