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Strange Light Phenomenom in the Norwegian Sky-Blue Beam Alive

Norwegian Lights and Blue Beam Overhead.

One day after Gen. Stanley McChrystal was trying to sell an unpopular and unneeded war in Afghanistan and COP 15 is attempting to absorb the fall out from a leaked draft agreement with the spectre of "carbon colonialism", a fantastical story emerges. This other occurrence is from Scandinavia and has many people transfixed in wonder.

This event is about a mysterious light display appearing over the skies of Norway. The Norwegian media, VG TV, immediately released video of the event which was both awesome and unexplainable.
My first reaction no doubt synchronized with others who started to investigate today's phenomena. My glaring was that project blue beam is being tested after being revealed in the early 90's

Timing of the event chart comes from "This morning in arctic Norway, onlookers were stunned when a gigantic luminous spiral formed in the northern sky. "We are used to seeing lots of auroras here in Norway, but this was different," says Nick Banbury of Harstad who witnessed the phenomenon on his way to work "between 7:50 and 8:00 a.m. local time."
So the internet buzzed and you tube video's surfaced all over the world without any specific explanations but lots of conjectures.

Chart below is set for 7:50 AM CET - 1:00 for Tromso, Norway
Chart below is set for 7:50 AM CET - 1:00 for Tromso, Norway
Scorpio rising @ 20 degrees 54 minutes corresponds to this Sabian Symbol(SS): "A soldier derelict in his duty" The chart's ancient ruler is Mars in Leo at Mid Heaven in a difficult aspect to the ascendant. Mars represents the military and aggressive actions. (Projects like HAARP and EISCAT are usually sponsored via defense funding. Looking at the 10th house which deals with public appearances and authorities we find this that the (SS) for MH @ 21 Leo
is "Intoxicated domestic birds fly around in dizzy attempts." Vesta, the principle of focus is intercepted in the 10th in a trine to Mercury-Pluto in the 2nd house of money. Vesta-Pluto means the ability to focus large amounts of energy to penetrate the hidden or unknown and connect with power & money.

More astrological analysis of 2009 hoaxes.
So Mars @ 19 Leo (SS)"a houseboat party" where myth and reality mix. Mars is stationing and ready to move retrograde (Dec. 20th) plus is TSQ the secretive Scorpio ascendant and Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune @ IC or 4th house of home and security. Less than 24 hours after bold, confident and performance-oriented Mars in Leo moves retrograde, we experience the 3rd and final conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius (Solstice-12-21-09). . The partnership of these two planets(JU-NE) in collective Aquarius have brought us hope, ideals, scandals and downright hoaxes. The first conjunction was about H1N1 pandemic hysteria (May 27th), the second on July 10th when Obamacare blew up into Tea Parties and now as Climate Gate is in full bloom we might have Project Blue Beam going forward. The fixed TSQ is bringing up lots of questionable explanations but compounded that with the mutable TSQ of Sun/Sagittarius- Moon/Virgo-Uranus(the cosmic trickster) something is rotten in Norway. In fact there is a spiral aura of deception present especially with the chart's ancient ruler in a nefarious opposition to Neptune. chart's ancient ruler in a nefarious opposition to Neptune.

Investigating further the name of EISCAT comes up. EISCAT (European Incoherent Scattter) or the HAARP equivalent in Norway, studies the interaction between the Sun and the Earth as revealed by disturbances in the magnetosphere. They claim that studying the ionised parts of the atmosphere from their interactions also will give rise to the spectacular aurora or Northern Lights. Here are a slide show of pictures from this morning's mega light show which pinpoints a "blue beam" coming from the crowd.
More info. on EISCAT tells of a transmitter site consisting of a UHF system and a VHF system located close to the city of Tromsø, in Norway. We have found another link in the chain as to why we all had to switch to digital transmissions this year!

Whether this type of technology is going to create or cover up an alien invasion is not the question. The real query should be is it right for governments to manipulate via holograms and Nature Modification Weapons like HAARP or EISCAT ?

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