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Full Moon in Libra: As Electrical Engineer expects entire global electrical system to collapse!,

Even though this has been a Full Moon filled with promise and
hope reflected by the Sun being in positive sextile (60 degree aspect) to Jupiter and yet the future around 2012 seems to also coincide with some large solar events whether a CME
hits earth. Or has popularly believed a polar shift on the Sun? or is this maybe related to the galactic alignment, which many are talking about, that might occur in 2012? (Sun rules Aries and now with Venus retrograde in Aries stimulated by today's Mercury ingress into Taurus (security and venus ruled) plus upcoming sextile to Neptune as over the top scenarios abound. When we examine CME's for instance in typical Aquarian fashion we find they are an ejection of material from the solar corona, usually observed with a white-light coronagraph.

The premise based on recent posting on Project Camelot posting about being contacted by the wife of an electrical engineer who has been officially briefed about a serious major threat to infrastructure in a few years' time.

Electrical Engineer expects entire global electrical system to collapse!, page 1

Talk of power failures and nature's ferocity (Pluto SQ Venus) and (Mars-Uranus) are mimicking some of nature's events as we find out tonight a tornado has touched down in downtown Mena.
This story of a twister touching down in Mena, Arkansas and heading toward other cities in the Gulf is making the media rounds. Except that this tornado Warned storm was also approaching Shreveport, LA only 16 miles from Shreveport.

Speaking of outages or in this case man made problems when the Vandals Cut the Cables and left the handles in Silicon Valley. So the pipes wouldn't work... Tens of thousands of residents in Silicon Valley woke up to find themselves without Internet access or landline or wireless phone service after vandals apparently severed fiber optic cables - possible sabotage from unions? according to the police. Officials suspect that saboteurs opened manhole covers in San Jose and San Carlos, south of San Francisco, in the early morning hours and cut multiple fiber optic cables belonging to AT&T and Sprint. (Pluto signifies underground activities and a trine to Mercury is
going to affects massive communication systems).
The other thing about today's Full Moon in Libra (9:56 AM CDT) is that it came in like a freight train or a hurricane. The Moon in a sign of high winds: Libra was applying to a Jupiter-Neptune trine as stories have been spun that seem catalyzed by the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune convergence.
Talk about a Neptunian-Jupiter enhanced fantasy as we see both Neptune and Uranus approaching exact mutual reception at 26 degrees in either sign the same time that Uranus
is in that degree (May 27th @ 9:12 PM UT) or 1:12 PM PDT)
This occurs right around the time that Neptune stations retrograde and Venus is applying ot a meeting with Mars both in the Solar Sign of Aries!
As we look toward another Project Camelot contributor Henry Deacon - a Lawrence Livermore
Physicist - a new picture arises of China and US working together to stage a war.

Yet when we start to use our new Mercury in Taurus mental faculties we might find that there are really no The so-called 'Controllers'

It's important to realize that the 'Controllers' - the Illuminati, the Committee of the Majority, and/or various alien groups - are not really in control.

Deacon reports, credibly in our view, that not only is there no overarching mastermind group successfully running the planet, but that at agency, military and black project level there are many factions, vying for control, with many different agendas between them.
We have seen from the transiting Pluto stationing and in hard aspect to retrograde Venus, that when anyone faction tries a take over they are found out.

Some groups may be doing their best to help the situation, within their particular context. Deacon includes the secret space program in these, which he says is a kind of a lifeboat program for Planet Earth if it really does hit the cosmic iceberg.

Dan Burisch has also spoken of and written about an 'Ark', which was partially constructed on Earth and then transported to the Moon in case it should be needed. He has described graphically that at Area 51 there were interesting problems lifting and moving this extremely heavy object.

("Now, this scientist who contacted us wasn’t talking about people getting fried by solar flares. What he was saying is that there is going to be something here that’s going to influence our electronics all over the world.")

References to an 1859 CME Event (the first recorded)
"The event of 1859 was before the electronic era, of course, and this was when the Earth was basically bombarded by massive fireworks display from the sun which created auroral displays as far south as the Equator in both hemispheres. It was incredibly spectacular and everyone saw wonderful sunsets for a little while. But it didn’t cause any damage because this was before the time of chips and circuits. "

Project Camelot records of predictions of this impending disaster

We believe this information is credible and important but the contact may now have been lost. Therefore we are publishing what we have - with many questions unanswered.

This is the first message Project Camelot received:

27 March

Hello B & K

My husband is an electrical engineer for a national power company. He has just been told that they are expecting an event in the next 3-4 years that will render every transformer in the world useless. They are desperately trying to find a solution to the problem. If they don't, the entire global electrical system will go down. I know this fits in with some of your research. Have you heard about this?

In conclusion it is obvious that everything we do here on Planet Earth is dependent on or linked to the sun. If the sun starts misbehaving, then none of us can escape the effects.
Also now that we have reached a Solar Minimum (or bottom) Solar Cycle 24 is looming larger then ever. Officially this Solar Cycle began on 4 January, 2008 - heading gradually and unstoppably towards its predicted maximum in... 2012.
The power of the next 11 year maximum Solar cycle has been described in the last three years as huge Solar storms that will totally zap earth.

After today's Full Moon opposing Solar ruled Aries we are just beginning to understand all the many relationships in our ever changing solar system. The current cycle of Venus as a morning star which will be turning direct in Aries on April 17th involves an impending chase of Venus with Mars in the warrior sign at the end of May. Then in June the Yin and Yang - active-passive energies finally meet in fixed Taurus in June then to square Jupiter and Neptune the first week of July.

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