Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Biblical Deluge in California or Floods of Fire?

Now as Jupiter-Uranus separate from their lockstep transit in Pisces. scientists say the next "big one" for Californians won't be earthquake. They say it will more likely be a rain storm of 'biblical proportions,' causing widespread flooding and devastation. Yes let me be the first one to say that with Neptune
plunging into Pisces in April just as Jupiter and Uranus heat up in Aries we could have sea levels rise but also literal floods of fire. What I mean is that anything could start fires after the Aries ingress. Like this remarkable day on July 15, 2010 when Lightning sparked a dozen fires in Southern California, but rain helps firefighters You saw it right dangerous fires and sudden flood levels...
So while Riverside burns with at least eight fires blamed on lightning strikes Thursday. Then they were hit by strong winds from a storm system are fanning the flames. Damn!

"The Antelope Valley is under a flash flood warning with forecasts of slow-moving thunderstorms over the high desert." just like these fires in Riverside county/Hemet we look at the cause: thunderstorms related to Jupiter. Back on July 15th 2010, both Jupiter and Uranus were together in Aries and Chiron was in Pisces briefly. By April 4th 2011 when Neptune splashes into the sign of the two fishes,
a similar series of ferocious thunderstorms and floods could occur.

On a separate incident on Aug. 25, 2010: Again a lightning storm in Riverside County knocks down power lines, trapping bus passengers!
We are at an end and a beginning. 29 degrees of Pisces is a permanent ending in predictive astrology, as is 29.
Aries is the primal, first sign plus 0-1 degrees of the Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are extremely critical degrees. Watch out for March
11th when Uranus makes an ingress into Uranus @ zero point.

According to this article, we may be in line for a Monster Storm in California of Biblical Proportions.
This is quite a prediction even with Jupiter conjunct fixed star Scheat known
for many severe calamities.
In fact Vivian Robson describes the influence
of dangerous stars in conjunction with Pisces:
In Pisces. destruction of fishes and danger at sea. if in the west, anxieties and deaths amongst men in the western or north-western countries, continuing for three years; floods and death of birds and fishes.

USGS says that a major storm system like the one that hit back December and last Fall where flash floods at lower elevations, excess snow as low as 4,000 ft. elevation with strong, freezing winds to a"". Flash Flood & Funnel Yucaipa, CA 10/2/10". Unique scenes like these one from Lytle Creek Flood - Devore, CA - 12/19/2010 ilustrate how this can be more more damaging than an Earthquake. Earthquakes cannot be predicted and numbered before-hand, but storms just might be able to.

This flood occurred along Lytle Creek at Glen Helen Pkwy near Devore, CA on Dec 19, 2010 during a significant multi-day "Pineapple Express" event slamming into California. Rainfall accumulations as high as 12 inches fell across foothill locations from central to Southern California in a 48 hr period.
UPDATE - 12/22/10: 3 miles upstream from where this video was shot, the creekside community of Lytle Creek received 26.35" of rainfall accumulation for the entire storm event that began 6 days earlier.
According to this article

These storms have happened before, lasting 45 days in the winter of 1861-62.
Back on Dec. 24, 1861 when the storms began and when it rains for almost four weeks, Neptune was in the last degrees of Pisces(28degres53minutes) where it is at maximum increase for demonstrating the spectrum of Piscean energy. Jupiter is in in a wide square to N Node and Sun in Capricorn. In the chart below I chose an arbitrary time when Neptune was on the ascendant in an opposition where Jupiter-Saturn in Virgo were applying to a deadly opposition.

The torrential storm of 1861-63 put nearly a third of taxable land under water and caused the state to go bankrupt.
At that time when the rain started on December 24, 1861, the moon, Pallas, Ceres were forming
Looking at the chart above we all so see that Chiron was transiting in Aquarius
with Venus magnifying the elements of moisture.
From a fixed star paran point of view: Venus was rising with Aldebaran
(Aldebaran means "follower" i.e., of the Pleiades). Even more of an influence was that both Alcyone and Scheat "known on occasion the deaths of a great number of people." are both in paran with Mars at the location of the downpour on 12-24-1861.
a cardinal TSQ to Astraea in Aries and the Sun-Mercury combo...
Chiron was also in Aquarius back then while Mars-Vesta were in Scorpio opposing Pluto in Taurus. ..
The mighty flood of 1861 was the largest flood in California's recorded history occurred from January 9-12, 1862. The entire Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys were inundated for an extent of 300 miles (480 km), averaging 20 miles (32 km) in breadth. The rain created an inland sea in Orange County, lasting about three weeks with water standing 4 feet (1.2 m) deep up to 4 miles (6 km) from the river.

Looking ahead toward April 4, 2011 when Neptune makes its entrance into Pisces.
The last time the Trident transit of Poseidon (God of the seas and the "Earth-Shaker" was in effect was around 164 years and 288 days ago.