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Somthing Big is Going to Happen Soon New Moon in Taurus Part Two

Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter Transit USA Moon for Pandemia or Hysteria

Update: April 24th. WHO calls emergency meeting on swine flu

GENEVA, April 24 (Reuters) - The World Health Organisation said on Friday it was calling an emergency committee to advise whether outbreaks of swine flu in humans in the United States and Mexico constituted an international public health threat.

Notice how the chart below set for 17 Sagittarius impacts the famous US Sibley July 4, 1776 chart. The US foundation Moon @ 27 Aquarius 09 is being hit hard by a triple conjunction of Neptune @ 26 , Chiron @ 25 and Jupiter @ 23 - the hysteria brought by these
swine flu epidemics is just one of the major events especially with Chiron (disease-wounds that need healing) meets Neptune right on the US Moon (emotions felt by the collective) on the 3rd. house of communications/media all expanded by Jupiter belief systems. This is a recipe for mass disaster.

Taurus and Capricorn Ground We Hope!
Even though we can feel a strong undercurrent of action (Moon-Mars and soon Venus in Aries) in hard aspect to that power player Pluto who prefers taking a hostage, these historic times are touching the practical and earthiness of Sun/Taurus trine Pluto plus Mercury sextile Uranus in Neptune ruled Pisces to keep the spectre of exuberant idealims alive. Just today from a real limiting Capricornian and Taurean wave of practicality is that California has decided to limit greenhouse gas emissions of vehicle fuels which corresponds to the Aquarian stellium (Saturn ruled) transiting the 3rd house of the US Sibley Chart - see below how this effects all forms of transportation.
The Air Resources Board adopts a landmark regulation expected to slash gasoline consumption by 25% and encourage development of low-carbon fuel sources for cars and trucks.

I have written enough about earth changes over the last two years but I have to add with Mars-Aries applying to a trine with big bad Pluto in Cardinal Earth and Venus to join the mix by moving into Aries expect natural disasters like the fires in SC or more quakes in California to add to the current man made explosions in Southern California. big explosion at an oil refinery rattled nearby homes in Paramount.
The blast was at Paramount Petroleum just before 10 p.m., when a pair of furnaces about 100 feet high was relit.
Before you cry that Luke Thomas has cried "wolf" too many times dig in and watch
cause I have to say that cardinal Mars-Pluto in difficult aspects always mean seismic shifts.
April 22,23,24 2009 Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego Earthquake Forecast
where a 5.4 to 6.9 Magnitude is coming.

So by tomorrow's New Moon in Taurus set for 11:22 PM EDT in the city of dark, Mordor type
doom, the tension is build ing in DC. and the rest of the country with expectation lading thinking. Even the Mayan Day Sign for April 24, 2009: Akbal - the Night speaks of dreams, visions, inspiration born of darkness, sub-conscious fears and a place of potential - literally the "Bringer of the Dawn" (from the title of a Marciniak Book -Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians published back on Dec. 1, 1992 when Venus-Neptune-Uranus-Pallas were all in Capricorn opposing Mars in Cancer. Another period of hard aspects for cardinal signs similar to our current Aries-Capricorn TSQ to Pallas in Cancer.

Notice how the chart above set for 17 Sagittarius impacts the famous US Sibley July 4, 1776 chart. The US foundation Moon @ 27 Aquarius 09 is being hit hard by a triple conjunction of Neptune @ 26 , Chiron @ 25 and Jupiter @ 23 - We are in for historic days of idealism, talk of seccesion, expansive change in the rules of the game and a wounded healer who teaches us to be intuitive and not listen to the lies of corporate media.
Just talking about how the CIA, NSA and other alphabet organizations tortured the detained or was it abducted (Pluto square Mars) for military operations, has lots of
people just plain pissed off. The more dirty and despicable these acts are painted the more outrage will be generated along with arguments.
Fox News' Shepard Smith: "We don't F%@king Torture!"

Looking at the chart we see the Aquarian stellium crossing the US Chart's third house:
3rd House in mundane astrology corresponds to all forms of transportation and communications, ruling roads, railways, telephones, schools, newspapers, television, freedom of speech. Since 3rd is the native house for Gemini opposing Sagittarius (9th_ and the US has Mars in Gemini @ 21 degrees currently in a wide TSQ to transiting Uranus-Saturn. We best expect lots of action dealing with
treaties signed by the country, neighboring nations, diplomatic messages, rumors, foreign affairs (with the 9th House).

This is a fascinating lunation with Sun-Moon at 5 degrees Taurus - reflecting the Sabian symbol of the bridge across the deep gorge of cultures and religions from the East to the West. North to South, we see that Obama has finally made overtures to South America and seemingly ready to forgive and forget? Lets skip to another more modern Sabian has more amusing bit of allegorical symbolism: "A cat is being petted by its owner, growing tired of this he jumps down from her lap and begins to
play with a string. "

With Taurus in the mix this description of amusement of the foibles of human nature begins to make sense when we see that many of the leaders have painted themselves in a corner like Chavez, who thought that oil would stay high priced and are no vulnerable.
In terms of relationships especially now that Venus and Mars have recently met and are starting a new cycle of love together with Venus never quite catching up with Mars in May - we are seeing how intellectual curiosity is goading us to try new practical solutions with many scientific succes. Note that Mercury in the sign of the Sacred Bull or the Heirophant is sextile Uranus in mutable Pisces at 12:39 AM right after the Moon jumps into venus ruled Taurus.

Redux - Mars-Venus transit US 4th House in the sign of pioneering new ideas, action and war to some degree. The 4th house represents and signifies the land, its values as real estate and agriculture, housing and living conditions. The 4th house Sibley cusp is 0 degrees Aries getting a thorough bashing and powerful thrashing from transiting Pluto now retrogrde. In mundane geo-political astrology, the 4th house is the foundation or base of the society and its traditions. It is a place which reflects nationalism and patriotism, it is the folk-soul of the nation.
Most importantly as we look at the bi-wheel above we see Pluto transiting in the first house for some heady transformatons - we may even see the masks removed by the elite rulers. The 1st house corresponds to the nation and its people, first impressions b y others whether in Europe or Asia. The firs house is the image of the American nation This is the outer persona of it's people - the Sagittarian adventurer or loud mouth outdoorsman. We are seeing a massive change to the image of the US native coming fast like a bungee jumper off a 7 story building.
The collison course we have seen with Pluto transiting the 1st represents the nation or group as a whole, the country and its inhabitants all going thru an involutary makeover. The 1st house correlates often, to its physical condition and representative of its self image or its myths and national characteristics.

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