Friday, March 19, 2010

Vernal Equinox 2010 - Cardinal Flashpoints, Red Crests and Deneb Algedi Rising

The Vernal Equinox begins in the Northern Hemisphere @ 10:33 AM PDT to commemorate the first day of Spring. The Spring Equinox is the best time to start new things and fulfill our dreams. Since we have Sun in the sign of the awakening of primal forces and asserting your will.

Deneb Algedi the Heliacal Rising Star in DC
In Washington,DC. the Equinox begins
at 1:33 PM with Deneb Algedi the HELIACAL RISING STAR - Rising before Sunrise -
Seeking the legal, physical or metaphyical laws that govern the world
Staring us in the rump is the Health Reform bill now the primary story & phenomena is Deneb Algedi and yes Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto which is ready to move backward on April 6th. (the day before Saturn moves back into Virgo).
Yes it is about a government push to get this legislation passed.
End Close, Health Care Battle Tilts Obama's Way

Let's look at that dark transformer, Pluto compared to the annual themes for this time of year: The Crises or the Changes that Occur
Pluto is on On Nadir when Deneb Adige is Setting orb 00 mins 03 secs -
The paranormal realm takes a high profile which is more than just a familiar concept with the last Piscean wave. So now we are dealing with the constellations Cygnus. Deneb Adige, is a brilliant white star in the tail of the Swan (Cygnus). .
Pluto is also Rising when Altair is Rising orb 00 mins 07 secs -
Believing the end will justify the means which sounds familiar in a culture of greed.
Or The star corresponds to a combination of Mercury and Venus influence and is therefore favorable for artistic and scientific pursuits which are carried out with the aim of gain.

Looking at the chart below:
We see Cancer rising @ 21 degrees 23 - "A woman awaiting a sailboat."
But more importantly besides climactic anxiety is that all the angles are cardinal.
Anxiety is building with Neptunian themes too with Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius in mutual reception to Uranus in Pisces all relating to waterways from rivers to oceans. Now in Fargo, N.D. residents are preparing for the worst as the Red River is expected to reach its maximum water level soon.
N.D. Resident Fear Red River Crest

Speaking of cardinal climaxes. Mars the ruler of the Sun is in the first while the chart's ruler the Moon is in the 11th. near Algol. No matter how you spin it or slice it, Algol is bad news. Algol has been called the Demon, the Demon Star, and the Blinking Demon, from the Arabians' Ra's al Ghul, the Demon's Hea
The most explosive is that the Sun at the top of the chart starting a new cycle of Spring. The Sun representing executive authority is in close opposition to Saturn (where boundaries are formed with conflicts, lack of confidence in current leadership.
Even more of a flashpoint is that the Sun along with Mercury is in a TSQ to Pluto.
with the MidHeaven @ 4 Aries with this illuminati symbol: "A Triangle with Wings"
This also has to do with aviation, especially with the significance of signias and design of aircraft (wings and proportion), coats of arms and emblems, butterflys and insects, constellation patterns, Sailing and boats - especially sail design and also in architecture So we see that in this case the Aries Sun relates to Obama and his own version of a New World Order.

Also the HELIACAL SETTING STAR is Royal Regulus in the constellation Leo which - Setting 71 mins 01 secs before Sunrise - A strong belief or should we say audacity bordering on arrogance. This is a star that supports the supposed correctness of one's position, or path. Regulus is called Cor Leonis, the Lion's Heart, and symbolically the Crushing Foot. Since Regulus is part of an annual themes we should look toward an innate quality
like: A noble, righteous act that inspires the nation It is no accident that the Demos and other Elite are pushing this bill despite the games and charades being played out on the American people.

Deneb Algedi, is a star in the Sea Goat's tail. According to Robson (p.159) it is symbolically called the "Judicial Point of the Goat".
We can see the health bill is the primary phenomena with this star.
Yet there is another "aspect by longitude) where the Moon @ 26 Taurus 13 is applying toward a conjunction with Algol known as a Kali-like vortex of fema passion and intensity.
Using Fixed Star parans, Algol is setting while Saturn is Culminating orb 01 mins 57 secs -
Establishing new boundaries through a desire to undertake difficult tasks
Another more ancient evaluation (per Robson*, p.160.) of this paran with Algol and the ringed planet is:
With Saturn: Great power over animals and poisonous reptiles, indifferent to study, knowledge of many secrets of nature, feared, unpleasant appearance and life, bad for marriage, death of or separation from parents in youth, secluded end of life.
More importantly is that the Moon in Taurus is in sextile to Uranus amping up the psychic excitement. Uranus @ 26 Pisces 46 is per Sabian Symbol - the harvest moon.
An image of wholeness or should we say completion ala Sun Tzu in the 6th century BC
"A king contemplates the battlefield by the light of a new moon,. while ministers of differing temperaments give him conflicting advice. " Sure the halls of Congress and the recesses of the Senate could be the battlefield to force this mandatory, id pushing health legislation thru.

Note too that Neptune is in the background with this theme - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation since Neptune is on the On Nadir when Vega is Rising orb 00 mins 21 secs -
Propaganda, the incorrect use of a leader's influence, or position