Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leo New Moon and Fixed Stars over DC


Today's report will just focus on the Leo New Moon which occurs one day before the
start of the next 18 phase of the Mayan Calendar: the 5th Day/9th Heaven (July 31 to Aug. 17th) Instead of putting focus on the advent of the Fifth Day/9th Heaven ruled by the "feathered-serpent" or earth changes including volcanoes - I will describe the New Moon over DC with Fixed Stars. The focus will be this portal lunation over DC and the Fixed starts.

Before I begin, note for future reports
that Mt. Etna erupted on July 30th. in sequence with this explosive and fulminating Leo Moon and here is some video by Dutchsinse pointing to volcano webcams around the world

Full Moon over DC with Fixed Stars

Tomorrow's Leo New Moon @ 7 degrees Leo 15 minutes begins @ 2:40 PM EDT over
Washington, DC. and Scorpio is rising symbolizing the debt crisis.

The Sun-Moon-Venus in dramatic Leo are all posited in the 9th house which is connected to foreign relations. In mundane
astrology the 9th house also relates to the ecclesiastical and legal professions. Let's take a minute and run thru the list of keywords for the 9th house: religious affairs the church, justice, lawyers, higher education, overseas, and publishing.
Undoubtedly all of these will be involved in the next two weeks but I get the distinct impression that foreign debtors might top the list. The reality is that if the US defaults we will be facing the fact that 75% of the debt is owed to foreign/non-American entities and the rest to the Federal reserve. Yes the Federal reserve which is private corporation and whose true owners are likely overseas.

In fact regarding the debt ceiling drama and the Leo Moon; we are seeing childish behavior among American legislators. (In Senate, bitter debate but little agreement on Democratic debt plan) In fact it seems that these adolescent senators are following the lead of NASA which tends to schedule flights during Mercury retrograde periods.
So here we are with Mercury ready to station retrograde (Aug. 2nd. )and not turn direct
till August 26th. Financial astrologer Merriman calls this "an unhealthy and regular pattern for the U.S. Congress and White House " which resonates with past policy decisions under Mercury retrogrades. In fact back on Dec. 10th 2010 during the
debates over extending the Bush tax cuts per Obama, Mercury was stationing and ready to move retrograde. On that day Bernie Sanders began a mini-filibuster which lasted 8 hours and 37 minutes of speaking..

Yes the New Moon over DC has Scorpio rising and the ancient ruler Mars (aggressive behavior) in the 8th house of debt owed to the nation, taxes and foreign investment.
Plus Mars opposes the modern ruler of the chart in the 2nd house of financial institutions, investments, national wealth and values.
Saturn, the symbol of accountability and rational thinking is in the 11th house of the Congress and Saturn
Saturn in the 11th house also indicates the balance of power -
In this case Saturn also is showing how there is a stagnation of social structures and the oppressive nature of the ruling body.

Mercury sits right on the Mid-Heaven (executive branch) while the Regulus the heart of the Leo Constellation conjuncts Mercury the messenger.
Regulus is one of the Four Royal Stars or archangel star assigned to angel Raphael the Watcher of the North.
Regulus enters the sign Virgo in 2012 AD. It entered the sign Leo in 156 BC.
Virgo which is ruled by Mercury (now at the top of the chart in Mid-Heaven) will play
a big part in raising the debt ceiling with rational solutions.

Fixed Stars over DC

With the Heliacal Rising Star there are two resonating with Mars in Gemini.
First there is Murzim found in the left front paw of the constellation Canis Major (the Big Dog) In a bit amazing synchronicity, this New Moon on July 30th corresponds
to a new day in the Tzolkein's 13 day cycle designated by Galactic Tone 1 for Unity and OC- Dog a
symbol of courage, loyalty, playfulness and yes ambtions.

Murzim or Mirzam in this chart represents one who researchers, a gossiper and an announcer of facts to the world.
This star is appropriate for the speeches, debates and continued barking media coverage (especially with Mercury at Mid-Heaven) about the debt-ceiling.
From Manilius in his book Astronomica, 1st century AD relating to the start of the 9th Heaven of the National World (40 to 60 AD) and the expansion of the Roman Empire
"Words run ahead of the speakers and their mind are too fast for their mouth. In other words the impulsiveness of the speaker causes him to utter words before he has time to adapt them to grammar or logic. Could it be that their hearts start throbbing at the slightest provacation and when speech comes their tongues rave and bark, and constant gnashing imparts the sound of teeth to their utterance
Murzim, generally but less correctly Mirzam, and occasionally Mirza, is from Al Murzim, the Announcer. Murzim along with star beta (β) Canis Minor (Gomeisa) bptj heralding the coming of Sirius, the biggest star in the sky, because they rose before Sirius in the night sky.

The second Heliacal Rising Star is Procyon, a white and yellow star on the body of the Little Dog or Canis Minor. In this case Procyon signifies diversity and multiple options. Procyon was known as the Star of the Crossing of the Water-dog, with reference to the River of Heaven.
According to Elsbeth Ebertin, Procyon foretold wealth and renown, and i has been much regarded, giving 'Everlasting of the Right, and Good Effect'." Whether it is Ptolemy or Ebertin Procyon has Mars-Mercury nature and can make people impulsive, jealous, pig-headed yet it has the ability to inspire thoughts and plans into action. Ptolomey goes to the dark side and connects Procyon with sudden and violent malevolence, sudden promotion by exertion, but this advancement can end in disaster. All astrologers including Robson seem to agree that Procyon's influence can result in dog bites and hydrophobia. Robson goes on to say that if Procyon is rising there could be acquistion of wealth by violence, plunder and forcible seizure of property along with waste and ruin via quarrels.

The only other stars we will examine in this report are Ras Alhague, the Heliacal Setting Star and Sadalmelek which is on the IC. Note that Sadalmelek, a pale yellow star on the right shoulder of Aquarius, the water bearer. Yes Sadalmelk is usually considered positive ala the Arabic work Al Sa'd al Malik, meaning the Lucky One of the King or Kingdom.

First Ras Alhague is a sapphire star found on the head of Ophiuchus or the Snake Charmer. Older astrologers like Robson and Ebertin seem to be cautious about the influences of Ras Alhague.
Robson per usual waxes toward the malefic saying that as Alhague has the nature of Saturn and Venus and that can bring misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity. Ebertin also talks of the negative influences and Neptunian tendencies related to to infectious contamination caused by toxins.
Despite the cautious remarks by these two past astrologers, Ras Alhague is a healer will try to bring help, through words or actions.

Per Robson:
"According to Ptolemy, Sadalmelik has the nature of Saturn and Mercury; to Simmonite, of Saturn and Jupiter; and to Alvidas of Jupiter and Uranus in sextile to the Sun from Pisces and Taurus. It causes persecution, lawsuits, extreme and sudden destruction and the death penalty. Again these disparing remarks don't take in account how Sadalmelik is a natural networker. It will take lots of networking and with the help of Sun-Moon-Venus all in courageous Leo, risks will be taken and can result in success.