Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Two of the Universal Underworld Begins April 14th.

Day Two of the Universal Underworld begins on April 14th and lasts till May 2nd.

This is known as the LEVEL 3- ACTIVATION Phase.
Ruled by the Aztec Goddess - Chalchiuhtlicue goddess of love, beauty, youth, lakes, rivers, seas, streams, horizontal waters, storms, and baptism.
Chalchiuhtlicue is the wife of Tlaloc, the Rain God, and mother of Tecciztecatl, the Moon god.

The dissolution of Empire will be a major theme of this 18 day period.
Looking back at Day 2 of the Galactic Underworld (Dec.25, 2000 to Dec. 19, 2001) we notice
that the World Trade Center and Pentagon false flags happened. Also this was a time when the
war in Afghanistan begun.
Astrological View:
Looking ahead to Thursday April 14th. we notice the lunar signature of an anxious, critical and detailed Virgo Moon now in charge. Issues around health and disease will dominate...Even though Virgo tends to be helpful, these next couple of days might feel like an inquisition. Right from jump street the Moon in mutable Virgo makes the first
opposition to Neptune since the God of the Seas entered his most dignified place on April 4th.
The last hard lunar aspect to Neptune was on April 7th when a monster 7.1 quake hit off the East Coast of Honshu
The Japanese shake up was preceded by a 6.5 Magnitude Temblor in Veracruz Mexico.
Thus Thursday is the start the 2nd Day of the Universal Underworld known as the "Activation Period" when things start to germinate or percolate.

On the cusp of Day 2 when Chalchiuhtlicue, the Goddess of Water takes over from Tlaltecuhtli: God of Earth there is a feeling of precarious danger. From an astrological perspective
Mercury (journalism) and Mars (war-anger) are both in Aries opposing Saturn (stern authorities) in Libra pushing the letter of the law.
Listen to this recent video where Wayne Madsen (S Node conjunct Uranus in Cancer)
tells Alex Jones about the threats against him by the White House. Even though this 18 day period of the Universal Underworld will be marked by blatant repression from the TPTB
those authorities who try to stop the power of universal truth will be brought into the light. A striving for freedom and independence will throw the masses into the Unity Wave.

Update: April 14th. This is a perfect example of Day Two starting Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks
The economy will be thrown into a "seemingly chaotic situation" per this brief report
by Stacey Herbert and Max Keiser.

Stay tuned more examples on many levels will emerge as the activation period begins.