Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mid-Point of the 4th Night/8th Heaven - Rain, Thunder, Explosions


The Mid-Point of the 4th Night was July 22nd and 23rd. right in synch with the
the Norway bomber and massacre. Yes Tlaloc, the God of Rain, Thunder and War was wrathful and angry deity. The blinders are coming off about the blatant deception. Speculation that the Norway killings were part of a False Flag carried out by the NWO (Mossad and City of London UK Zionists) using MKULTRA shooter to destabilize Norwegian PM and Norway from recognizing Palestine, which both the Palestinians and the Norwegians were seeking - Norway to recognize Palestine if peace talks fail
With the Mid-Point we are seeing the blinders come off and rumors abound ala Mercury opposing Neptune - Gunman Conspired With “Business and Political Leaders” Before Massacre Yes Anders Behring Breivik was a " Masonic tool". In fact Anders describes his “mentor” as an Englishman he identifies as “Richard”, Anders goes on to say his journey into violent extremism began at a small meeting in London in 2002 where a group of like-minded extremists met to “reform” the Knights Templar Europe. My guess is that all of this craziness and mayhem are part of the Unity Wave to breakdown barriers formed in the National and Planetary worlds. Calleman explained in a recent article: In this fourth night it is thus high time that we ask our instincts if we are in the right place to participate in this culmination scenario.

4th Night Gets Underway with Floods and Thunderstorms.

Things started out with a bang and a roar as the 4th Night got underway on July 13th. This article set the stage for a real battle for nature. On July 14th.
Loss of predators in the food chain can alter the ecosystem Mercury transiting in Leo representing the power of big predators was Void of Course
In fact they started with heavy rain fall, lightening and walls of water. These floods have increased since July 13th when the 4th Night of the Universal World began
The 4th Night is ruled by Tlaloc, the God of Rain, Thunder and Lightening.
From Scotland to Cherokee, NC to New Brighton, MN to Manila, Philippines flash floods have been on the rise.

These floods are the results of "Heavy Rains" and sudden cloudbursts which astrologically of course relates to Sun then Venus in Cancer and finally Mars which on August 3rd moves into watery, Cancer to activate the TSQ with Uranus (sudden events) Pluto (powerfully destructive) and Saturn (structural collapse).
This article combines the above events Nature’s new destructive force: Sudden cloudbursts create havoc across the globe
We start with 7-16-2011 in SCOTLAND –Flash floods create havoc in Perth
A flash flood created havoc for residents and businesses in Perth by turning streets into rivers. The flash flood happened between about 1300 BST and 1400 BST on July 16th. and was followed by thunder and lightning.
Then with 7-17-2011 in Cherokee, NC.
Flash Flood Cause Massive Fish Kill In Cherokee This says it all: Thousands of fish were killed when a wall of water swept through the Cherokee Fish Hatchery.
Or on July 18th at Midnight a freaky storm on Lake Michigan where Two sailors dead as boat capsizes in Mackinac Race

It is not just flash floods and massive thunder showers, Tlaloc, who was known as He Who Makes Things Sprout, he was a fertility god, but also a wrathful deity. He is responsible for not just intense floods and but also droughts.
Like the heat wave that hit the Tlaloc, was known as He Who Makes Things Sprout, he was a fertility god, but also a wrathful deity. He is responsible for not just intense floods and but also droughts. Or like the heatwave that hit the Balkans while the US began to swelter.
Much of the Mid-West and prairie states had already been hit in June.
On July 14th: Massive heat wave' on way; Oklahomans urged to pray
At that time the National Weather Service warned. "Maximum heat index values of at least 100°F are likely across much of this area by the middle of next week, with heat index values in excess of 110°F!
Tlaloc which has a strong connection to mountains consequently volcanoes didn't take to spark some eruptions
July 14 ,2011: We all knew Lokon was going to blow and why not with the Full Moon!
The first eruption at Mount Lokon occurred between 10:31 PM and 10:46 PM LMT Thursday with Aries rising with Uranus in a square to Pluto at Mid Heaven (destructive plume)
No big surprise but a major eruption with fireworks
with ruler Mars opposing N Node in Sagittarius

Today on July 25th we are just 5 intense days away from the 5th Day/Ninth Heaven to begin. The 5th day is a time of beautiful budding starting on July 31st lasting to Aug.17th. This time period is ruled by Quetzalcoatl the "Feathered Serpent", the giver of Maize and multiple other attributes,

One of my intuitive glimpses into this period from July 31st to Aug.17th. is that the karma between
Cortes and Moctezuma will began to be healed. For the rest of my predictions (yes weather events like Hurricanes, severe storms and "heat blasts" you have to wait till the spirit moves me. At this point, down looks like up to me so I will continue focusing on the positive side of Quetzal as the Fifth Day approaches.
"Quetzalcoatl was one of the four sons of Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl and was considered the god of the morning star, and his twin brother Xolotl was the evening star (Venus)."

I have no doubt that the 9th Heaven will result in a new dawn for all of us since it corresponded to the start of Christianity (33-37 CE) and Buddhism (60 CE)