Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mega Cancer Moon - the Mystic Rectangle Part One

Mysterious and Surreal Times Continue...

This is one Full Moon (exact tomorrow @ 1:21 PM PST or 4:21 PM EST) that won't disappoint the the conspiracy theorist, GLP doomtards or the revolutionary light bringers. Actually instead of hiding in our bunkers we might want to celebratethe demise of the NWO and surf those waves of the Zuvaya. Undoubtedly we can expect a fight from the elites as their planned Blue Beam charged deception scenario dissolves into the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar which begins on March 3rd. along with unity consciousness.

As we say good bye to Ruby Tuesday (Jan. 18th. )we wonder what can happen next. Are we ready to take the plunge toward tomorrow's " Wolf Moon" in the icy halos of mid-winter when the wolf packs howl hungrily outside our electronic villages.
Considering that there is not only a "bad moon rising" but that Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star Scheat, a yellow star on the leg of Pegasus the Winged Horse. In fact Scheat is associated with major catastrophes and tragedies including airline, mining and shipwrecks. I would have to include flooding in the category
as Uranus also in Pisces progresses near this star.

Looking back on some of the other Wolf Moons like this one back on Jan. 13, 2006 marked by Lunar Eclipse on 10-17-2005 and the Augustine Volcano Back to a time when things were more tame...
Oh just in case you forgot Mt. Etna is active again per Jan. 11th 2011. along with a number of other live calderas, fissures and peaks that are either erupting now or ready to blow -

maybe even Katla! or at least symbolically
What the hell we already had a strong 7.2 Magnitude quake in Pakistan with tremors felt from Delhi to Dubai a thousand miles away.

Full Moon below set for Jan. 19, 2011 @ 4:21 PM with Cancer rising, so the ruler
of the chart the Moon is in the first with the Sabian Symbol: "A daughter of the American revolution." which will oppose Mars and Ceres now in ultra radical Aquarius in the 7th near the Sun @ 29 Capricorn with a nihilistic Sabian:
"A military pilot radios his superiors telling them he is disobeying orders,
and leads a squadron of planes through a hold in the enemy lines. With this act of defiance, the course of history is changed. "

Ever since Mars entered Aquarius on Jan. 15th. the unexpected and push for ultimate freedom has enflamed the nights in Tunisia, Algeria and even Egypt with self immolation and catalyzed the political
process in that country
with the help of internet based social media.
Well what would you expect with transiting Mars in Aquarius in opposition to Uranus in the 9th house fo the June 15, 1956 Chart.
Back to the chart below where the Moon-Juno form a sextile on one side of the rectangle while the Sun-Jupiter forms the other side. So here we have classic
relationship opposition with Juno-Jupiter the mythic partners struggle with idealistic and philosophical differences. Sun-Moon on the cardinal axis of security and nature/nurture are apt to escalate with die-offs of more migratory
animals from seals to pelicans to thousands of dead octopuses wash up on Portugal beach. Until everyone wakes up to the fact that the Gulf Oil Catastrophe
has not only polluted the oceans waters but altered the Loop Current to shift
our weather patterns.

So what makes this Full Moon any different? Is it the Mystic Rectangle? or Maybe it is the fact that the Moon and Sun are both at 29 degrees - the Anaretic Degree or Karmic Degree. Sun-Moon
with Capricorn/Cancer will evoke deeper tones involving the archetypes of Father/Mother along with identity and sense of self in corporate Capricorn sense
along with release of emotions and expression in the natural world.
B. Hand Clow speaks of the profundity of this lunation in her Capricorn New Moon
report: "29 Cancer is the fruition of the Goddess, the one who inspires the feminine in both men and women. The 29 Gemini lunar eclipse in December and the 29 Cancer Full Moon in January are both aspected by the asteroid Juno." Yes as we deconstruct the Mystic Rectangle we see that Juno is exactly opposite Jupiter @ 29 Pisces on the axis of victim/savior or martyr/messiah where healing is happening
on many levels .

Today seemed like a non-stop carnival ride of disaster and mayhem for an old world crumbling and filled with ghosts. Horrible specters per dictators and former tyrants like Baby Doc' Duvalier a savage vulture and oppressor of the Haiti people. Or David Rockefeller, the NWO eugenicist and engineer of the 1973 coup against Salvador Allende returning to the scene of the crime an getting a traitor's welcome today - your world government will fail! Bravo!
The bottom line is we stand on the cusp of a Mega Full Moon in Cancer @ 29 degrees
(the same degree and minute as the historic Total Solar Eclipse on July 21, 2009)

Tomorrow's Full Moon set for DC above has Chiron-Neptune crossing the 8th house of secrets as we are just about to get the full effect of the Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn yesterday - revelations are about to go nuclear.
It Was The John P. Wheeler III Who Was Involved In The Barksdale-Minot Incident Who Was Found In A Landfill!
From the article Wheeler was the assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force in the George W. Bush Administration. It was the Secretary of the Air Force who discovered that Richard Cheney had set up an alternative chain of command to the nuclear weapons wing of the AF.
Get ready folks after the Full Moon, Moon heads into super-dramatic Leo
and then on Jan. 20th @ 2:19 AM the Sun enters Aquarius...
Everyone will have to deal with the truth in one form or another.
Per Wayne Madsen: Cheney says Obama learned from "experience" that Bush terrorism policies were correct. But Cheney is only half-right. Obama's "experience" in following Bush policies comes not from his two years in the White House but from decades of being an MK-ULTRA/COINTELPRO operative for the CIA.

Part Two coming...
Historic Full Moon Surrounded by Fixed Stars from Scheat to Alcyone