Thursday, March 29, 2012

Before the First Qtr. Phase - Mutables Cross Wires


On this Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini, there is an abundance of electrical energies and lots of conversations about how things will be in the future. Today the Moon meets the SNode (all those informational gifts from the past) come into play. By opposing Sagittarius and Juno in Sagittarius, there are no limits to how fare we can go. Except that with these two signs we have movements/travel near and far. We should expect even some mass evacuations like this story out of South Korea: Philippines readies evacuation of Filipinos in South Korea
On one hand the the current mutable cross is dividing light and dark while the hard squares to Mars and Neptune then Chiron and Pallas are reflecting mutations.
A more descriptive metaphor touches on the biological process of metamorphosis.
Since Mercury is a ruler of Gemini and the Moon squared Neptune in the morning (@ 7:40 AM)
craziness and confusion dominated. IE with Moon/Gemini-Neptune/Pisces in hard aspect there will be misunderstandings along with news around travel and temporary insanity.
JetBlue pilot flips out, subdued by passenger
All day long there was a potential for electrical disruptions involving weather like in Guatemala when the lightning struck a transformer @ 6:20 PM CST
Guatemala: A lightning caused blackouts throughout the country

Using fixed stars take a moment and look back on some of the themes of the last New Moon
besides the biggie with Deneb Algedi known as the judicial point of the goat found in the tail
of the Sea Goat - Capricorn. As the Heliacal rising star in New Moon charts around the world from the UK to Washington,DC
the challenge of justice being served is paramount especially with the Trayvon Martin case creating furor and outrage with everyone including Oprah.


Uranus representing the Mass of public opinion and public expectations
Uranus is Setting when Diadem is Rising
Diadem from the constellation Coma Berenices near Aries
Again we see the theme of he sacrifice of the innocent

Uranus is Rising when Algol is Rising - the hyper-passion of the Demon Star
Rebellion, the anger of the common people

Uranus Culminating when Alpheratz is Culminating
People being affected by new technology - too much dangerous technology.
Listen to Regina Dugan, then director of DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
This is not such a magical place for many - And if we knew we could not fail we would renew the earth and all living things into a Garden of Eden - Not drones for war: