Monday, April 18, 2011

Day after Mayhem - the Fifth Day of the 2nd Day of the Unity Wave


Today is the Fifth Day of the 2nd Day of the Universal Underworld (April 14th to May 1st)
with tomorrow April 19th a day of special sacrifice for the NWO, Illuminati or maybe
the Guardian Alliance.

On the 4th Day (April 17th - yesterday) we experienced a momentous Full Moon in Libra

Per Justice, Jupiter and Angels Singing while Demons Distract

Update: April 18th. with the Big Financial News after Sundays Full Moon Showdown in Libra

S&P lowers its outlook on U.S. debt So stocks declined as S&P lowers its outlook on U.S. debt;

from my astroheadlines site: April 18, 2011: Keep in mind that Saturn not only played such a huge part not just in the Libra
Full Moon yesterday but also transiting the US July 4, 1776 Saturn for the 8th return time for the US
Goverment to re-organize. Plus having Saturn T square Pluto and Mars means active problems with the US as a debtonation.

More on the SP Finding a first of its kind in the 60 years since it has been judging the country’s credit quality (Venus now
Void of Course enters Aries on April 20th toward a conjunction with Uranus April 22nd. . So like any Venus-Uranus aspects, we have financial firsts and sudden actions This sent a jolt through the markets and injected a new sense of urgency into
the debate gripping Washington over whether to allow the Treasury to keep borrowing.
Oh hey what about the tornadoes which killed 45 people?
Just today:
The US nuclear regulator monitors plant after tornado
Power was cut by tornado during weekend storms - WTF
* Backup power systems kicked in as required-NRC
he U.S. nuclear safety regulator said on Monday it was monitoring a Virginia nuclear power plant in southeastern Virginia operated by Dominion Resources (D.N) after a tornado cut its electrical power.
Now this right in line with Mercury-Mars together in Aries opposing Saturn more controversy about his incident in Virginia's Nuclear Plant -
This information is from the NRC’s Daily Events Report. So far, I haven’t found any press coverage of the incident. It’s surprising that there is not coverage, as loss of offsite power was the prime cause of the Fukushima meltdowns.

So along with the increased dialogue and movement to limit or disallow nuclear facilities
another element enters the MEME and US landscape - UFO DISCLOSURE
FBI Roswell Memo Confirmed by Retired Intel Figures: Does this Change UFO History?
Yes we are talking about another shocker with Uranus (Aries) conjunct Mars (Aries) and both square Pluto (secrets) TSQ Saturn (serious)

Release 35 - The FBI-Roswell UFO Crash Memo Clarified!
The FBI Roswell Crash Memo controversy has insiders talking up a storm. The retired DIA analyst who released the Project Serpo information, detailing a mission by the US military to another planet, has released a statement about the FBI Roswell Memo through the highly regarded Victor's List, an email list that circulates to a veritable Who's Who in UFOlogy, Government and Intel circles. In addition, the information is confirmed and expanded upon by Victor's mysterious source, Anonymous III, in a separate communication.