Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Libra Full Moon - A Train Wreck Over the Mountain

After March 26th's primal, Aries New Moon of power plays and underground eruptions of force, we look on Thursday's Libra full moon with trepadation. Italy is still quaking under piles of rocks and rubble, Good Friday looms as the senseless string of violence personified by Mars in Pisces know for lashing out hysterically doesn't seem to end especially with today's tragic events in Alabama. Despite a positive, generous and renewing Sun Sextile Jupiter (exact on APril 10th) Mars will still be wreaking havoc along with a close Pluto Square to emotional Venus all month with takeovers planned by the elite. Afer the most mention of the New World Order in context
with the G20 meetings.

The chart above set for Washington DC starts out ominously with 04 Cancer 53 minutes rising with a Sabian: An automobile wrecked by a train! Along with Pallas the Goddess of Wisdom & Strategy newly ingressed in Cancer
more prone to hysteria on the Ascendant opposing Pluto so that the language of feelings, food, security is being collobered by that Dark Lord Pluto. From a mundane perspective in an Ingress, Lunation or Eclipse chart stressful aspects to Pluto produce volcanoes, earthquakes, oil spills, fires, war, mudslide, avalanches, erosion and anything which involves widespread death and destruction.

Pallas in Cancer is a defender of home and family using Patriotism in a negative way with deep unconscious blockages creating mental obsessions or fixations. transformation or renewal of the mind is the cure. Pluto is also square Venus, adding debt and worry as US earnings season kicks off the mix plus Pluto is opposing the Ascendant and contraparallel Vesta in Anaretic Degree, sometimes also called the Karmic Degree, 29 degrees Taurus. This degree of Taurus places emphasis on ruler Venus and a focus on one's power for personal gain and a heavy dose of sexualtiy. Sabian for 29 Taurus 51: A peacock parading on an ancient lawn. So this symbol of social display and criticism is in the 11th house intercepted with Mercury newly arrived at 00 Taurus for different slower mental orientation especially with all the tragedies and unexpected events piling up. Today Venus mirrored relationship issues in PRICEVILLE, Ala. — A man shot and killed his estranged wife, their teenage daughter and two other relatives in rural north Alabama before returning to his home in a nearby town and killing himself the day before their divorce trial... Public planets the chart set for Washington DC are all within orb in this busy 10th: Mars-Uranus-Venus (both retrograde and void of course) at 00 Aries 33 (Sabian: A Woman has risen out of the ocean and a seal embracing her). Thus MidHeaven at 13 Pisces is opposing Saturn sitting on the IC for more contstrictions in the housing market where ruler of the 4th house the Moon sits indecisively but supported by Jupiter in the 8th to expand more losses with international finance.
With ruler the Moon representing the people with issues around agriculture, farming (HR 875 passage?) crops, land, houses, real estate, mines and yes freaky weather.
Moon opposing Aries Sun ruled by Mars tells of desperate attempts to keep peace with open enemies symbolized by Pluto in the 7th where foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes lay bare.

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