Monday, January 31, 2011

"The dawn of a new day, everything has changed." Aquarian New Moon Pt. One

Huge collective events are approaching as we head for Wednesday's New Moon in Aquarius. A march of millions is planned in Egypt in the Northern part of the globe while Southern Hemisphere,hosts a giant tempest. Without digressing we see that a monster
storm will batter Queensland, as if they haven't had enough punishment this year:
Major Tropical Cyclone Yasi is larger than Texas and will hit Queensland by mid week
All will be touched by this lunation
Aquarian New Moon Chart set for 9:30 PM EST in Washington, DC
with Libra rising @ 3 degrees - Sabian says it all: "The dawn of a new day, everything changed. " Juno is on the ascendant TSQ Venus and Uranus to help balance the power of masculine/feminine along with right/left brain thinking.
Venus square Uranus will accent powerful women along with first time events.
So we have Juno-ASC opposing Jupiter-Uranus (expansion of sudden change) on the access of self and partnership. They are crossed by S Node (past gifts some are psychic) in nurturing Cancer opposing N Node/Vesta and Pluto. Vesta in Capricorn is about using structure and disciple for personal integration - A Grand Cross that signifies complete change of policy for the US in the middle east. Now that Mars meets the Sun motivating our basic identity to enter
into new realms of consciousness to precede the beginning of the Universal Underworld. Saturn sits in the first house reminding us that the US is undergoing
her 8th Saturn return exact on March 9th when the Unity Wave will began to spin all of us off our axis unless we head into a more heart felt balance.

Since he last New Moon in Capricorn (also a Partial Solar Eclipse) on January 4th @ 4:03 AM EST, things have been changing fast especially in the middle east.
Jan. 4th was the third conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus when it squared the Galactic Center a opened a portal for humanity to take that cosmic plunge toward healing.
Back to the present when all eyes on Egypt heading toward the super-revolutionary New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. 3rd. @ 4:30 AM EET - 2:00 in Cairo. I should say the those eyes that aren't being manipulated by the mainstream media per Mercury in Cap. along with Pluto-Vesta (focus) -Pallas (strategy) all in a most controlling Cappy. But others are turning to the Temple Mount and the recent encounter with an "Arcturian Craft" aka UFO. In true Aquarian group/mystic style per James Gilliand of ECTI - the Group of Forty (which is led by David Miller an Arcturian channel) did a group meditation led by the Arcturians to open a "ladder of Ascension " over the Dome of the Rock. Hey wait a minute, can you say deception
as a news story came out: World Powers Stunned After Message From “God” Broadcast Project Blue Beam finally announces itself...
Here are two views side by side:
Jerusalem UFO Two Videos Synchronized Best UFO Footage ever
Closer look from American tourist

Looking at a BiWheel chart with the Egyptian New Moon set for Feb. 3rd. @ 4:30 AM EET - 2:00 in Cairo on the outer ring. The inner wheel has the chart set for Egypt's declaration as a republic no longer encumbered by Britain or Farouk's son
back on June 18, 1953 @ 11:30 AM GMT. The Aquarian Stellium are bringing rebellion as they pass over the 10th house of presidents and prime ministers. The restrictive Capricorn stellium (Node-Vesta-Pluto) all oppose the Republic's Mars in Cancer in the 3rd. house of communication as the internet kill switch has been pulled. The republic's Uranus-Ceres-Mercury also in Cancer are opposed by transiting Pallas in totalitarian Capricorn.