Thursday, July 07, 2011

MidPoint Overview for 4th Day/7th Heaven of the Universal Phase


On this 7th Day of the 7th month of 2011, we can really feel the power of the new frequencies engendered by the Mayan
4th Day and 7th Heaven. In fact the effects of the exact "midpoint" on July3rd
are super charged and climactic now.

In my article about the July 1st partial eclipse I mentioned that this New Moon @ 10 degrees Cancer reflected how Mother has awakened and we can will attempt to choose either the Ferocious Kali Ma aspect of Gaia or the Healing Compassion of Green Tara...then find out we actually we get both! Environmental events and man-made
disasters have converged into incidents which tax our imagination.

In fact on July 5th a massive dust storm descends on Phoenix area

Right before 8 PM MST when this monster storm burst forth triggering power outages, Capricorn was rising and Saturn the ruler of the chart was in the 9th house of faraway action opposing Uranus in the 3rd.
Also of course malefic Pluto in the 12th opposing Venus-Sun in Cancer.

The 3rd. Eclipse in a month on July 1st was beginning of the Mid-Point of the 4th. day when we are all tested. The Sabian Symbol for 10 degrees Cancer : "A large diamond not completly cut. "
In reality we are hitting a critical evolutionary point where our souls are being cut an faceted like diamonds.
Diamonds come from the Greek word adámas meaning "unbreakable".
The Heliacal Rising star was aggressive Bellatrix aka the Female Warrior or the Amazon star.
Venus was rising in a chart set for DC. during this New Moon of the Mother

The S. Node was near the Ascendant on July 1st and Venus was in the last degrees of Gemini and by July 5th. when the Casey Anthony verdict was read had entered Cancer and Mercury had moved into theatrical and self-centered Leo. On July 3rd. near the midpoint, Venus entered in dreamy, matriarchy-familial oriented Cancer was trine Neptune in feminine sign Cancer capturing the imagination of the USA. As we know the USA per the Sibley Chart with Venus-Jupiter-Sun-Mercury all in natal patriotic and parental Cancer.
Venus, focused feminine power exhibited in the eclipse chart... And yesterday was in a highly energetic TSQ with Uranus - the shocker and Pluto the power broker
along with Saturn in legal Libra crossing them all.
America was transfixed by perhaps the most disputed and dissected verdict since O.J. Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his wife, Anthony was cleared of murder, manslaughter and child-abuse charges after weeks of wall-to-wall TV coverage

Back to the significance of the 7th Heaven and Mid-Point of the 4th Day
The planetary alignments above reflect and resonate with the past like the National Underworld (3115 BC to 2011 AD) and specifically it's 4th Day: 749 BC to 355 BC which was a time of the Assyrian, Persian, and Babylonian Empires.
The founding of Rome was on 753 BC when the last 4th day of the National World began. This was also a time when alphabetic writing developed. For us in this 4th Day of July 2011, their is an accelerated ability of telepathy unifying us all.

With the The Planetary Cycle(1755 to 2011 AD)
our current 4th Day resonates with a period of time from 1873 to 1893 AD an era of momentous scientific discoveries:
from Tesla to Ford to the telephone to electric lighting ala Edison.
Significantly the Galactic Cycle (Jan.1999 to Oct.2011 AD) 20 x more compressed
than the last Planetary puts the oneness on that 4th Day phase: Dec.4,2004 to Nov.29,2005. For the Galactic Underworld this was a time of the development of Conciousness of Ethics. The Kyoto Protocol came into force on Feb. 16th and a vote of the controversial French law on colonialism on Feb. 23rd. which was repealed in the beginning of 2006.
Historically these past phases magically resonate with our current 4th Day 7th Heaven ruled by Cineotl - God of Maize and Flowers. We are seeing a proliferation of ideas centered around agriculture as Jupiter in Taurus squares Mercury in Leo.
Right on schedule an article came out on July 3rd at the midpoint about how
Agricultural practices will have to adapt to extreme weather
rom the article we see the influence of Cineotl: "How will more frequent bouts of such extreme weather -- phenomena scientists acknowledge are increasing in frequency -- hurt agriculture and possibly our food chain?"
Ever since the planet of expansion - Jupiter entered Taurus (relating to agriculture) on June 4th - issues around food production and extreme weather are more important.
Also Sun-Moon in Cancer in a major and highly extreme Grand Cardinal Square at the last solar eclipse on July 1st
Also asteroid Ceres - Goddess of Grain Food enters cardinal, pioneering Aries on July 11th stimulating production and innovative technologies for raising food hopefully non-GMO varieties.

By the time this 18 day cycle ends on July 12th we should expect more dialogue about food and sustenance. In fact we are already seeing articles relating to government interference via legislation on websites like Farm Wars.Info
But on July 5th some positive news regarding labeling GMO foods. Codex Commission – Voluntary GMO Labeling Okay with WTO?
from the article: "Codex has capitulated on the GM labeling issue after a battle spanning approximately 20 years, stating that it will allow countries to label GMOs and the WTO will not legally challenge them..." We should expect to Cineotl, the Mayan God

On July 4th at the midpoint a royal wedding took place in Monaco. Not your average elite controlled affair but an event where the runaway bride was ready to bolt. Charlen Wittstock, a statuesque, blue-eyed blonde born in Zimbabwe and draws comparisons with Princess Grace and tried to put on brave face. However, no amount of public appearances by her at the £45m wedding events have been able to kill reports that she had tried to flee the principality after discovering the existence of Albert’s third illegitimate child. A wedding with the Sun in sensitive Cancer (leaders and ruler of Leo) were square Saturn at the time of the wedding (ill omens and ruler of Capricorn). Adding to the scandal the Moon transiting in royal Leo was square Jupiter then a few days later..
Mercury (information-news) in royal Leo is square Jupiter in Taurus (Juptier alwsys relates to morality and scandals)
We are in a time with the Unity Wave and Cardinal Squares when the reality about one of "the world’s filthiest fortunes begin to crumble, exposing money laundering, murders and organized crime."