Monday, March 15, 2010

Between the Storms - Pisces New Moon and Beyond

Not only have we had one of the most watery, spiritual and intensely changeable
lunations of the year today but we are about to be thrust into overdrive.
Today like a cosmic keyboard player striking whole octaves of chords simultaneously the Moon touched the Sun @ 25 degrees 10 minutes Pisces then went on to meet Uranus and Mercury. Even though the opportunities for psychic, even spiritual growth and ultimately the soul's flight to freedom, many influences were divided per the Sabian Symbol.
Yet there are much more strident influences in the background with Mars direct and Moon's ingress into hot tempered Aries @ 11:32 PM. A more modern symbol for 26 degrees Pisces
speaks of decisions involving war. Symbol: "A king contemplates the battlefield by the light of the new moon, while ministers of different,temperaments give him conflicting advice." Keep in mind that Mercury which in conjunction with Uranus reflected sudden changes and disturbances along with controversial protests from Greece to Thailand. Now until March 17th @ 9:12 AM, Mercury is Void of Course offering more unusual conditions in the weather along with hurricane force winds. The day started out with a severe weather event: Panic as cyclones ravage Fiji. This description of hysteria and confusion echoes today's Pisces Moon in spades.
The most populated areas looked set to escape the worst fury with the eye of one cyclone steering away from Suva. However, officials were Cyclone

Tomas batters Fiji
Fiji has declared a state of emergency

Chances are that with Mercury-Sun changing sign into super-active Aries, we may not see much of respite as tornadoes or even a rare hurricane hits the Mid West and the Bible Belt from OK to Arkansas. Below is a picture of the skies right before Katrina hit with all her fury on Aug. 29, 2005 with Neptune Retro in Aquarius and opposing Mercury and Saturn in Leo. It is interesting that the Aries ingress coming in the next few days to mark the Equinox will be touching the North Node of the Katrina chart in by early April 2010.