Saturday, April 16, 2011

Devestating Storms -Tornadoes and HAARP - 3rd. Day of the Second Day of the Unity Wave


No tomorrow is not your ordinary kind of Full Moons. At 7:44 PM PDT the Moon is Full @ 28 degrees. An apt, highly symbolic Sabian Symbol: " A man in deep gloom. Unnoticed angels come to his aid." The Native Americans knew this Full Moon in April as the Pink Moon when flowers like the herb moss pink one of the earliest widespread flowers appeared... AKA he Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and among coastal tribes the Full Fish Moon. Something sure is fishy with HAARP this month as we will see.
Mercury now retro and Mars have also been working overtime to avoid a shut down with Saturn opposing. in Aries while spiritually inclined Neptune is in Pisces near Chiron calling the angels or the aliens.
One thing is for sure conditions are not stable and today Saturday alone we had a Moon square Uranus in fiery Aries early AM then in late morning Moon square Pluto 11:48 AM PDT. Lots of frustrated,emotional venting, rivalries activated in our world.
In the world of elementals and natural changes. Also pay attention to the fact that
the Unity Wave correlates with the Galactic Center on this Lunation. The Moon’s North Node has passed over the Galactic Center at 26-27 degrees of Sagittarius, a celestial sector of power and transformation for our solar systemcorrelating with the Universal Mind, and the origination of new discovery or ideas on the nature of life itself.
So far from Thursday (4-14) when we begin the Second Day of the Universal Underworld (from April 14th to May 1st) there have been turbulent conditions especially with the weather. Weather which has been linked to HAARP and predicted in the following videos:
This one from back on April 13, 2011 talked about and defined HAARP Rings with two day
prediction which hit hard.
4132011 -- Texas to Minnesota-- HAARP RINGS and SCALAR SQUARES - 24-48 hours from now

From my website on April 15, 2011 another prediction before the destruction began: Latest news of last night's tornado devastation in OK and Arkansas is shocking.
With the beginning of Day Two of the Universal Underworld and Neptune now in Pisces we will be seeing predictions like the one below disseminated more quickly over the internet. Of course the transits of Mercury (retro)
and Mars in Aries opposing Saturn relate to tornadoes but HAARP has had a major hand in this.
Prediction of severe weather in the Midwest involving HAARP rings and scalar squares proves correct
4/14/2011 - CORRECT HAARP RING PREDICTION - Red Cloud Nebraska

This image from the NOAA Central U.S. Imagery - Water Vapor Loop shows how this unusual storm developed.
Then things developed quickly over the last two days as the activation period of the 2nd Day kicked in big time heading toward tomorrow's lunation.
Witness this video from near Tishamingo, OK 4-14-2011
which is evidence of the intensity of these tornadoes:
Large Multi Vortex Tornado near Tishamingo, OK on April 14th 2011

More Super Storms keep coming when on Friday night (4-15-2011) right before the Moon entered Libra before midnight this storm kicked . There have been 70+ tornadoes in a day and killed at least 9 people in Arkansas:

At Least 16 Dead as Severe Storms Hit Deep South

Autauga County Chief Deputy Sheriff Joe Sedinger said three adult family members were killed around 11 p.m. Friday when a tornado ripped through homes in the Boone's Chapel community 24 miles north of the state capital of Montgomery.
More on the Full Moon Storm
Homes, highways hit as deadly storms move east
Vicious storms smacked the Deep South and toppled trees like dominoes as tornadoes howled through towns. Seven deaths were reported Friday in Alabama, Fox News has learned, including a man killed when the storm tossed a mobile home nearly a quarter of a mile across a state highway.
Like I said weird super tornado patterns across the mid-west and south.
Large Wedge Tornado near Tushka, Atoka Oklahoma on April 14th 2011

Large Mile Wide Wedge Tornado hit the town of Tushka, Altoka with leveling numerous homes and killing 2 or more people