Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Part Two: Mars-Leo Grabs Hold with Reception to Aries

Today Mercury joined Venus in Mars ruled Aries to add to a powerful, sympathetic reception to roaring Mars in Leo.
Mars in all his imperial, confident and arrogant arm twisting has been working overtime
since the March 10th station. Both Leo and Aries are hot, impatient signs that tend to demand their own way. The Pisces New Moon hosted a controversial lunar-solar-Uranian-Mercury conjunction in generally non-violent Pisces. Stories of the massive Thai
protest began to creep into mainstream.
Thai protesters give blood to splatter Government
"Supporters of ousted Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra say they will continue their protest today by pouring 1,000 litres of their own blood on the steps of parliament."
March 16, 2010: Moon now in Mars ruled Aries with Sun meeting Uranus for some major protests around the world
In astrology both Jupiter (circulation of blood) and Mars (vitality-iron in blood) relate to blood and red corpuscles.
Currently Jupiter and Astrae (justice) in Pisces are in a sesquiquadrate (135 degree aspect) to Mars now direct in Leo which creates agitation.

Tiger is Back at the Masters

Things have also been happening fast when it comes to sports drama which correlate with Mars in Leo. For instance: Yesterday with Moon in Mars ruled Aries Tiger Woods Announces Return to Golf at Masters Yes ll systems are a go for Tiger since Mars moved direct on March 10th to conjunct his natal Saturn in Leo (Tiger Woods born Dec. 30, 1975). Looking ahead on April 8th transiting Saturn will have moved into Virgo further separating from a square to Tiger's Natal Sun in Capricorn.
By the time the Masters comes around, Venus-Mercury and the Sun in Aries will have made transits over Tiger's Jupiter (monetary expansion and ethics) for a big financial and PR boosts. Happy ending but not always with Mars.

Pressure Drop on Dennis

I said pressure drop, oh pressure, oh yeah pressures gonna drop on you
Dennis Kucinich (born Oct. 8, 1946) with Mars ruled Aries rising has been one of the staunchest opponents to the Pelosi-Obama Health Care juggernaut recently deemed dead on arrival until recent changes. Dennis who is known for his stubborn yet peaceful stance with Mars in determined Scorpio in the seventh to push his peace at any price Sun-Neptune in balancing Libra. Obama who now has Mars transiting direct over his Mercury in Leo which is inspiring Barry's confident and firmly convincing arguments. Obama's natal Mars is also in the 7th but in Virgo opposing his Pallas in Pisces (usually a proponent of nonviolent protest. )
this turn about by Dennis was considered a major flip flp....
The representative from Ohio has repeatedly voiced his opposition to the bill, calling it “a giveaway to the insurance industry”
Democrats have been pushing Kucinich to vote "yes." Just yesterday at an event in Ohio, President Obama responded to an audience member yelling out "Vote Yes!" by laughing and saying, "Did you hear that, Dennis?"
Even those liberals like Daily Kos founder were harsh of recent in criticisum “I’m going to hold people like Dennis Kucinich responsible for the 40,000 Americans that die each year from a lack of health care.” Moulitsas stated Mars twisting the sword deeper...
Finally today right before Mercury moved out of Void of Course and into Aries, Dennis with Sun-Neptune-Chiron in indecisive Libra made made an annoucement.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich to vote "yes" on health care ennis Kucinich (born Oct. 8, 1946) was definitely under tremendous pressure when he agreed to support Obama's Bill on March 16th.
At that time there was Transiting Uranus-Sun-Mercury has all passed his natal Moon and Vesta in Pisces sensitive in the 12th drawing him out. His Vesta in Pisces has added to his live devoted to service. But the real arm twister cam with
Transiting Leo Mars (physical pressure) is in conflict with his Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (wanting to bring meaning and purpose in harmony). Remember I said in my last blog entry regarding Pelosi with Astraea-Sun-Jupiter all in confrontational, Mars ruled Aries: the "" We are seeing her determination even rage on the upswing via a Mars conjunction to her natal Pluto (the power grabber) in her first house. Transiting Mars is also square her stubborn Saturn in Taurus - watch out for the horns.
Well the horns in the guise of Obama pierced Dennis. Dennis with Pallas (political strategy) in solid Capricorn has become the goat as transiting Pluto immersed him in darkness. Not everyone is happy about his decision even calling it a betrayal:
Kucinich Sells Out On Health Care After Ride In Air Force One