Saturday, March 17, 2012

West Coast Alert - Super New Moon in Aries


After seeing the video below and reading other predictions that on March 22, 2012, the Earth's Axis is expected to shift 5+ inches, I was curious to say the least since other information which clamied that potential 9+ magnitude quake happening.

Some believe will take place somewhere between California and Alaska...My investigation lead to both the chart below which has Uranus rising on the West Coast from Seattle to Los Angeles with San Francisco the closest location to the rising sign Aries with Uranus (planet of the unexpected event) and the ascendant Aries. The March 22nd lunation is also what is technically called a
Super Moon of the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system Simply when the Moon makes it's closest approach to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, or perigee. This Lunar Perigee and Apogee Calculator shows that the moon on March 10th (after last full moon) was at 362399 km from the earth then on April 7th (near next Full Moon-Passaover) is even closer at 358313 km.

Looking at the chart below set for 7:37 AM PDT in San Francisco, the one thing I agree with Terral is that this will be a big day on many levels. Of course with Uranus and Pluto at potent angles from the 1st house to the 10th. we definitely should expect some Major Events to occur on the entire he West Coast.

I am not just talking about the potential for a 7.0 magnitude quake but also something involving the military since Mercury-Uranus are conjunct that day for the second time in Aries. Also with Mars (ruler of the chart) in an exact opposition to Chiron, maverick wounded healer, the role of the warrior and sacred warrior is being examined. Even the potential for some type of announcement as a precursor for "Martial Law?" Also perhaps more important is that Sun, which entered Aries on the Vernal Equinox
March 19th/20th. will be translating the energies from the forthcoming Uranus-Pluto square (exact on June 24th.) In fact the Sun (leadership-identity) will square Pluto (destruction-termination) exactly on March 29th. We will undoubtedly see the resignation of some major leaders.
We have already seen these type of abdications in the financial world with 358 RESIGNATIONS FROM WORLD BANKS, INVESTMENT HOUSES, MONEY FUNDS

The most critical time period is from this new moon in Aries to the critical first qtr. square in Aries on March 29th/30th. Strikes and protests are a given with this period of frustrations, unexpressed anger (Mars retrograde in Virgo opposing Chiron then coming close to an opposition to Neptune in April). Whether you want to believe in occult numbers like 322 or some mysterious heavenly body entering our solar system, we are in a for be a momentous time. This highly active moon will offer a glimpse into what will happen from June 2012 through March 2015 when Uranus-Pluto are in exact square 7 times, due to their own retrograde motions.

More to follow in the next entry...