Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eclipse on the Mid-Point of the 3rd. Night of the Universal Underwold


Volcanic tinged Moon with a Shade of Blood
on the MidPoint of the 3rd. Night of the Universal Underworld

This Total Lunar Eclipse @ 25 Sagittarius (1:14 PM PDT) and will be particularly potent and wild with a Grand Mutable Cross. The chart below shows S Node-Sun-Mercury conjunction at the top or Mid-Heaven most interactive with the public.
This will be fed by the media and their hyper attempts to distract and mollify the general public. The Moon and the North Node of future destiny will be in the IC
or home place for the West Coast revealing a restless, energetic yet optimistic nature

Virgo will be rising with Juno in charts set for the West Coast (San Francisco)
and opposing Ceres in Pisces crossed by Moon-N Node opposing Sun-Mercury-S Node all in Gemini.
With all these frequently changeable signs crossing, it will be hard to keep track of the erratic, mercurial strange and fluctuating changes which will be happening.
This 25th degree of the Sagittarian Moon has a manic quality filled with a kind of creative frenzy and a wonderful visionary impulse.
Sabian Symbol: "A chubby boy on a hobbyhorse imagines himself flying to a multi-colored candyland"

We are actively seeking a new, more exciting vision for our world where excess is at odds with controlled moderation.
Expect some extreme mood swings with the developing mutable cross.

The best locations to view the eclipse will be in the northernmost region of the “entire-eclipse zone” in central Asia, as well as Eastern Europe and northeastern Africa.
Those in South America, Western Africa and Europe will view the eclipse at moon rise, while observers in Eastern Asia and Australia will see the eclipse as the moon sets.

Eclipse on the Mid-Point of the 3rd. Night of the Universal Underwold
Stay tuned because this Lunar Eclipse will at first stimulate primarily inner journey and is falling on the midpoint of
the 3rd. Night of the Universal Underworld.

Note that this is one of the darkest eclipses ever, second only to the total lunar eclipse on July 16, 2000. From the video above, we see that this eclipse
lasted a full 100 minutes offering beautiful contrasts of light and dark.

As I indicated, the ruler of this 18 day Night is Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the Dead.
Since this "night" began on June 7th, there have been a number of themes around death whether physical emotional, political or spiritual - Per example

Daily Mail “Loses The Plot” Over Emmerdale Assisted Suicide Scenes

Another really bizarre story centered around a famous dead body Man’s £250k deep-sea quest for Osama bin Laden’s body

Of course Saturn stationing direct on June 12th is a factor adding to this
Looks like beginning of the end for Berlusconi

Also with Neptune-Chiron and Ceres in Pisces, religious themes of loss too with Harold Camping the Rapture Preacher Suffers Stroke, Now in Hospital

Now that Neptune is transiting in it's home sign Pisces and retrograde, an "aha" moment about arrive concerning the true nature of death/rebirth and the continuum of life. Also on June 16th. Mercury enters psychic Cancer setting up a series of powerful cardinal squares which will open portals more etheric places.

Most importantly the combination of this eclipse and the accelerated 3rd Night will help many people cast off their blinders (as Carl Calleman describes) and began to see the truth of a world wide oneness revolution and subsequent unity.
In the above article, Calleman explains that the "oneness revolution is now spreading notably to a few European nations such as Portugal, Greece and Spain and North Africa." He goes on to emphasize that the Ninth wave will not generate the same process of change towards oneness and people in the far West and far East (China). The process of bringing about a collective oneness revolution is not going to end on Oct. 28, 2011 but will by then add new dimensional awareness and telepathic abilities for all of us.