Friday, March 23, 2012

Aries Activism and Mars Opposing Chiron on the New Moon 2012


Today's Aries New Moon has been anything but quiet! Aries is normally a time activism, courage, massive energy, enthusiasm, inspiration, risk-taking and for March 22nd that was the case. The day was crackling with new energies as the Aries Moon exploded into the scene @ 2:57AM PDT/5:57 EDT. Right from the start, this was a total contrast from the emotionally-draining nature of yesterday's Pisces Moon. Notice a chart set for Washington, DC as Gemini is rising with the S Node
@ 8 degrees: Around a closed down factory, strikers mill defiantly. This sabian explicates the anger and frustration of the crowds calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman, the watch leader who has told police he shot Martin in self defense. Mercury ruler of the chart is on the 11th house cusp of crowds, groups and associations across the country. Making this voice resound in amplification is a conjunction to the Sun-Moon-Uranus all in the sign of the Ram. In the chart below Mars is posited at an angle in the 4th house close to an exact 180 degree angle away from
Chiron who represents a mid-point between Pallas (a goddess of justice and political activism) and Neptune the dreamer. Chiron in this chart acts as a mentor to derive healing from wounds, sacrifice and pain.

Whether we were in Clintonville, Wisconsin or Montello, 80 miles away where the mysterious booms, sounds of fireworks and rumblings were driving people crazy, the entrance of the Sun in Aries
(March 20th. @ 2:15 AM CDT). Watch video below

The rambunctious Aries Moon was primitive and even brutal whether we were in Sanford,FL or Toulouse, France or Oaxaca, Mexico where an earth quake swarm is building Everywhere the power of he Ram was evident. Also let's not forget that we are in the year of the dragon:

Right before the New Moon even begins @ 10:37 AM EDT, Mars the ruler of this explosive lunation, transiting in Virgo (retrograde) opposed Chiron in Pisces (direct)@ 7:22 AM PDT.10:22 AM EDT, and related to news of news of the Trayvon Martin case.
The Trayvon Martin case has drawn national and world attention and is a perfect metaphor for Mars-Chiron in a striking opposition like a Ram charging forward. Mars the planet of conflict represents civil servants, including the police and oppression all over the US. Chiron (the wounded healer) in the sign of the martyr Pisces
Trayvon Martin's death is playing out with calls for redress

Pressure mounts for police chief to resign over teen's shooting
A few hours after the New Moon, the police chief did step aside 'temporarily' in fallout from Martin's death.