Friday, April 15, 2011

Viva Full Moon in Libra and Second Day of Day 2 of the Universal Underworld


It is starting to feel like we have all gone off the cliff like Reckless Fool Trickster
who appeared on the last Aries New Moon (April 3rd).
A deep Primal fire stelllium was developing since Mercury had stationed retro on March 30th a few days before. Now as we approach April 23 when Mercury jumps back on track and direct, When Mercury finally moves direct we are at the MidPoint of this 18 day period of
dissemination and vision. Neptune lord of seas and visions evokes powerful channeling
with the Trident in positive aspect to the Sun heading into Taurus. Speaking of Taurus one of the Four Living Creatures we see Venus the ruler now void of course @ 27 Pisces
TSQ the Nodes of Destiny with Sagittarius and the Four Horses opposing Gemini the scribe, news anchor, journalist and voices in the wilderness. the flying horse - I believe you -

Back to the rush toward this active Full Moon -
The latest weather terror - Tornadoes, storms across South kill at least 10
Fire dominates heading toward this next lunation;
WOW Massive Fire Doom as we head toward the Full Moon in Libra on April 17, 2011
Aries is in force with Sun-Jupiter (void of course)-Mercury-Mars-Uranus
all in orb of an opposition from activating air sign Libra
The topper is that Mercury(retro) and Mars in reckless Aries will be in a close conflicting opposition. All the elements of Aries are present in the current Texas fires
where an hero dies, reckless danger and with Jupiter in Aries - expanding fire.
Volunteer firefighter Gregory M. Simmons, 51, died while battling a 3,000-acre blaze Friday afternoon near Eastland, a town about 130 miles west of Dallas, Mayor Mark Pipkin sai

Fires sweeping across Texas, firefighter killed

Updates from the TFS on the TEXAS WILDFIRE SITUATION
GRAHAM, Texas — Wildfires sweeping across hundreds of thousands of acres in parched Texas killed a firefighter, forced hundreds of evacuations — including an entire town — and destroyed dozens of homes on Friday, officials said.
Strong winds were fueling fires that spanned about 655 square miles, according to the Texas Forest Service. Some of the fires have been burning for a week or more, including three in West Texas that have charred a combined 400,000 acres.