Thursday, April 07, 2011

Quakes Increase Synchronizing with the First Moon square Neptune in Pisces


Site Last Updated April 7, 2011: We are in a dangerous time horizons were earthquakes
We normally don't think about lunar aspects as that powerful but the are triggers
for many events even earthquakes. Besides the Japanese quake this morning there was also
a 6. 5 magnitude quake in Veracruz, Mexico right before the Japanese quake and tsunami warning
A trigger for this quake was the Moon entering Gemini to square Neptune now in Pisces. Today was the first lunar square since Poseidon, the god of the sea, and known as the "Earth-Shaker," god of earthquakes in Greek mythology entered Pisces. When it comes to a more reliable catalyst for quakes and volcanoes we can for sure look at Mars is heading for a dangerous square to Pluto on April 11th. Mars-Pluto in hard aspect is of course known for military takeovers but also industrial and natural disasters...
7.1 Japan Earthquake April 7 2011 with a strange blue flash Tsunami warning

Later today on this magical 7th day of April 2011 (2+1+1 = 4) that the New Madrid Fault Goes off in Line with Youtube Prediction
When this video was made one of the live servers was off and was just turned on for the CSEM EMSC Earthquake Info. Center in Europe
At this point people are scared but still ask if this will be another failed prediction? Or a reflection of today's "first" lunar square to Neptune. Today the Gemini Moon squared a prophetic mystic or perennial hoaxer - Neptune in Pisces early am 6:32 AM CDT
or is the New Madrid set to go off around the time that Pluto stations
retrograde on April 9th
or more towards April 11th the Next First Qtr. Moon Phase
Also on the 11th the Highly Malefic transit with Mars square Pluto will occur @ 1:39 PM -
known for natural disasters including earthquakes and volcanoes.
MARS-PLUTO also incites bold, takeovers, corporate/industrial accidents, a Solar Flare/CME ?

4/6/2011 -- New Madrid -- multiptile charts show movement -- USGS censors data again

It appears we have another "yellowstone situation"... a couple months ago.. the USGS decided they were going to just NOT SHOW earthquakes on the "real time" map or feeds....
They literally censored a whole earthquake swarm from yellowstone just a month and a half ago..

Now a day later on April 7th early AM we are seeing multiple quakes on the USGS MAP Centered at 37°N, 90°W

MAP 2.9 2011/04/08 00:28:24 35.246 -92.368 2.2 3 km ( 2 mi) NE of Greenbrier, AR

MAP 3.9 2011/04/07 23:11:09 35.250 -92.373 6.1 3 km ( 2 mi) NNE of Greenbrier, AR

MAP 2.5 2011/04/07 10:03:34 35.243 -92.359 3.2 3 km ( 2 mi) ENE of Greenbrier, AR

MAP 2.2 2011/04/07 09:48:00 35.247 -92.351 4.0 4 km ( 2 mi) ENE of Greenbrier, AR

MAP 2.4 2011/04/07 06:01:56 35.243 -92.349 4.6 4 km ( 2 mi) ENE of Greenbrier, AR

MAP 2.1 2011/04/07 05:56:21 35.240 -92.358 2.9 3 km ( 2 mi) ENE of Greenbrier, AR

MAP 2.2 2011/04/07 05:25:47 35.240 -92.365 5.7 2 km ( 2 mi) ENE of Greenbrier, AR

MAP 2.1 2011/04/07 04:28:51 35.238 -92.352 3.7 3 km ( 2 mi) ENE of Greenbrier, AR

MAP 3.4 2011/04/07 02:34:50 35.232 -92.367 6.3 2 km ( 1 mi) E of Greenbrier, AR