Friday, March 05, 2010

Foggy Conditions, Risky Acts and Red Flags

Today's Scorpio Moon has been hosting non-stop action mixed with risky, unexpected behavior. With both Mars and Venus void of course we are seeing a rash of emotional decisions precipitate action. Risks are taken irrationally and Impulsive decisions later prove troublesome. We are enveloped by literally foggy conditions on the road.
Here is the quote from the article below: " Foggy conditions are believed to have led to the accident shortly before 8 a.m." Aries was rising @ 7:58 AM CST to start the 30 car pile up...
Fog Causes Massive Pileup on Wisconsin Highway, 15 Injured

At the time of the multiple car accident, Aries was rising @ 24 degrees relating to Mars ruled Scorpio Moon. The Sabian Symbol for 25 Aries: "A double promise reveals it's inner and outer meaning. "
Conditions worsened
Neptune relates to fog and is moving into a square with the Moon
Neptune ruled Pisces hosts a surprise conjunction of Uranus-Venus in this mutable water sign.
Giving the bang to the pileup is Ceres in accident prone Sagittarius perfecting with a square to Venus-Uranus. In this case the Neptune/Chiron conjunct the Pisces stellium including Mercury (in detriment in Pisces) are found in the collective/mass 11th house. So Mercury was conjunct Jupiter expanding the reports to 38 vehicles!
these visually driven Pisces planets are keeping the video records coming - Raw Video: Cars Pile Up On U.S. 41

Just to keep the seemingly bizarre and vicious excitement going in Wisconsin this story
of Bear biting woman's fingers conjures images of more "large animal attacks".
Large animals are ruled by 12th house and guess what the woman's boyfriend was also bitten plus alcohol was a factor.
In astrology the 12 house corresponds to Pisces an instutional lockdowns.
Manitowoc - A zoo in Manitowoc was shut down for the day after a bear bit off at least two of a woman's fingers.
Police say the 47-year-old had gone past barriers and warning signs at the Lincoln Park Zoo and was apparently trying to feed two bears about 11:30 a.m. Friday.

Video is now omnipresent as a sign of these Pisces transits to Uranus as the shockwaves keep coming. Things have been compulsively enveloped in a weird strangeness since the Moon entered Scorpio on March 3rd. This lunar trigger with ancient ruler Mars has accelerated
the pace for nefarious events.

Even this evening reports of Nellis Air Force base on lockdown we see the influence of Mars in Leo put out in the open.
Military News Events are front and center with Mars ready to turn around 3-10 in Leo.
Speculations are rampant: With this Scorpio-Pisces combo strong plus SQ. to Neptune for more confusion.
So say this Bomb Scare is a ruse for an attack on Iran or even a failed Stargate.
The current massively Neptune-Pisces imaginations, tendency toward escapism, and major gullibility

Threat forces Nellis Air Force Base's main gate to be locked down.
Officials at Nellis Air Force Base say a threat made by someone at the main gate forced it to be locked down for a few hours Friday afternoon. It happened around 3pm.
Since the crazy antics of the John Patrick Bedell shooting at the Pentagon, the Mainstream and media elite's have fallen all over each other to demonize 9/11 Truth and marijuana.
Sensationalized and even called by that some media arms as the "suicidal warrior" which of course relates to Uranus-the 12th House-Neptune and of course 8th house Scorpionic Matters.
Now the lone wolf card is dealt along with another False Flag event.
Pentagon Shooter's Anti-Government Rants

The shooting took place @ 6:40 PM on Thursday night with Virgo rising @ 22 degrees: "A lion tamer rushes fearlessly into the circus arena. "