Sunday, March 21, 2010

False Flag on Anniversary of Georgia Guidestones?

Today the main brick was layed and cemented for the government take over of health care (Neptune). After a long fought strategic battle, the bill has been approved and ratified by the House. Despite tremendous public opposition, Obama and Pelosi representing the forces of Mars in Leo and Sun in Aries have rammed this bill into law. For the mainstream media this will be hailed as a huge victory but with Sun in a TSQ to Saturn-Pluto the timing of this Health Care Reform legislation is far from excellent. In the relentless march to a world government and totalitarian rule there could other events looming. Potentially something even darker than a new government nationalization of Health Insurance Industry. From a non-occult source the media particularly CNN something else is brewing, something which has been hidden for 30 years.
Waiting for the end of the world: Georgia's 30-year stone mystery
We will get back to that later...

Also the word came out from Infowars that a False Flag could be Imminent?
Is that because the Illuminati want to take advantage of the power of the Equinox per 3-22-2010? Or is it because Iran must be attacked to fulfill some kind of sick prophecy?
No actually Infowars received the following forwarded email:
"Just learned that there’s a Navy-wide exercise this coming Mon. Mar. 22 and Tues. Mar. 23 during which, as currently planned, U.S. bases/ commands will be at ‘Charlie’ (C) security level on Monday and then at DELTA (D) security level on Tuesday, March 23. To the best of my knowledge, the last time we were at ‘Delta’ was the day of 9/11, then reduced not too long after 9/11 to ‘Charlie’. My understanding is that the base security levels correspond to DEFCON levels, and that Delta is very high."
Let's take a look at the possibilities especially for Tuesday, symbolically a Mars day when an attack could happen. Here is a chart set for the start of the critical First Qtr. @ 7 AM EDT. When the Moon in Cancer squares Sun in Aries (Aries Sun ruled by militaristic, violent and aggressive Mars)
Uranus-Sun rising for the unexpected or sudden event with Mercury-Venus both in Aries in the first house of impetus, action and striking first. Most notably is that Saturn sits on the 7th in the house of open enemies where partners could create mayhem in an opposition to Sun in Aries. Thus Sun is applying to a square with Pluto the destroyer
when change is demanded. The Sun represents leaders who now are foisting their power on others. Pluto is also a time for secrecy, purification and strategic movements.
Pluto is at the top of the chart where executive power lives and is opposing the Moon in the 4th (the people and folk soul of the nation). Like it or not we have a Cardinal Grand Square when major events can occur. I pray that this doesn't happen...

“The nationwide exercise is the largest Anti-terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) exercise in the country,” Navy Compass reported on Friday. “It is designed to enhance the training and readiness of Naval Security Force personnel to respond to threats to installations and units, leveraging all processes security forces would implement in the event of an actual emergency.”

Tomorrow March 22, 1980 marks the 30th anniversary of the unveiling of the notorious Georgia Guidestones. Yes 322 the number of the skull and bones. Everything about the guidestones is as mysterious as the monuments themselves and for the last 30 years many truth seekers have tried to make sense of this
monument to a New World Order. Perhaps the best article to read regarding the decoding of the GA Guidestones is from Van's Hardware Journal.

I wrote extensively on the Astrological and Occult Nature of the Georgia Guidestones back on my blog on Jan. 1, 2010.