Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tlaloc Brings Rain, Thunder, Lightning and a Bridge to Enlightenment for the 4th Night of the Universal Phase


Even before the 4th Day/7th Heaven completes on July 12th, we are starting to see
evidence of the God Tlaloc taking over the next 18 day period in the Mayan Universal Underworld. Since June 25th the Maize God Cinteotl has reigned along with the fertile sign of Cancer. Tlaloc, will also be connected to the Cancer transits particularly Venus which squares Saturn on the start of the 4th Night on July 13th. This cooling and limiting transit Venus-Saturn is already having a reactive backlash with the economy. Tlaloc was a god of blessed rain, fertility, and water which added to the growth of the corn representing sustenance. But Tlaloc had fierce side being both the lord of rain and war who would send down hail, thunder and lightning. Notice that he is depicted above with fish like goggle eyes and fangs. Tlaloc was also connected to the deeper parts of earth and the resulting harvest.

Tlaloc was revered and feared by both the Aztecs and Mayans. He even had his own mountain named after him, located east of Mexico City. Its height is 13,615 ft. (4,151 metres).
Tlaloc ruled the fourth layer of this 'Upper World" part of the heavens, which is called Tlalocan ("place of Tlaloc"). It seems like many of the Aztec gods ruling the night/darkness period, Tlaloc was associated with the watery world of the dead, and with the earth. Mount Tlaloc, crown of Tlaloc’s places of worship, was situated directly east of the great pyramid, Tenochtitlan.

According to Johan Calleman in his seminal work, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, the periods of "Days" favor the expansion of creativity. Day 4 was a time of when the old and new consciousness were being balanced along with the genders and the brain hemispheres. The Night 4 is about bridge building which grounds and fixes this new way of thinking. So the next 18 days will involve a time when we are preparing for major breakthroughs when Day 5 and the 9th Heaven arrives July 31st and is ruled by Quetzalcoatl, feathered serpent.
I am getting ahead of myself since Tlaloc will dominate this time of darkness So even before Quetzalcoatl the patron god of the Aztec priesthood, of learning and knowledge, we are in for some Chthonic and underworld powers.

According to Aztec beliefs, the four corners of the universe are marked by "the four Tlalocs". This idea originated from the Mayan God, Chaac or Chac. For the Yucatec Mayan, there were four Chaacs (rain gods) based in the cardinal directions and wear the directional colors. In 16th-century Yucatan, the directional Chaac of the east was called Chac Xib Chaac 'Red Man Chaac' He was the rain maker who wielded
a lightning axe to strike clouds and generate needed rains.
Per Mayan legends Chaac shattered a great rock and brought humans maize, the staple crop of all Mesoamerican civilizations. Chaac is believed to be oldest continually worshipped god in Mesoamerica and in the latter days of his worship
sacrifice was required. In fact four priests(representing the four directions) ordered victims to be tied up and thrown down a sacred well.

Post classical depictions show Chaac less reptilian and more human. When more reptilian, Chac has fangs; when more human, Chaac may appear toothless.

In fact now that Uranus in Aries (red color) stationed on July 9th near Ceres - Mars the ruler will be more prominent. From a weather perspective, we will undoubtedly continue to get more flooding and sudden downpours around world like the 177.7 millimeter of rainfall in just 18 hours in Lagos Nigeria. Also in the Northern Hemisphere-Alberta Province Heavy rain causes flooding in Eckville, Canada

As we move into this 4th Night, it seems that the combination of flooding and volcanic activity will dominate for the earth change watchers. We are seeing discoveries of previously unknown volcanoes in the ocean waters like those in the remote South Sandwich Islands near Antarctica. The upper world or
Tlalocan according to Aztec mythology was a destination in the afterlife for those who died violently from phenomena associated with water. In fact per Karl Andreas Taube (the archaeologist and Mesoamerican expert)some of these causes included lightning, drowning and water-borne diseases.

Wait a minute this 4th Night will not be all gloom,doom and chaos earth changes with volcanoes blowing up right and left - or will it? One thing we should expect is some major shockers with the Capricorn
Full Moon kicking off this 18 day cycle with a major lunation on July 14th @ 11:40 PM PDT. or for the East Coast @ 2:40 AM EDT In fact a chart set for DC shows
Pluto the symbol of of the debt-limit deadline for the US posited in his natural 8th house. Update from July 13th: Moody’s Places U.S. on Review for Downgrade As Debt Talks Stall

Per Native American Indians like the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior, called this Full Moon in July the "Thunder Moon. " During this lunation, we are even seeing both major thunderstorms in the high plains and monsoon rains in Denver, Colorado.

- Notice the chart below set is for the Seattle and other West Coast cities
has Uranus near the rising @ 0 point Aries near Ceres. My first thought is that the current exposure to radiation from Fukushima nuclear disaster will hit critical levels per today's article from MSNBC:
High levels of radiation detected in Northwest rainwater Pluto will be at the top of the chart for the West Coast both symbolizing transformation, destruction and the end of older more traditional ways of operating. Stay tuned more to follow.