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Wolf Moon 2006 Howls Along with Augustine Volcano

Lunar Eclipse of 10-17-05 Gets Supercharged by the Wolf Moon
Icy air begins to drift in from the Arctic like a wraith, unseen but with a touch of drama. In many ways the entire world is setting the stage for Full Wolf Moon on January 13,2006 at 10:48 PM EST or 1:48 PST at 24°05' Cancer sign of Mother Earth. Actually this Lunation is the final act for the 10-17-2005 at Lunar Eclipse at another Cardinal point: 24°07' Aries AKA Saros 7 South Series. This partial eclipse was 90 days ago now forming a SQUARE - a 90° angle. Challenges involving nurturing, or what should be made private or public reflect the Cancer/Capricorn axis. While confrontations and decisive action vs cooperation mirror the Aries/Libra axis.
Brady describes the energetics surrounding the Saros 7 South family as: "Immense, power anger of Mars SQ Pluto." This family of eclipses is dual in scope with the positive: giving us the power to easily remove huge obstacles that have been hanging around in our lives. The other side negative: speaks of a growing potential crisis that suddenly manifests and blows thru our lives. I have inserted a Bi-Wheel Chart that has Sarous S 7 as the inner wheel and Wolf Moon as outer. Modalities tell the tale: the Wolf Moon is heavily weighted with Cardinal Signs - Action oriented vs. the Lunar Eclipse which is much more balanced with more Mutability - At the time more willing to change and bend. This current Full Moon is like a lit fuse moving toward a keg of dynamite that was rather inert back in October 2005.

Wolf Moon and Undercurrent of Myth
Traditionally January has been esconced between the cold and deep snows of midwinter, for the Native American Indian especially those of the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Nation this was a time that the wolf packs howled hungrily outside their villages. I can almost imagine myself in walking in the snowny mountains like a scene out of the movie Windwalker, then huddling inside the tipi for warmth. The wolf has always been a legendary symbol throughout history whether it be the she-wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus so they would survive to found the Roman Empire. Or cultures that tell of Fenrir, in Norse mythology, a monstrous wolf that refused to be tethered. Besides more known references like Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse, there were the "Wolf Warriors" known as Dacians. Dacians tribes (Eaos was the Phrygian word for "wolf") tribes who were an amalgamation of Thracian tribes from the eastern confines of the Greco-Roman world. This lunation has a ravenous, instinctive quality that can manifest in a many ways.

The concentrated force of this lunation seems to be a play of dark and light. A prelude included a romantic aspect filled with sunlight and roses: Venus Retro and Sun inferior conjunction which should play out with levity. Plus our minds and thoughts (Mercury/Capricorn) are helped by before this Mighty Full Moon seems to be building dramatically along with the Grand Cross that has strengthened into a TSQ. As Neptune begans to weave that ephemeral, misty magic by Squaring both Jupiter and Mars - I have a strange premonition that something Big is About to Happen or is it that Neptunian Energy. That force which has been in Mutual Reception with Uranus the Awakener is now filled with Illusion Squaring transiting Jupiter regenerative and decay let the old establishment die style that has been literally flooding this planet since December's Second Moon. And if that ain't enough with Haji stampede, surreal theater played out on the senate Floor aka Judge Alito Hearings

Polar Moon per Farmer's Almanac
From the 2006 Farmers’ Almanac - "The 189-year-old publication, which has an uncanny ability to predict long-range weather with amazing accuracy, reveals a forecast that has so many ups and downs on the thermometer that many may be reminded of riding a roller, or as the Farmers’ Almanac puts it, “Polar Coaster.”
Didn't Mount Augustine a 4,134-foot volcano, nearly 200 miles southwest of Anchorage
just blow her stack on 1-11-06 with a "paltry" eruption of 30,000 feet? But these eruptions seem to be stirring along the entire Alaskan Peninsula and Aleutian Islands.
Saros 7 South finally strikes
Flash Back to the Oct. 17, 2005 Lunar Full Moon Eclipse @ 24deg07' of Aries/Libra Cardinal move it now axis the same as our destiny paths Dragon's head Aries whipped by the compromise or else thorny tail. The chart below is set for Sand Point on the Alaskan Peninsula - using Astro cartography the Aries N Node runns thru this area at the Ascendant while a few hundred miles West a Pluto line runs thru the IC.
Note that in this chart using Koch system: N Node of future destiny crosses the DSC of partnership while Capricorn/Cancer axis is running from IC to MC - something that will shake the foundations of our lives an agressive, rapacious action across the public stage. Neptune part of that close TSQ sits in the most creative,expressive and speculative place the 5th house with the Jupiter/Mars oppostion hitting our personal and collective values (2nd/8th houses).
Fixed TSQ Expands Religion and Spiritual Activities
Besides the overiding possibilities of major earth changes there is a decided religious or spiritual tone set by this lunation. Neptune has entered the stage and moved closer to the Mars/Neptune/Jupiterconfiguration. We saw the horrific example with the Haji stampede killing pilgrims. Economically there has been a false
sense of optimism driving our leaders to pontificate on the wonderful market. Political matters hang in the balance from Iran to Sri Lanka. Despite the prevailing manipulations by leaders with invisible cloaks, the desire of the individual for a direct connection with the Divine is getting stronger (Neptune) Also many of us want to be free of all forms of hierarchical control.

Sabians and asteroids highlight energy of day to day survival
Sabian Symbol for Moon/Cancer @ 25 degrees: "A dark shadow or
mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder" or another variation - "Upon hearing his cue, an actor throws his jacket across his
shoulder and makes his entrance."
per M.Goldsmith
No matter how much theatrical grandstanding, cape twirling or bids for personal
recognition, the need to face reality represented by the Sun at 25 Capricorn is omnipresent.
The Sabian for 25 Cap - "An oriental rug dealer" this speaks volumes about the everyday transactions and interactions that make the world go round whether in business or the business of life.
Vesta @ 13° Cancer is also opposing Ceres @ 13°Capricorn from public to privat axis. In order to experience the type of devotion and comittment that Vesta offers Cancer needs to be loved and protected - privacy cherised also. For the Ceres in Capricorn, feeling loved and nurtured takes the form of outer achievements. This stressful opposition will bring into focus the need for family vs. demands in the workplaces with employees rebelling via strikes and walkouts.
No matter what happens as a result of the energies activated by this Full Moon, we will be gifted a chance to either instantly remove blocks or see our wounds express and process quickly.

Notice Chart Set for 1-14-06 at 12:48 YST - Sand Point on Alaska Peninsula - Click to Enlarge

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