Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dark Sunrise/Eclipse and Cap. Moon Marks Continued Fish Die-Offs

Now that Jupiter's expansion in fishy Pisces is starting to separate from Uranus, the liberator - we would expect the fish bird kills will end. Even with Venus transiting in deathly Scorpio separating from a square,things persists. Perhaps it is the fact that asteroid Lilith is closely conjunct Venus. Yes another dark symbol with Lilith 1181 that orbits the Sun in about 4 years and has a notorious mythology of relating to suppressed rage, resentment, sexual manipulation and self-exile. This does not bode well...
Emergency Update: Jan. 5th from the UK.
40,000 'devil' crabs wash up on Kent coast after dying from hypothermia in freezing sea
(S. Node in Cancer (crabs) is opposed by the entire Capricorn Stellium in the New Moon chart for the UK below - especially N Node-Pluto-Pallas all in the 12 house
of the oceans opposing S. Node in the 6th house of health, small animals..)

Now the mass extinctions are not stopping as reports surface from around the USA and the world but actually increasing, theories of why this is happening are
ranging from HAARP to Cold Weather.

Yes mass deaths of aquatic vertebrates are expanding from croakers in Chesapeake Bay to snappers in New Zealand to the
horrific kill in Florida.
Thousands of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek Florida, Two Million Die In Chesapeake Bay

Cold Capricorn Moon over the UK
The cold is now being blamed for these recent kills per the one in Chesapeake Bay
where temperatures plummeted in late December to near-record lows and the average air temperature last month was 32.4 degrees, 4.3 degrees below normal, and reached 16 degrees at its lowest,
Looking back at the New Moon, this time over the UK @ 8:03 AM UT.
Rising over Greenwhich, UK. we have Pallas-Pluto-Moon-Sun and Mars all in the coldest sign of the Zodiac. Pallas in Capricorn deals with infrastructure and authority and when combined with Pluto a raw creative force for good and ill.
Also less obvious is that minor asteroid Icarus (who flew too close to the Sun) is conjunct Pluto another unfortunate Ineb, Icarus fell into the ocean and died.

Dangerous Fixed Stars in Paran with the Cap. New Moon over the UK
Starting with the Heliacal Rising Star - Facies, the nebula in front of the eyes of the archer. Per Robson, Facies is another destructive star combining the nature of the Sun and Mars, to causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents and a violent death. Then for the Heliacal Setting
star we have El Nath again the tip of the left horn of the Bull. As the counterpoint to the other malefics, El Nath brings some stability with the nature of Mars and Mercury. Bringing fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or evil.

Menkar and More
Relating most to the fish deaths is Menkar, a bright orange star in the open jaw of the Whale, or Sea Monster. Menkar is on the nadir as the Sun is rising.
According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and of Mars; and, to Alvidas, of Venus and the Moon. It causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune. Again Per Robson, Menkar with the Sun brings great trouble, sickness, throat ailments, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil, loss of money, failure of crops. (We are going start seeing the sudden
failure of many crops worldwide.)
On the star list for tragedies and natural disasters, Menkar relates to fires.
But that is not the final story since Pluto is rising as Thuban is Culminating.
Thuban connects to the pollution of rivers and air ie. fish and birds dying off.
Thuban is a pale yellow star in the constellation Draco. Some 4,620 years ago Draco was the Polar Star. Thus Thuban is also still an important star in nautical reckonings, guiding the commerce of the seas, is represented as winding in his contortions round the pole of the world

Antares is rising as Saturn is setting - Antares the heart of the Scorpion and Watcher of the West is one of the Royal Stars is known for violence.
Also Per Robson with Saturn: Highly materialistic, dishonest through circumstances created by environment, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments, loss through quarrels and legal affairs, much sickness to and sorrow from children.
Denebola another player and located in the Lion's tail is rising while Jupiter is on the Nadir. Traditionally known as an unlucky influence in astrology,
portending misfortune and disgrace. DENEBOLA is associated with Major Catastrophes
when we look at star lists
with Jupiter the law-giver, Robson says expect pride, hypocrisy, disappointed life, troubles abroad or through relatives, secret enemies, danger of imprisonment or death by sentence.
Aculeus the open cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion is on the nadir as Jupiter is setting. Aculeus along with Acumen has a notorious reputation in astrology as 'blind stars' or stars associated with eyesight problems.