Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seasons Change with the Spring Equinox Building into an Aries New Moon


TRANSITIONS: "So much can change in a single moment. This morning in Veszprem, Hungary, Monika Landy-Gyebnar photographed the sun as it moved across the celestial equator, suddenly transforming winter to spring above.

As astrologers, we are acutely aware of the moon's phases much less than the biggies like the transition from winter into spring. Today, March 20th @ 5:14 AM UT, the sun crossed the celestial equator heading north. Also at this time the Sun made an explosive ingress into Aries. A few hours later a 7.4 quake hits Mexico, damaging hundreds of homes and is still shaking. Here is a link at USGS to the growing list of moderate to strong quakes following the precursor 7.4 seismic event. Refresh frequently because we may had another situation like Haiti where literally thousands of quakes hit after the initial 7.0 blast.

Looking quickly at the chart set for 12:02:48 PM CST in Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca, Mexico we see that Gemini is rising @ critical 29 degrees Gemini in an out of sign square with the newly arrived Sun and retrograde Mercury. Of course Mercury as the ruler of the chart near Uranus meant, the unexpected and swift communications via social media. forums, the web about the sudden shaking of this temblor. Also news that this was considered one of the strongest to shake Mexico since the deadly 1985 temblor that killed thousands in Mexico City. Looking at the chart we see Mars ruler of the Aries planets (at the top of the chart) was opposing the Moon and Chiron in Pisces indicating multiple injuries and panic from the aftershocks. Mars is in a long, beleaguered retrograde phase and is opposing Chiron (exact on the 3-22-2012 New Moon) and are crossed by the nodes destiny. Speaking of the nodes, North Node in Sagittarius was rising with Juno when the spring equinox began @ 11:15 PM CST on March 19th, just 12 hours before this monster quake. Yes the astrological transits fueled by he mutable cross and grand earth trine are mixing with a swarm of after shocks as we quickly march up to the 3-22-2012.

We all know that this time period marks the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere and Autumn in the southern hemisphere but this is not like any other Vernal Equinox. One reason for that this year Neptune is rising with the Ascendant in Pisces again on a 165 year return. Even the electrons in the Earth's outer radiation belt are significantly elevated.
Per "analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the enhancement is caused by the aftermath of recent geomagnetic storms mixed with a high-speed solar wind stream." When we add astrological transits to the solar storms, we get the transits of Mercury-Uranus in Aries along with Ceres. But now we add the Sun in this fiery cardinal sign - we are not done with the X-Class flares or fliament ejections from our sun despite the fact that four new sunspots are temporarily quiet.

Oceans Away
Notice the chart below set for Greenwhich UK,, talking about Piscean themes from poets to oil wars to UFO's, we have it all. When the sun enters Aries, the Moon separating from a meeting with Neptune - a combination noted for the strange and supernatural. Highly mutable and deceptive situations are still developing framed by the daring and dangerous ala Aries.

The emotional and panicky Pisces moon was on a path to oppose Mars in the 7th to meet Chiron, the wounded healer, philospher and maverick. The warrior and belligerent theme is also playing out on many levels. In France, where it is now morning, the French police in standoff with suspect in Toulouse shootings. In an Aries confrontation, special operations police mounted their raid at 3:30 a.m. (10:30 p.m. ET Tuesday), shots rang out from inside, wounding two officers, police said. These potentially religiously motivated attacks stunned the world on Monday as a man driving a motor scooter pulled up in front of the Ozar Hatorah school and shot a teacher and three children. A chart set for 3:30 AM local time in Toulouse has Pluto -the lord of destruction near the ascendant square Uranus in the 3rd house of news and neighborhoods. The same house that is ruled by Mercury. The 11th house relating to supporters of this Algerian gunman has Scorpio on the cusp indicating, motives of revenge. While Juno-N Node are intercepted in both belief driven and foreign oriented Sagittarius. This standoff will not end well for the participants, since the suspect is probably under the illusion that he is a martyr.

In fact as all the multi-dimensional dramas play out big time tomorrow with the Sun meeting Mercury (now retrograde, compulsive and highly impulsive. This impending meeting is already yielding some major announcements but big news of hyped import is still imminent as the leaders gear up.