Saturday, April 04, 2009

More Violence as Mars Applying Finally Perfects to Oppositon with Saturn

The second major incident of wanton violence occurred less then 24 hours after the BINGHAMTON, N.Y. MASSACRE
where Jiverly Wong, the gunman killed 13 people in a rampage at an immigrant community center.
By now you should now about the infamous Mars-Pisces Opposition to Saturn-Virgo Retrograde aspect which finally perfected today @ 5:55 PM
PDT on the same day that Pluto stationed retrograde.

Gunman 'lying in wait' kills 3 Pittsburgh officers

Gunman Kills 3 Police Officers in Pittsburgh -

In the case of the Binghamton murderer, Jiverly Wong (foreign born-Vietnamese shooter)we find
both Jupiter the ancient ruler of Pisces who struggled with drugs (Pisces) and job loss (Saturn-Virgo) and perhaps blamed his adopted country for his troubles.

The Pittsburgh incident
The incident began around 7 a.m. in the Stanton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh, a blue-collar area made up mostly of single-family brick houses, but also ranch houses like the one where Mr. Poplawski lived with his mother, Margaret Poplawski, 41.

Notice today's Pittsburgh Killing chart set for 7:00 AM EDT had 13 Aries 33 rising.
(Sabian: A Serpent coiling near a man and woman)
Mars ruler of Aries is not dignified by any means by a 12 house placement which relates well to Pisces and the idea of hidden gunman.
Pluto the Lord of destruction sits in the Mid-heaven ready to self destruct. The killing spree was described as a four-hour-long war zone.
More importantly Saturn ruler of the most public 10th house is in the 6th house of public servants for a very serious police response.
Relating to Virgo again was the fact that Richard Poplawski, 22, the shooter had recently been upset about losing his job; police say that, like Wong, he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Mars was also applying to a conjunction with Uranus signifying sudden upsets and violence and will exactly meet with the planet of sudden change on April 15th @ 3:01 AM.
Mark that day well!
By the next Full Moon on April 9th (in cardinal Libra) when Mercury enters Taurus more
incidents of human to human attacks will occur along with animal to human killings...
Plus some major earth changes events from quakes to volcanoes.

Future info: Saturn will station direct on May 16th @ 7:07 PM PDT and will be in another hard aspect to Mars (a Square) in August 10th @ 5:16 PM. Then on August 18th. Mars the God of War and forceful action squares Uranus @ 7:24 PM for another rash of unexpected violent acts. The August 10 th. date has Mars/Gemini applying to a conjunction with the US Sibley charts infamous fickle Mars in Gemini just as transiting Saturn is applying to a conjunction with the US 1776 Charts Neptune. Chances of major conflagrations within the US will occur.

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