Friday, December 18, 2009

Eco-Hypocrisy! as Jupiter-Neptune Meet for a 3rd Time

So those two brothers, Zeus (Jupiter) and Poseidon(Neptune) are getting together again,
just as the mighty collective conference Copenhagen ends. (Conjunction happens on Dec. 21st @ 12:53 AM PST. or 3:53 AM EST)

ZEUS was the king of the gods, the god of sky and weather (Climate), law, order and fate. Plus Zeus was pretty loose with those thunderbolts.
Poseidon was the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. Although he was officially one of the supreme gods of Mount Olympus, he spent most of his time in his watery domain.

On December 16th we just had an illuminating or should I say explosive New Moon at 24 Sagittarrius in a close sextile to both Neptune and Jupiter. From the standpoint of sky phenomena or thunderbolts both astronomical and seismic events have been loud.
First: CURIOUS EVENTS IN NEBRASKA - After a rare 3.5 magnitude quake near Auburn, Nebraska
around 9 pm CST, lightning-like flashes lit up the skies around the area of the quake. Telephones in police departments and TV stations rang with reports of bright lights, loud rumbles and shaking ground. Sky watchers, not only in southeastern Nebraska, but also in neighboring Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas, saw a "bright fireball" with "green streamers" moving from northwest to southeast.

Phaeton and the Fall from Grace
On Monday morning, Dec. 14th, at 3:59 am Pacific Standard Time, a piece of extinct comet 3200 Phaethon hit Earth's atmosphere over the Mojave desert in California.

In Greek mythology, Phaeton was the son of Helios (Phoebus). Phaeton bragged to his friends that his father was the sun-god. His friends refused to believe him and so Phaeton went to his father Helios, who promised him anything he should ask for
He put the Earth in danger of burning and thus Phaeton was killed by a thunderbolt from Zeus to prevent further disaster. To make things even more interesting on the day of the fiery new moon in bold Sagittarius with a trine to Mars, news of sunspot 1035 which is growing rapidly and it is now seven times wider than Earth was revealed.
In fact a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) was incoming and even thought it is a C -class flare not a monster X-Class should still be an event to reckon with even if it is just symbolic.
Mars the God of War now in Leo (retrograde begins
on Dec. 20th and lasts till March 10th) Mars won't leave Leo till June 8th so the "celebrity factor" and rage factor is around for about 7 months. Phaeton like many celebrities demonstrated an

Mars in solar Leo is Void of Course when selfish, personal survival agenda comes before group cooperation. News from Copenhagen 15:
Copenhagen cuts corners on climate change safeguards

In the parlance of astrological language Jupiter deals with ethics, growth and the magnification of beliefs while Neptune rules idealism, deception, scandals and hypocrisy. The video below talks about how the How do eco-conscious celebrities actually live. Just as Phaeton insisted on driving the chariot of the Sun, a chariot which even Zeus refused to pilot, we are surrounded by a lesser group of "golden famous" folks
who refuse to be like us peasants. Will their hubris and arrogance put them into Phaeton's position where plunging into the watery depths is the only result?

True News: Eco-Hypocrisy!.

The chart below is set for the exact Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Washington, DC
Notice that Mars now retrograde in Leo sits at the top of the chart representing
a dramatic aggressive quality and yes the celebrity factor. Scorpio is rising @ 15 degrees and 2 minutes of Scorpio so Mars is the ancient ruler making this Leo position even more prominent. The Sabian symbol for the Scorpio Ascendant speaks of some real revolution for 2010. "Torches in hand a revolutionary and his followers fight their way down the corridor of a state prison, intent on freeing their imprisoned comrades." The Sun and Pluto will be together the next day for the Winter Solstice when the temptations and obssesions of power will only lead to destruction by our hypocritical rulers.