Thursday, July 14, 2011

Capricorn Full Moon - the Thunder of Debt and Realism Opens New Levels of Experience


The Native Americans named this July Full Moon, the Full Thunder Moon, for the reason that thunderstorms are most frequent during this season. Today's July 14th-15th weather reports: Destructive Thunderstorms Target the High Plains Tonight
with the caviat: "Storms are capable of generating powerful wind gusts, hail and possibly even a tornado or two."
Tonight's Capricorn Moon signified by a tense Sun-Venus (Cancer) opposition to Moon-Pluto (Capricorn)is a preceptor of severe weather as I indicated in my last blog entry re: the 4th Night of the Unity Phase ruled by Tlalaco, the God of Rain, Thunder and Lightning. Also this Cappy Full Moon ruled by the lord of Karma Saturn will really kick things off for the 4th Night and beyond
The next bout of severe weather in the heartland will have moisture symbolized by Sun-Venus in Cancer adds to a potent jet streams. Uranus-Pluto continue in a difficult square to Venus adding to sudden hail and tornadoes touching in the upper Midwest along with Montana and Colorado.

The Moon will be Full @ 22 Capricorn 28. thus the Sabian Symbol: Two awards for bravery in the war. War relates to Mars now transiting in Gemini @ 16 degrees(heading toward a meeting with the position for the US Mars in the 1776 chart). Without wasting time we should know that one of the core US fantasies about war ala John Wayne/General Patton reflects the 1776 Mars square to the planet of dreams/illusion Neptune. In perfect astrological timing, transiting S. Node now in Gemini is heading toward a conjunction with the foundation chart's Mars @ 21 Gemini 22. Don't think for one minute that these politicos aren't itching to escalate the war with Libya and Moammar Gadhafi. Of course with the sign of data Gemini it might be more about "Cyber Wars" per this latest: Pentagon reveals 24,000 files stolen in cyber-attack

Gemini is rising in the chart set for Washington, DC thus Mercury now transiting in Leo is the ruler. Entertainment and youthful self expression will add to literature, media, advertising dominating our folk-soul. Potter mania will sweep across the country with reunions bringing out the mob of kids for the last and final movie.

Even though this buildup towards this serious even bitter sweet Full Moon in Capricorn has been tense, climactic and filled with financial woes there is another side theSun. The insightful Sabian astrologer Blain Bovee describes the Sabian for 23 Cancer "Meeting of a literary society" with the theme being Analytical inspection.
And the inspiration: being about new levels of experience and how we learn how to talk about it. As I mentioned below the Grand Commuicative Air Trine comprised of Mars-Saturn-Vesta will help describe our deeper appreciation of the depth and quality of the new experiences to come.

After yesterday's roller coaster Uranian rally when Sagittarian B. Bernake hinted at another economic QE/Stimuilus, things reversed today. Stocks erase gains as Bernanke dims stimulus hopes
The perfect lunation for a director like
Oliver Stone in his inimical style of movies like Wall Street and Money Never Sleeps. I describe this period as intense theatre meets realism and complex characters strut over the stage. They leap thru fiery hoops avoid a steep fall from grace continuing a symbolic but precipitous labor.
Throughout these debt meetings where Pluto (debt crisis) squares Uranus (unexpected results) bring back feelings of deja vu back to Sept. 15th 2008. Right before the bailout three years ago, we had a Full Moon conjunct Uranus in Psices square Sun-Saturn in Virgo.

Now we have an even more "politico profiled cast" trying to save America from default. My guess is that most people are tired of living in a political world. Mercury transiting in Leo brought high drama with Obama playing the Captain America - The Petulant Teleprompter: Obama "Abruptly" Walks Out Of Debt Negotiations In this article by the fictitious Tyler Durden of Fight Club fame. Durden in Zero Hedge invokes the 14th Amendment: the 14th Amendment: "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned."

Empires and traditions are collapsing per the Grand Cardinal squares. These are motivating squares involving the outer planets Saturn-Pluto-Uranus affecting large groups of people. They also another side filled with opportunity. That side is epitomized by a grand air trine which brings people and principles together - involving Mars/Gemini-Saturn/Libra and Vesta/Aquarius. Forceful communications are organized to bring balance and justice with a dedicated and committed to humanitarian causes.

The Capricorn Full Moon (chart above) over Washington,DC occurs on July 15th @ 2:41 AM EDT
The Moon and Pluto in limiting Capricorn sit in the 8th house of debt, default and taxes opposing the Sun and Venus in Cancer are posited in the 2nd house of national wealth and values.
Will the American people be fooled by this theatrical and histrionic act? Mercury transits in dramatic Leo through the 4th house of the people versus the government.

Whatever shocking (Uranus retrograde) events occur by the afternoon of July 15th as the Moon moves Aquarius, we should always remember that we are heading to a time of unity. A period when bridging with others to escalate
healing on a universal level. After all Chiron/Neptune together in Pisces continue to be sextile Pluto and Jupiter - no amount of political circus shows, earth upheavals or weather weirdness will rain on our parade.