Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vatican & Ratzinger on Fire with Scandals

The Vernal Equinox began in Rome @ 6:33 PM CET - 1:00 in Rome as the Aries Sun began to level
thousands of years of behavior for the clergy. Accusations of sexual abuse is everywhere
from Germany to Ireland. No matter how much cover up is attempted or massive denial is hurled towards these charges of chronic child abuse, the story won't go away.
The last new moon in Pisces (on March 15th) with Moon-Sun-Mercury-Uranus all transiting over Ratzinger's natal Mercury, a cardinal firestorm was being lit. In the equinox chart set for Rome
we see the power of transiting Uranus and Sun together over the Pope's natal Uranus @ critical zero degrees Aries and TSQ to Mars-N node (Cancer) and S Node Capricorn.
His authority is further crumbling along with his credibility and the exposure of his lies is happening. We should be aware that the current cardinal
Sun-Saturn-Pluto TSQ, will take no prisoners. As we head toward the end of May when Uranus enters Aries, this incident will continue to explode and will result in the final death knell for the patriarchal and "celibate" system of control.

Pope Benedict accused of ignoring abuse allegations against Hullerman
NOT long after a portly, jovial priest in the German industrial city of Essen was accused of sexually abusing three boys in 1979, he was offered a new home in Munich by Joseph Ratzinger, the future Pope Benedict XVI.
In Ireland we hear that : Papal letter fails to calm anger over Irish abuses
DUBLIN—Pope Benedict XVI's unprecedented letter (Mercury in Pisces) to Ireland apologizing for chronic child abuse within the Catholic Church failed Saturday to calm the anger of many victims. Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius who accused the Vatican of ducking its own responsibility in promoting a worldwide culture of cover-up.

Now the Victims Demand Action and Redress with Neptune/Chiron together in Aquarius

Benedict's message—the product of weeks of consultation with Irish bishops, who read it aloud at Masses across this predominantly Catholic nation—rebuked Ireland's church leaders for "grave errors of judgment" in failing to observe the church's secretive canon laws.