Friday, December 10, 2010

What Makes Bernie Stand and Twitter?

Site Last Updated Dec. 10, 2010: Bernie Marathon-Manned Up and Busted Twitter on this Aquarian moon
He took the floor at 10:25 AM EST. which guess what?! This is Aquarius, the media/internet sign which can bring notoriety and Plus rising at 4 deg. 57 minutes = this appropriate Sabian Symbol: "A council of ancestors" and another version has: "A man marches resolutely out of the crypt into the sunlight."
Sanders was sticking to his ideals and in the midst of debate a current trend with Sagittarius Sun square Jupiter He took the floor at 10:25 AM EST. with guess what Aquarius the media/internet sign
Bernie (born Sept. 8, 1941) with a major grouping of planets from Virgo to Libra - getting triggered by mutable and cardinal transits.
there are many contacts like transitng Juno (partnership) in Virgo hitting a Mid Point between Bernie's Karmic S Node and idealistic Neptune
So what makes Bernie continue on his feet orating for over 8 hours, one this is his natal passionate Moon-Mars Aries conjunction opposing Venus in Libra (aka the charmer) there are so many close aspects in the Filibuster today which incidentally took place with transiting Mercury in Cap. moving retro. this morning @ 7:06 AM EST.
@ 5 Cap.
Let's take a look at a Bi-Wheel Chart with Bernie's natal time unknown
and outside wheel with exact time the Filibuster started (10:25 AM EST)

Yes today's retrograde Mercury (stalling and going over the same territory) now is moving closer to Pluto-N Node-Mars in political animal Capricorn in a close 90 angle to his natal Juno-Mercury combo in Libra the ability to articulate the importance of equality, give and take in all relationship along with maintaining a balance of power.

A mainstream description tying in the NET, and twitter popularity with Uranus co-ruler in the 2nd slightly ahead of Jupiter both in the sign that is helping move social networks ahead Pisces. Also the other ruler of the ascendant, the Karmic Teacher and Taskmaster, Saturn now in Libra and in the 8th house which deals with taxes and other peoples money! also the house most related to Pluto the Power Hungry Lord.
This takes us back to the 11th house wher the Capricorn powerhouse of Mercury-Pluto-N Node-Mars which relates to his staff twitting to the social community (11th house of Aquarius).
Bernie Sanders filibuster
turns Twitter-buster

Sen. Bernie Sanders went from filibuster to Twitter-buster hours into his nine-hour stand Friday against the proposed tax cut deal, the first
genuine filibuster seen in the Senate since 1992.

Twitter users flocked to Sanders' page to express their support for the

independent senator from Vermont, a longtime critic of extending tax cuts for America’s wealthiest and a vocal critic of the deal President Obama

negotiated with Republicans, as he stood talking for hour after hour with only water as sustenance.

Sanders added more than 4,000 new Twitter followers, and his name trended at No. 1 on Twitter throughout much of the afternoon. His name was
also a top search term on Google Trends.

Sanders took the floor at 7:25 a.m. PST and eventually ceded it just after 4 p.m. His staff tweeted continually through his stand, the latest being: "Sen.

...non-stop #filibuster. Sanders has not left the floor once in that time."

Sen Bernie Sanders Amazing Speech!